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Breaking: Spaced Out Magazine rises in Georgia

Last updated Wednesday, February 5, 2014 08:13 ET

Take a look at what's in store for the Spaced Out Magazine/ SOM Media Inc family for the 2014 year. Gives some exclusive details from the owner!

Atlanta, United States Of America, 02/05/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

The owner of Spaced Out Magazine, Rueben Wood, sets the bar high for 2014 with the whole SOM platform. By turning what was once just a magazine into a complete media development company, SOM will be become a pinnacle for Georgia's business market. "Since being in business for 3 years, the company has had many challenges to overcome from production value, to actually having a presence", says owner Rueben Wood. Being in the entertainment industry also plays factors in the growth of the magazine and it's structure.

For sometime now SOM Media Inc, the parent company of Spaced Out Magazine, has been developing media partnerships to offer a range of services to the normal consumers and more to both small and large business owners. Since Georgia is the base for SOM it has now become the target approach for a new way to advertise. "I want to accomplish more than just being a magazine, or creative, I want Spaced Out Magazine to become an entity, something that people can consider timeless." "The more we approach a growing and rising world of technology and so many people starting businesses, how do we distinguish whose more credible or whose worth while trying out for the first time? Nowadays, it's hard to! I want to change that! Not by just the magazine, but by the brand as a whole", said owner Rueben Wood.

The new approach of the company includes the broadcast, magazine, radio, ppc marketing, and billboard campaigns. As each includes its own structure based on the needs of the project, and many will see the new success reach of media in a different aspect. The owner had this to say about upcoming projects and the new direction, "The most recent project SOM is working on is WAHJ-FY or (Work At Home Jobs For You) giving people the opportunity to make money aside from the conventional way of a 9-5. Of course though I'm not telling you to quit your 9-5 job this is only another source of income to help you keep bills paid. Also we will be working more on video production of commercials and videos for artist, with everything being in-house. "

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