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Brett Elhilow Builder Welcomes The Real Estate Boom In West Palm Beach

Last updated Wednesday, January 22, 2014 14:45 ET

Brett Elhilow is adding more contractors to his teams and has just launched a new commercial construction website

West Palm Beach, USA, 01/22/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

Commercial Construction is Booming in Palm Beach, which may explain why Brett Elhilow is adding more contractors to his team, and has just launched a new commercial construction website www.BrettElhilow.com.

Brett Elhilow Builders stepped up spending on home construction in November, despite recent increases in borrowing rates. That suggests many remain confident in the housing recovery.

And factory activity in December stayed near a 2 ½ -year high. Americans are buying more cars and homes, increasing demand for steel, furniture and other manufactured goods. Manufacturers have boosted hiring to meet that demand and may add jobs at a healthier pace this year.

The economy has had bursts of healthy growth since the recession ended in June 2009, only to be followed by disappointing slowdowns. But many analysts think growth is now more sustainable.

Brett Elhilow says he has witnessed a steady increase in requests for service since the 2nd Quarter of 2013 and many of those customers were from the commercial construction markets.

“It has been a gradual increase since the middle of last year, so much so that I was able to rehire many of the contractors we had to let go when the housing market flat lined. I don’t feel that this is a bubble as we witnessed in 2004, therefore we can really plan for the future based on small marginal gains.”

Brett Elhilow said the economy faces fewer barriers this year. Steep spending cuts or tax increases, which held back growth in 2013, are unlikely. Europe’s economy is picking up slightly after a long recession. And U.S. consumers have more money to spend, thanks to greater hiring and last year’s stock market surge.

For more information on how to reach Commercial Construction Builder Brett Elhilow please visit http://www.brettelhilow.com