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How To Remove The Bad Boy Report & Hide Your Personal Info From Google

Last updated Wednesday, January 29, 2014 12:19 ET

RemoveSlander.com can now remove Bad Boy Report from the first page of Google and bury it.

New Orleans, USA, 01/29/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

RemoveSlander.com Can Now Remove BadBoyReport.com And Hide Personal Info From Google

RemoveSlander.com has just announced that they can remove links form an troublesome attack website called The Bad Boy Report (www.Badboyreport.com). The Bad Boy Report is a site that allows anyone to post anything without verifying if the information is correct. The result has been thousands of published pages containing not only salacious content, but also personal information like phone numbers, email addresses, and even home addresses.

The Bad Boy Report is also the focus of intense court filings, but all attempts to sue the owners of the sites have failed because the site is hosted outside of the country.

How To Contact The Bad Boy Report?

What makes Bad Boy Report so damaging is because it’s used like a weapon by jilted lovers who take to the site to post horrific details of their past relationships. The fact that the site does not take the time to confirm any of this information or provide a removal option, means that the links from the slanderous site lands in Google, and remains there permanently. The site owners at Bad Boy Report will not even reply to the many of the victims who have landed on their website, therefore making the situation even more damaging and frustrating.

Tyronne Jacques author of How To Fight Google and Win says BadBoyReport.com is destroying lives every day because it provides victims no way to protect their privacy.

“Sites like The Bad Boy Report are protected under the Communication Decency Act which protects them from libel actions due to content posted by a 3rd party. Congress will one day have to take on this one particular law which is responsible for allowing the internet to become the Wild Wild West. In a few cases Google will assist in the removal of personal information from sites like Bad Boy Report, but even that could be a very long and drawn out process that could take months.”

How To Remove The Bad Boy Report?

RemoveSlander.com is now offering a solution to their clients that has proven to render the Attack Website irrelevant. It what RemoveSlander.com refers to as their Online Funeral Service – the Reputation Management Firms has developed at removal strategy that has buried Bad Boy Report links at the bottom of Google, ultimately landing the links on pages 24-30 in Google.

Their Online Funeral Service for Bad Boy Links also include the clone sites and duplicate blogs. As part of their money back Guarantee, RemoveSlander.com is promising to remove all BadBoyReport.com links and bury them beyond page 20 in Google, and keep them off the first page of other search engines like Yahoo, and Bing.

If your personal information and private detail has been posted on The Bad Boy Report please visit the Reputation Management Experts at http://www.RemoveSlander.com or call 1-888-821-7571