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How Community College Grads Can Survive a Bad Economy: Free

Last updated Tuesday, February 18, 2014 03:09 ET

Sheila Danzig offers a FREE book about how Associate Degree holders can jump ahead of the competition.

Fort Lauderdale, US, 02/18/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

Because unemployment rates for fresh college grads keep growing, Sheila Danzig, author and education expert, wrote a book to help grads in taking a step ahead in their career.

And Danzig is giving the book away FREE.

"How To Make The Most of Your Associates Degree: The Ultimate Guide to Fame and Fortune in the Real World" is a road map for any 2 year graduate to capitalize on that degree and move ahead.

Danzig is a fan of the community college experience. "Graduates are finding that their loans are a hardship," said Danzig. Going to a community college eliminates that issue. The lower fees and tuition and the ability to live at home makes it a number one choice. Now I am reaching out to them to teach them how to jump over those with higher degree to get jobs and succeed."

Colleges are welcome to direct their students to two websites where the book can be downloaded absolutely free. All that Danzig asks is that you do not forward the book but rather just pass the link on.

To download the book students and potential students can go to www.TheDegreePeople.com or www.EvaluationCredentials.com/ Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link.

The book is a step by step approach of how to use media recognition to get a job and move ahead once they have a job.

Oh yes, Danzig would also appreciate any feedback about the book.

One graduate said "I read the book and I got a job ahead of applicants with higher degrees. This book is worth a fortune!"

Danzig invites community colleges to post the links on their websites and encourage not only students but potential applicants to read it.

One applicant wrote: "When I read this book I went to my local community college and applied. I realized what the secret to my success was and it was all there waiting for me."

Download the book today at http://www.TheDegreePeople.com or http://.www.EvaluationCredentials.com