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Vernal Skincare Launches Vitamin C Serum

Last updated Thursday, July 2, 2015 10:44 ET

More effective than taking a supplement, physicians like Dr. Oz say Vitamin C Serum can take ten years off a face.

Miami, USA, 07/02/2015 / SubmitMyPR /

Widely recognized as critical for maintaining good health, Vitamin C has most recently become a dynamo for anti-aging. Consumers who use it as a topical serum have reported that the powerful antioxidant helps reduce age spots and counteract wrinkle formation.  How so? It increases collagen production and repairs dreaded UV damage such as fine lines. To meet the demand, the Miami Beach based skincare company has launched a proprietary “5-C complex” anti-aging moisturizer. The Vernal Vitamin C Serum packs a high-grade 25% formulation and is now available on Amazon. 

The professional grade Vitamin C serum includes the big five; orange, grapefruit, rose hips seed extracts, sodium ascorbic phosphate and ester-c. These additions help with natural cell turnover, purification, brighting, repair and collagen production. They’ve also added a vegan hyaluronic acid to the serum that neutralizes free radicals to create radiant skin.

Michelle Grey, a representative of Vernal Skincare said of the anti-wrinkle serum and its launch, “We’ve gone above and beyond to assure that our customers not only have a product that’s 100% vegan but it’s paraben and sulfate-free.  We use no mineral oils that clog the pores, no lanolin, and it’s gluten-free as well.  The 5-C complex is exceptional and we’re so happy we could develop and make the product entirely in the USA. It’s important to our brand that the Vitamin C Serum protects the face while it supports our economy. It’s a win/win we’re thrilled about.”

To purchase Vernal Skincare’s Vitamin C Serum on Amazon visit Amazon.com  or buy it directly at Vernalskincaresystem.com


About Vernal Skincare:

Vernal Skincare is a skincare company based in Miami Beach, Florida owned by Eureka Brands LLC that bridges elements of eastern medicine with the latest in western biotechnology, infused with proven and tested compounds to create the best anti aging products possible. 

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