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Is Your Twitter Marketing Strategy Passing or Failing?

Last updated Thursday, October 29, 2015 10:56 ET

Twitter marketing expert Macy English of SocialCentiv outlines tips for measuring the effectiveness of any Twitter marketing campaign.

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Fact: Twitter has more than 100 million active users per day. Per month, the top social network gets approximately 36 million unique visitors. Also, Twitter has the capacity to handle 18 quintillion accounts across the globe. Whether the social network will ever actually be able to boast about reaching such an extraordinary number of users (a social network can dream can’t it?), it is safe to add to the list of facts (considering these statistics) that it behooves businesses to not engage in marketing on Twitter.


Most know this, and make an effort to connect with potential customers on Twitter; however, many don’t know how to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. In fact, a number of businesses see simply making active posts geared toward their general target audience as an accomplishment. Not to diminish the efforts of any hard working Twitter marketer, no matter their perception of what works and what doesn’t, but simply making a post on the social network does not equate to Twitter marketing success.


As with any sound business marketing strategy, engaging in social media marketing effectively requires a sound plan of execution. Today’s Twitter users are honest, open, and willing to take in information that is delivered to them on their terms. Therefore, in order to make an impact, businesses must read what prospects are posting first to determine their expressed wants and needs and make plans for Tweeting accordingly.


Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Twitter Marketing Campaign


So when one has a sound business Twitter marketing plan in place and has put it into action, the next question to ask is “how do you know that it’s working.” According to Macy English of SocialCentiv, which developed a popular Twitter marketing tool for businesses measuring conversions is key. Says English “if businesses see that the conversations they are participating in are generating an influx of traffic to their website, then it can safely be said that the campaign is working.”


In a recent SocialCentiv blog, fellow Twitter marketing expert Kristina Hegmann outlined four tips for measuring SocialCentiv campaign effectiveness that English says could actually apply to a number of Twitter marketing scenarios. These include:


  • Examining link clicks - According to Hegmann “It’s important to track the number of link clicks within your Tweet replies so you know if you’re crafting appealing calls-to-action (the text of your Tweet reply and any images you may attach).”

  • Analyzing the click through rate - Hegmann also notes, “The click-through rate can give you a glimpse of how successful your replies are in terms of encouraging users to convert.”

  • Tracking conversions -“This metric is perhaps the single most important metric for your entire campaign. This number tells you how many people actually took action and reached the final destination,” Hegmann says.

  • Analyzing the conversion rate - Hegmann lastly explains “The amount of conversions (new customers) divided by the number of sent Tweet replies… This will let you know the success rate of your replies per keyword.” This statistic is automatically tracked through SocialCentiv’s custom campaign builder.


SocialCentiv is currently offering a courtesy demo for businesses seeking to learn how the lead generation software works for businesses seeking to improve the effectiveness of their Twitter marketing efforts. To request a demo please visit http://socialcentiv.com/demo/.



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