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NY Video production company launches tips on "What makes up the cost of video."

Last updated Wednesday, July 29, 2015 11:03 ET

Looking to add digital business video content marketing? You probably have a question of "how much is this video going to cost?"

New York, 07/29/2015 / SubmitMyPR /

MultiVision Digital, a New York City based digital video content marketing company, having produced over 430 corporate video marketing productions in the past four years, has released two business video marketing tips to help buyers better understand what makes up the cost of a business video production or an animated explainer video project.

Over the past few years B2B website video communications have gained significant momentum because of the impact they have in driving every-day sales & results; compared to other digital marketing and traditional sales methods.  

“We created these business video marketing tips to help buyers better understand what goes into the digital video production process so they can make the right decisions for their business when they speak with a professional video production company.”  While the videos do not list rates (as rates for a professional video production company in New York or New Jersey may vary from that of a Philadelphia video production company), the videos do highlight the main areas that will drive the cost up or down.

The two videos can be seen via the links below that will take you to MultiVision Digital's website -

5 main areas that drive the cost of a professional digital business video production

4 main areas that drive the cost of an animated explainer video for business

Because digital video content marketing for business is just getting started, people need to be educated in order to make buying decisions.  Weiss continues, “We hope that these business video marketing tips give people an understanding of what a professional B2B digital video production company’s costs are when producing a business video content marketing project.”

MultiVision Digital’s blog is host to other business video marketing tips such as “one video is not a video content marketing strategy” and “An animated Explainer video on the state of B2B video content marketing”.


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