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SOAPETS, LLC. New Product Launch, Makes Bath Time Fun Again, Despite Odds Faced

Last updated Wednesday, December 11, 2013 16:48 ET

New product launch by SOAPETS, LLC. and owner and inventor, Allan Rubinfeld. It is a new bath time toy called SOAPETS(TM).

Miami, USA, 12/11/2013 / SubmitMyPR /

When faced with an uncertain future after a major car accident left him in the hospital and derailed a bright academic future, innovator Allan Rubinfeld knew he had to overcome adversity and fulfill his lifelong dream. Through his determination and innovative spirit, a new bath time toy, SOAPETS (TM), was developed.

Soapets LLC. is a start-up company founded by the entrepreneur, Allan Rubinfeld, as a means to bring his revolutionary, and simple design, to commercial life. The initial product offered by Soapets LLC. is a Soapet bath/shower utility cleverly disguised as a toy. “Through the help of family and friends, I was able to see my dream become a reality. Soapets LLC. is in the process of taking over everything in your bathroom with intriguingly useful and fun products, all starting with the Soapet itself,” said Allan.

Soapets cleans using an inspired design. Instead of a boring loofah sponge, or a hard-to-grip soap bar, Soapets uses an ingenious pouch, with selected fabrics, that can hold any soap bar or sponge (for liquid soap). The soap bar or sponge stays in place by pulling firmly on the string and wrapping it around the suction cup. The foam interior of the Soapet allows for a bubbling and suds effect while the polyester and rayon allow for safe, bacteria-killing fun. Each Soapet also comes with its own, personalized, ‘bubble booklet.’ It contains a rhyming, never-ending story that starts with the first Soapet, named Dyno the Dinosaur.

“We are launching SOAPETS through the popular crowd funding website, Indiegogo. That way, anyone can contribute and be a part of the process.” said Allan.

Soapets LLC. was founded in 2013 by Allan Rubinfeld. Soapets, LLC. is headquartered in Miami, FL. Our mission is to make bath time fun again. Products have not officially launched until the end of the crowd funding campaign to pay for the manufacturing costs. Crowd funding campaign ends January 2014. Visit us at http://igg.me/at/soapy-soapets/x/5159422 or www.soapets.com.