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Colorado Nonprofits Kickoff 13th Annual Checkoff Colorado Campaign

Last updated Wednesday, February 11, 2015 14:36 ET

Nonprofits Team Up to Promote Voluntary Donations on State Tax Form

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A diverse group of Colorado nonprofit organizations eligible for voluntary check-off donations from taxpayers has joined forces for the 13th annual Checkoff Colorado campaign. The campaign is a statewide effort aimed at educating taxpayers and tax preparers about check-off giving and the critical need for these donations; more than $1.4 million was raised in 2014 over a five month period with an average donation of nearly $13. Eight nonprofit organizations will be eligible for taxpayer contributions and are included on the 2014 Colorado 104 individual income tax form.

The funds represent a diverse range of causes that provide critical programs and services to communities throughout the state. The participating organizations in the collaborative campaign include:

Two new funds participating this year include the Roundup River Ranch Fund and the 9Health Fair.

“What makes check-off giving so wonderful is the ease in which Coloradoans can donate to worthy local charities,” said Jon Pushkin, spokesman for Checkoff Colorado. “Even a $10 donation can make a huge impact, and every dollar donated stays in Colorado to support the critical services and programs these nonprofits provide.”

In a survey commissioned by Checkoff Colorado, participants said one of the most important factors in their charitable decisions is knowing that they’re giving to credible organizations. “Taxpayers can rest assured that each of the funds eligible for check-off donations was established after a vigorous review process by the Colorado State Legislature,” said Pushkin.

“To become a part of the check-off program, each fund must demonstrate that it provides an important service to communities across the state.”

The Checkoff Colorado campaign was initiated in 2003, when the charitable organizations eligible for voluntary donations in Colorado decided to take the bold step of banding together because their voices would be louder if spoken in unison. The result has been increased awareness for check-off giving in general. In 1977, Colorado became the first state in the country to allow a taxpayer to "check-off" a voluntary contribution to a charitable program from their state income tax return. Today, nearly every state has a tax checkoff program.


About Checkoff Colorado

In 2003, Checkoff Colorado became the first collaborative statewide campaign to raise awareness about tax checkoff programs. The campaign is a grassroots effort to educate tax payers and tax preparers and is funded by contributions from participating funds. Now in its 13th year, Checkoff Colorado is gaining the attention of other states, including California, which established Checkoff California in 2007. For a complete list of tax checkoff funds and more information on the Checkoff Colorado campaign, visit www.checkoffcolorado.com and connect on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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