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Your Personal Healing Experience Is Here With Laura Mayer

Last updated Wednesday, February 12, 2014 10:29 ET

You Can Experience Healing With Laura Mayer's Specialized Workshops

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You now have access to individual coaching which is completely focused on heart-hand activations, Soul Memory Discovery, and unlocking the invisible child within you. You can learn to transcend the old and allow your authentic self, your soul, and your heart's desire to renew your life.

Laura Mayer is an energetic healer who by using her hands as a guide and channel, can intuit and hold space in order for others to completely transform their lives. Experience dramatic self-healing and enjoy a journey from heartbreak to complete bliss.

With Laura Mayer's soul memory discovery will enable you to access memories held by your soul and by your body cells. This simple healing process assists in identifying the sources of physical, emotional, and spiritual pain, and replacing them with brand new expanded beliefs which instantly start manifesting positively in your every day life.

Any healing process takes time and adjustment. Healing your self, your inner child, and adult, is making a total commitment to “heal for real.” Laura Mayer recommends starting your healing process with a Soul Memory Discovery Session. All sessions following will build from the first one and include the fabulous processes from the Soul Memory Discovery manual which also includes channelling and intuitive guidance.

Start walking down the path of healing today! Discover how to empower yourself as well as have complete joy and enthusiasm in your life. Let Laura Mayer's Dancingheart-Dancinghands teach you how love yourself enough and have the life you truly deserve.

Call Laura Mayer on (914) 772-3917 to find out how! You will find even more valuable information on self-healing by visiting Laura Mayer's website at http://dancingheartdancinghands.com/.

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