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Stunning Photography Is The Place To Get Your Wedding Photography In San Diego

Last updated Monday, October 3, 2016 11:51 ET

Amazing photography for your special day

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Getting married should be the happiest day of a person’s life, which is why it’s a real shame when the stresses of planning the perfect wedding end up getting in the way and preventing that from being the case. Today, weddings will often end up costing tens of thousands of dollars as young couples have to find the best venues, the best flowers and the best dress.
All for just one day.
Well, this is why it’s such a good thing that companies like Stunning Photography exist. While you might put all that work and money into what is essentially just one day, Stunning Photography can help to capture that amazing moment forever and show it in the best possible light.
The company has been serving in the San Diego for a short while now after relocating from Europe and has quickly made a name for itself by offering truly special photography to San Diegans.
And the best part? At such great prices, Stunning Photography won’t contribute to the stresses of planning your big day.
What Makes Stunning Photography Different?
What do you think of when you think of Europe? Perhaps you think of fashionable France, or trendy Italy. Europe is well known for its excellent sense of style and artistry and that’s what Lana and Igor – the couple behind Stunning Photography – bring to the table with their incredible photos.
This is immediately apparent when you look through the duo’s portfolio. 
On your special day, you want to feel like nothing less than a supermodel. And this is exactly what Stunning Photography achieves, by taking photos that are perfectly composed to offer photos that are a little more memorable while having all the polish and sheen that you would expect from an expensive fashion magazine.
Yes, this is a premium photography service, but the price doesn’t necessarily reflect that thanks to a selection of different packages to suit every budget here at san deigo art wedding photography we will guarantee to fit your needs. 
So if you thought you couldn’t afford photos that look truly ‘top end’ on your big day, you may want to think again. What makes the photos really different, apart from the sheer quality of the craftsmanship and the technology being used, is the fact that they’re so creative.
You’ll get all of your ‘standard’ photos as well as photos to show off all of the decorations and food that you worked so hard on. But what you’ll also get is some far more creative and inventive photos – photos that utilize reflections in smart ways, or that use clever lighting or dynamic staging. All these things can help to make your photos more dynamic but also that much more memorable. These are the kinds of photos you can display that will make people stop and take notice. These are the photos that make people say ‘wow’.
What Makes a Great Photo?
So what makes a great wedding photo?
There are a lot of things to consider and Stunning Photography is a company that takes all these things into account.
For starters, great photography requires great equipment. While it’s not all about the equipment, the right camera and right lighting can make a massive difference to a photo by bringing it into sharper focus and giving it that glossy sheen that makes it look like it belongs on the cover of a magazine – like you belong on the cover of a magazine.
From there, it’s a matter of the photography itself. A good photo needs good composition. This means that the photographer isn’t just shooting the subject head on but is considering things like depth, proportion and scale.
A good photo should have interesting elements in the foreground, the middle ground and the background. But it should also utilize clever techniques to draw the eye to the focus of the image and not distract from it. This creates a photo with depth and that has a 3D effect, rather than looking flat and lifeless.
A good photo should also consider the lighting and how that’s making you look. While you’re sure to look beautiful on your wedding day, the best photographers should capture that so that you look even more stunning. They can do this by ensuring your face is lit in a flattering manner – perhaps using ‘Rembrandt lighting which will light your face from one side to cast dynamic shadows and give you a more three dimensional look, while covering up any blemishes and imperfections. A good photographer should be able to capture your best side – and your most genuine smile.
And it’s also about telling stories. Great photos tell stories by showing small snapshots of bigger moments. That might mean showing a lipstick-stained champagne glass which talks of elegance and celebration, or it might be a small child looking lovingly at their mother as they walk down the isle – it’s those small moments that the great photographer can spot and capture.
These are snapshots of a much bigger day and when you put them altogether, it should create a far bigger picture. A picture of the happiest day of your life.
As well as getting bigger and more flamboyant, many weddings are also getting more artistic and creative. It only takes a quick look on Pinterest to realize this! That’s another reason why bringing a little artistry to your day with a really creative photographer can be such a great addition. They can help you to capture the mood, the look and the feel that you’re going for. And in doing that, they can transport you back to that day whenever you want to go there.
This is what Stunning Photography can do for your day and for a price that you can afford. For those currently planning their weddings in the San Diego area, this is a fantastic business and one that you should definitely consider hiring for your big day. They’ll help you to create memories that last a lifetime and take photos that truly stand out.


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