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The Word Is Out: Paradigm Life Explains How to Be Your Own Banker

Last updated Friday, February 14, 2014 10:13 ET

How would you like to be your own banker? Give yourself a loan? Hire yourself as a financial advisor? Paradigm Life will show you the way.

02/14/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

How would you like to be your own banker? Give yourself a loan? Hire yourself as a financial advisor? Paradigm Life will show you the way. Or, at least, they’ll set you on the right road to growing and borrowing your own money and planning for your family’s financial future. And so much more.

The world, at large, and your world, in particular, revolves around “economics.” Not the complicated theories of economics but the real life ways you handle your money and manage your own financial well-being…because of and in spite of the ups and downs of world economics. Today. And tomorrow.

Do you ever wonder what this so-called “Economic Crisis” is all about? How does it affect you? Why is personal debt so out of control? Are we in a recession? What is a recession, anyway? What is inflation? How are you going to pay for your children’s college education? Should you buy a new car? And what in the world is a Roth IRA?

Now you can get the answers. In your time, at your pace. Patrick Donohoe, President of Paradigm Life, the leading authorities on the Infinite Banking Concept, talks to you, informally, about spending, saving, borrowing, investing, and understanding all the ways that economics influence your life. Learn how the basic ideas of Infinite Banking will not only change your thoughts about money, but how you grow it, save it, use it and enjoy it.

How can you get started? It’s simple, visit the Paradigm Life YouTube Channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/ParadigmLife, and watch a five, ten or 15-minute video like, “The Value of a College Education” or “The Retirement Gamble,” or “Analysis of the Stock Market” and “The Power of Infinite Banking and Real Estate,” and gain a different kind of “wealth” – the wealth of really understanding just how and why money matters.

Or you can explore their full library of very useful, practical podcasts on Paradigm Life’s “Infinite Banking Radio” (http://theinvestorsparadigm.libsyn.com) and enjoy a whole new perspective on your financial life and how to improve it.

Listen in to the lively discussions between Patrick and his guests on the unique uses and benefits of The Infinite Banking Concept and other general topics such as mutual fund fees, the meaning of “cash value,” how emotions affect your financial decisions, real estate investing and approximately 75 other engaging subjects. Even better, go to ParadigmLife.net and “Subscribe to Podcast” and you will automatically receive each new podcast, absolutely free.

There are no strings, no costs, no degrees to earn and no hoops to jump through. Just interesting information to hear and simple suggestions to follow for individuals, professionals, business owners or anyone interested in bettering their financial position.

Try it today. Listen to one podcast, watch one video and you’ll know how easy it is to walk the road of simple economics and find the satisfaction of your financial freedom.