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Is Your Ductwork System Costing You Money? asks Jones-Rogers Inc

Last updated Sunday, February 2, 2014 20:41 ET

An ineffective ductwork system can be expensive!

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As approximately 20% of treated air can be lost in a building's ductwork system, your HVAC system could be costing you money. Loss of treated air can be a serious problem due to the fact that the more air that escapes through the ducts, the higher your energy bills will be. Jones-Rogers Inc, can assist in ensuring that your ductwork system is providing optimum efficiency while saving you money.

Ductwork systems are designed to carry treated air throughout a building efficiently however, over time, ducts can develop leaks that allow air to escape. This not only causes energy bills to increase, but also serves as a gateway for mildew, dust, and other pollutants to enter the building. This can also be a health risk to family, and employees.

Duct sealant is an efficient and cost effective way to combat this problem. The professional team a Jones-Rogers Inc can thoroughly inspect your HVAC system and detect where your ducts are leaking. This will enable the technician to determine exactly what materials will be required to seal the ducts. In most cases, sealant will be enough to solve the issue however, older ductwork systems may require replacement of some of the ducts.

If you suspect that your ductwork system is causing your energy bills to rise, call the experts at Jones-Rogers Inc on (703) 722-6162 today! Since 1970, Jones-Rogers Heating and Air Conditioning has been providing an wide range of services to both residential and commercial clients throughout Northern Virginia. No matter what issue your HVAC system may be having, Jones-Rogers Inc are there for you.

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