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SocialCentiv Makes It Easy To Talk To Prospects on Twitter

Last updated Monday, June 29, 2015 11:18 ET

Writer’s block when replying to a Tweet? Twitter marketing software SocialCentiv helps relieve the pressure to be pithy with :suggested replies."

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Writer’s block can be daunting for any marketer, but when you’re limited to Twitter’s 140-character limit, it can be downright discouraging! Between hashtags, @Mentions and Retweets, you may ask yourself, how can I possibly attract attention to my product or service on Twitter?

Using patented Twitter technology SocialCentiv, the answer is simpler than you think. Not only do our customers use SocialCentiv every day to find and reply to thousands of Tweets, but now the software offers suggested replies to make the process even easier.

“We found that people aren’t Tweeting because 1) they don’t know what to say and 2) they are afraid of saying something inappropriate,” says Bernard Perrine, SocialCentiv CEO and co-founder. “Now when our subscribers are at a loss for words, they can borrow some of ours!”

To compile a credible suggested reply list, SocialCentiv’s team analyzed thousands of existing Tweet replies, chose some of the very best and categorized them in one of five sections: invite, agree, celebrate, support and sympathize. Each section has about 30 suggestions to help craft a perfect reply.

For example, if you are looking to celebrate along with a potential customer, SocialCentiv suggests:

  • Party time! Come celebrate.
  • This calls for a celebration!
  • Time to party like it’s 1999!
  • Congratulations are in order.
  • You’re a pretty big deal!

Want to offer sentiments of support? Try these:

  • Don’t worry- let us do it!
  • We’ve got something that may help.
  • Need some help? We’re available.
  • Here we are, reporting for duty!
  • We heard that and we can help!

How it works: In the SocialCentiv software, the user simply hovers over one of the categories and voila! A pop-up will feature sample responses in that category, giving the user an idea of what kinds of replies they will encounter when clicking. If the user doesn’t like the response they’ve received, they can simply click the category again, as well as the “See Next Suggestion” link. For users brave enough to go it alone, they can easily hide the suggestions.

“Effective Tweets can boost business by creating the highest engagement with followers and build a devoted fan base,” says Perrine. He offers other helpful hints to bring in the business:

  • Listen for keywords. How? Tools like SocialCentiv scan Twitter for keywords related to a subscriber’s product or service, and pulls relevant Tweets onto a dashboard so the marketer can “@” reply with a coupon or discount. SocialCentiv’s geotargeting technology makes sure that the prospects’ Tweets are in the neighborhood.
  • Keep it short. You may have 140 characters to use, but studies show Tweets with less than 120 characters are more likely to be read.
  • Develop your brand voice. A business’ Twitter handle should do more than advertise discounts. Reflect a professional voice. Be positive, engaging and conversational. Offer perspective or insight, even when Retweeting, to make your post stand out.
  • Encourage interaction. Images, links and hashtags attract interest and trigger involvement. In fact, simply request an RT (Retweet) in the original Tweet!
  • Keep Tweet volume low. Tweet less than six times a day and only once an hour.

About SocialCentiv

In August 2014, HipLogiq integrated its portfolio of Twitter marketing applications under a single product line, SocialCentiv. Now, businesses can visit www.SocialCentiv.com and find a user-friendly, do-it-yourself Twitter marketing tool that makes it easy to create a campaign that tracks keywords and reaches relevant consumers with greater precision by targeting local Tweets. You can be part of the most relevant Tweets as they happen, spot opportunities first, and make a name for yourself with SocialCentiv.

Since May 2013, SocialCentiv has received $12 million in two rounds of funding. For more information, go to www.SocialCentiv.com, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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