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How Press Releases Help Companies Relay the Right Value Proposition to Customers

Last updated Tuesday, January 5, 2016 23:44 ET

Digital marketing expert QZ of Submit123PR identifies key ways press releases help businesses effectively communicate their value proposition to prospects.

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Many businesses today that find shortcomings with implemented marketing strategies have trouble getting to the root of why they failed to elicit a desired consumer response. Some blame it on budget limitations, while others pinpoint issues like bad timing and a lack of social media engagement as causes. However, there is one important element that a number fail to consider in their assessment: how well they relayed their value proposition to potential customers through a chosen campaign. Even if a business assumes they have articulated their marketing message clearly, they should never shy away from any additional hand holding that maybe required when it comes to making sure potential customers know exactly what value their message has in store for them.


What is a Value Proposition?


Defining it is simple: a value proposition is a promise made on what will be delivered. According to Qamar Zaman, CEO of online press release distribution company Submit 123 PR, such a promise is the primary reason any customer will choose to acknowledge a business’ marketing message at all, let alone act on it.


In a piece published by Forbes, writer Michael Skok also said in relation to the issue “many entrepreneurs lose out, due to never truly articulating a compelling value proposition. Establishing a substantive value proposition is critical if you want to start the journey from your “idea” to building a successful company.” Source: Forbes “4 Steps To Building A Compelling Value Proposition”


Zaman asserts “most companies assume that simply boasting about how great their brand is is enough to generate interest in their offer, but customers don’t care about your existence unless it is useful to them in some way. Furthermore today’s customers have far easier access to researching a company’s credibility than the pre-web and social media age, so it is important to not try to smooth talk one’s way out of it.”


Hitting the Right Mark


Zaman says that good value propositions clearly identify the company, product, or service in question, the end game benefit for consumers, who target audience members are, and the unique attributes of an offer stating “the benefit can be material or emotional, but consumers want to see your effort to create value for them in what you have to offer.”


The digital marketing expert promotes press releases as excellent tools for helping companies communicate their value proposition to potential customers because they are timely news angled items that promote something specific, with a specific goal in mind. “For example” Zaman suggests, “if you are in the business of selling cookies, you can target a particular audience like corporate executive administrative assistants in your a press release by announcing the availability of your treats for holiday office functions. Press releases give you an outlet to explicitly spell out the ‘for whom and why’ of a content marketing strategy.”


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