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Presenting “Accessing Business Capital A to Z”

Last updated Monday, February 3, 2014 09:02 ET

Local Credit Union/Jeffco Business Resource Center Reveal Steps to Financing Start-up and Growing Businesses

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Presenting “Accessing Business Capital A to Z”

Today, more companies are launching, or are growing their business. Some require equity or unsecured debt. Others need to finance equipment or real estate. And now, “crowd funding” is another resource. So whom do business owners turn to, to learn about available options, and which option is best for them?
In cooperation with the Jefferson County Business Resource Center and Sooper Credit Union, Centennial Lending, L.L.C., will host “Accessing Business Capital A-to-Z,” a free breakfast seminar to provide businesses in Jefferson County the resources needed for growth in 2014.

A full breakfast will be served compliments of Centennial Lending L.L.C. and Sooper Credit Union.
Discussion topics include:
- The new equity based and rewards-based crowd funding platforms
- Peer to peer lending sources
- Cash flow financing and unsecured business loans
- Incubators with affordable co-work space
- Angel capital
Attendees will receive Tim’s List 2014: a free resource directory covering the top financing sources, from A to Z. This is a hands-on guide, with real insight on where to go for funding or coaching – where the real sources of funds and coaching are.

Sooper Credit Union – Denver Branch, 5990 West Evans Avenue one block west of Sheridan on Evans.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
8 am – 10 am

Jayne Reiter, Director
Jeffco Business Resource Center
Email jayne(at)jeffcobrc.org or call 303-966-8976

Now is the ideal time for businesses that are just launching or experiencing growth. But financing for startups or newer companies without well-established cash flows is almost non-existent in the banking or credit union world. This means businesses launch without any capital, or they fail quickly, due to lack of capital. The last few years have seen an explosion of alternative sources of funding. Tim Thomas, Vice President at Centennial Lending, compiled the 2014 edition of Tim’sList, an extensive guide to funding. (Attendees will receive a free copy of Tim’sList at the breakfast!)