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Pamela Ferrari Productions Presents - The Dining Room- A Feast for the Senses

Last updated Tuesday, January 28, 2014 09:48 ET

Exquisite food made by surprise chefs presented in amazing venues

Los Angeles, USA, 01/28/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

Pamela Ferrari Productions, award-winning special event design company, is debuting The Dining Room - A Feast for the Senses. The Dining Room will be a series of one night only experiences designed to provide unique, entertaining and intimate events for those who share a love for dining, experimentation and creativity.

Trending today in our social-media society is the passionate pursuit of non-traditional culinary experiences. Traditional dining environments and brick-and-mortar restaurant chefs are being transformed by new ideas of what and where a food table can be. New food adventures are "popping up" in the most creative spaces.

Pamela Ferrari Productions' The Dining Room, will present great culinary adventures featuring immersive entertainment and food collaborations in unusual places featuring cutting-edge rock star chefs. Whether you’re a snobbish epicurean or a raging foodie on the hunt for new dining adventure, The Dining Room is the ticket!

The Dining Room's debut event will be in collaboration with Michael Habicht of iii designs, known as one of today's most innovative lifestyle designers. Merging his skills and experience as an event, interior and floral designer, he has earned a reputation as the "go-to guy" for celebrities and socialites alike. The February 8th event will be set amongst vintage handmade wooden furniture and tables, amber-hued glass Victorian treasures and pendant lights arranged in rich intimate vignettes. To maintain The Dining Room’s intrigue and mystery, the location will not be revealed until a few days prior to the event to preserve its exclusive address.

"Our guests will enjoy a masterfully prepared culinary experience from a phenomenal local chef, wine pairing, white glove service and signature cocktails in a unique environment designed just for our guests and just for this night", says Pamela Ferrari.
For more information and to RSVP for The Dining Room, February 8, 2014, visit www.pfpevents.com and click on The Dining Room tab.

About Pamela Ferrari Productions
Pamela Ferrari Productions, is a full-service, award-winning event design and management company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with offices in The SF Bay area and Las Vegas, NV. Our passion is to create stimulating environments that bring event design to a new dimension. To learn more about Pamela Ferrari Productions and Pop-up Dining, visit: www.pfpevents.com