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Diamond District Gold Buyers Offers New Incentives To Sell Gold in NYC

Last updated Thursday, April 24, 2014 09:18 ET

Diamond District Gold Buyers launches three new ways of selling gold, gold jewelry and gold watches in New York City for maximum cash.

New York, USA, 04/24/2014 / SubmitMyPR /

Diamond District Gold Buyers is now offering new ways of selling gold in New York City this spring.

Consumers looking to sell gold, gold jewelry, gold coins, gold watches, old gold, unwanted gold can now get maximum cash for their valuables from Diamond District Gold Buyers, right in the heart of Mid-town NYC.

Selling Your Gold or Gold watch in NYC is easier now with:

• Free Phone Appraisals by calling Toll Free Gold Hotline at 888.207.0947 A free, No Obligation Appraisal awaits every caller interested in selling their gold or gold watch items for cash. A secure evaluation by gold experts will value your valuables and offer you instant cash for same.

• On Line contact form for appraisal of gold and gold watches. Diamond District Gold buyer website offers a secure online contact form to connect with their jewelry experts who can offer highest cash for gold items such as gold watches, rings, jewelry and bracelets.

• Free Gold Kit Mail in Offer - Diamond District Gold Buyers offers a safe and free way to ship your valuables to their evaluation team in a pre paid secured Gold Kit box. This Gold shipping kit is insured and you get no obligation offer on your valuables in 24-48 hours time. If you accept the offer, cash can be sent via check or Western union. This is a great way for those who cannot reach the gold buyer in person or are from far off places.

Diamond District Gold Buyers can deliver the highest cash for gold in NYC because they process gold in large amounts. This allows for lower margins and more profits to you - the customer. In addition, the company has a gold refining infrastructure in house - saving on out-sourced costs of gold refining. This allows no middlemen which reduce payouts on gold and gold watches.

As industry experts in gold and gold watch appraisal, every person who sends in their valuables or comes in person to the company's office is guaranteed a high cash payout. This is the reason over one thousand consumers chose Diamond District Gold Buyers to sell their gold last year. If you are looking to sell gold in NYC, there is one place to go - Diamond District Gold Buyers, in Manhattan, on 47th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues.