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Zara Tours Announces Completion Date for Maasai Preschool

Last updated Tuesday, December 10, 2013 10:00 ET

School to provide more than just education to children of Maasai

Tanzania, 12/10/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

Zara Tours is thrilled to announce that construction of the new Maasai preschool is scheduled to be completed in January of 2014. The preschool, which is being constructed in the Endulen Village of the Ngorongoro District, is being constructed with funds from Zara Tanzania Charity, Zara Tours, Africa Safari and the Reinhold Beitlich Stiftung Foundation.

The Maasai Preschool is tentatively scheduled to open and begin serving children of Maasai during the 2014 academic year. Once open, the school will not only provide education for students, but will also act as a home to students, as it will feature a dormitory. Students will benefit from clothes, entertainment and health and spiritual care provided by the school.

The ultimate goal however, is to provide Maasai children the opportunity to attend preschool where they will hopefully learn a life-long love of education, gain early exposure to a classroom and begin cultivating skills. Ideally, students will learn both Swahili and English while becoming better prepared for their primary school education. The hope is that having the opportunity to attend preschool will not only aid students with their future educational efforts, but will also encourage them to stay in school longer; simultaneously, the hope is that the early education of the children will also encourage community and parental support for formal education later on.

Zara Tours will be contributing 20% of the total cost of the school and is proud to be working with partners to bring the Maasai preschool to the community.

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