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What Are the 5 Best Tech Stocks and Long Term Investments?

Last updated Tuesday, August 27, 2019 08:13 ET

The content team at 7stocks.com explain why you might want to consider gold as part of your long term investment strategy and what to make of the 5 best tech stocks of 2019.

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The 5 Biggest Tech Stocks of 2019

The consistent and continuous progress of technology has changed the way people live their lives. Along the way, technology has also upended industries and disrupted the status quo. 

In a perplexing and dynamic market environment such as ours, finding the right stock to invest in is crucial. Technology stocks are one segment that is not just surviving the turmoil but seems to be performing surprisingly well.

The leading tech companies have mastered the art of using these technological advancements to their advantage and have helped propel their company to even greater heights. The 10 leading U.S. tech stocks combined, commands a market capitalization of over $5 trillion and the excess revenue they alone generate aggregates to $1.2 trillion. 

Many of the largest U.S. companies are now part of the technology sector and a few are valued close to $1 trillion. The 5 biggest tech stocks discussed in the article include Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, and Facebook. The individuals who took the plunge and invested in the best tech stocks are likely enjoying exceptional returns.

Is It Time To Include Gold As Part Of Your Long Term Investments?

Ideally, many investors hope for high returns with limited or minimal risk. However, typically the inverse is true. Thus, it is highly recommended to make long term investments that hedge the bets on the riskier stocks in your portfolio and offer stability. 

Long term investments are a great way to limit the volatility of the stock market and the risks involved in investing. By mixing up your portfolio with both high risk and low-risk investments it can help provide a more stable journey. 

Global trade wars, tensions between Iran and western nations, and slowing global economies are all adding to a feeling of uncertainty. In our opinion, investing in gold as a long term investment is one of the best choices in times of market volatility. The current performance of the gold market suggests traders and investors are seeking refuge in the precious metal and have already started including gold in their portfolio as a way to protect themselves from an uncertain economy and market. 

The current gold price rise also indicates that investors are diversifying their portfolio with the rising fear of a global recession. There are several ways to add gold to your portfolio. Some of them discussed in the article are Gold Receipts, Derivatives, Digital Gold, Gold Funds, and Gold Mining Stocks. 

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