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JeanLosier.com announces launch of new website.

Last updated Tuesday, January 7, 2014 15:32 ET

JeanLosier.com announces launch of new website.

Delray Beach, United States, 01/07/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

JeanLosier.com announces launch of new website.

mega·a'artist jean losier (noun.) - domestic and international producer of elite drawings, paintings & sculptures.

Domestic and international producer of elite drawings, paintings, & sculptures.

Mega-Artist Jean Losier born May 27, 1974; in the illustrious country of Port Au Prince, Haiti. Losier migrated to the promise land of the United States of America as a youth. Early in his youth, Losier’s art-work captured the eye of various audiences; whenever his paint met canvas! In an attempt to reach full profit maximization; domestic as well as globally, Losier partnered with TrilingualMarketing.com. Losier, is an extremely prolific artist of elite drawings, paintings and sculptures; specializing in contemporary modern-color paintings. Losier partnered with Artist Ed Carey Designs; as a painter and sculptor on many projects including artwork that was featured on set for Best Friends Wedding starring Julia Roberts. His poetic work includes oil and acrylic paintings of modern objects, places, and people.

Losier's paintings are included in collections all over the world. His unique and exciting approach to painting is reminiscent of the art produced by the painters of the early twentieth century. His style combines the traditions of the old masters with contemporary abstraction to create original canvases that are characterized by layered color, sensitive line, and classical composition. Subjects include paintings of portraits, still life, landscape, abstract, illustration, sketches and drawings.

Losier's studio is located in the illustrious All-America City of Delray Beach, FL. Although painting is his full time passion, he is also active in the fields of animation, illustration, graphic design, photography, and teaching. He currently holds a executive position at JeanLosier.com and 3DWorldArt.com. Nonetheless, Losier's continued success in the art world has enabled him to partner with the best, TrilingualMarketing.com to bring to fruition the launch of JeanLosier.com. Blessings, Love, and Peace

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