How Clever Content Marketers Get Experts to Contribute to Their Blog

How Clever Content Marketers Get Experts to Contribute to Their Blog

KISS PR CEO Qamar Zaman offers tips for content marketers who want more traction for their blog posts.

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The business of blogging for marketing today isn’t as easy as it looks. With so many bloggers out there writing about the same thing, it can be challenging for bloggers to frequently craft posts that get the attention of readers. For content marketers, the stakes can be high when a new blog fails to gain any steam. This often means missed opportunities that significantly hinder the revenue potential of the business they are trying to promote.

According to Qamar Zaman, CEO of online press release marketing service KISS PR, bloggers today need influencers to help ensure that their content does not get dismissed in the slush pile of analogous blogs. Says Zaman, “blogs today must not only be well written, but must also sound authoritative.”

The digital marketing expert asserts that including the input of experts on the subject matter is one way to help boost the readability factor of a blog stating, “when readers see quotes and factual statements included from someone well known in the industry, they take your blog more seriously.”

How to Spot the Right Influencer for Your Blog

Some content marketers curate content to add juice to their blogs, including quotes and quips from experts in a chosen field. Although Zaman says this can be helpful, especially when you are building your reputation and have limited industry connections on a personal level, you can’t beat the Real McCoy.

“Getting an expert to actually contribute to your blog increases the quality of your content and gives it more of an authoritative edge.”

According to a “State of Influencer Engagement” report generated by industry expert Augure, a majority of marketers surveyed view finding the right influencers as the most challenging component of influencer marketing. However, Zaman says with the right amount of research this challenge can be overcome. “Research is an important first step for finding quality influencers. Follow them on social media, read their books, and soak in what they have already contributed to the universe. Then you can determine what they can add to your written piece.”

Once the research is done and the right experts are chosen, the following are three effective tactics Zaman recommends that content marketers use to reel them in:

  • Ask - “Many bloggers are afraid to ask experts to be a contributor fearing rejection, but would be surprised at the number of those willing to do so,” says Zaman.
  • Play Tit for Tat - Zaman suggests, “Use your blog as a bargaining tool. If you know you have a million potential readers, let the expert know what possible benefits the exposure can have for them.”
  • Ego Baiting - Piggybacking on the previous suggestion Zaman says that influencers like everyone have egos that warrant stroking from time to time. “Never hesitate to engage in a little ego baiting to boost the esteem of an expert who may be willing to contribute.”

This suggestion has also previously been made by Search Engine Journal contributor Amy Smarty who said in an article on the topic that a good example of “a targeted ego-bait is inviting a guest columnist or a guest contributor. This may have the similar drawbacks as the interview, which you can overcome by choosing to pay your micro-celebrity to contribute or become a regular columnist. That can be a great way to turn an influencer into the brand ambassador!”

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