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Qamar Zaman CEO OF KISS PR Story Press Release Service Offers Gen Z Brand Storytelling Platform

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Qamar Zaman from Dallas a seasoned SEO and a digital growth expert offers how Gen Z can start using press releases with KISS PR storytelling FREE!

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Qamar Zaman helps GEN Z to help build GEN Z influencers to get their Google Knowledge Panel using his content story plan.

Dallas, TX , July 22, 2020 (KISS PR Brand Story) -- The world is changing so the technology and market. It's necessary for marketers to keep themselves updated on the latest marketing technologies, trends, and strategies to reach their target audience. Understanding the psychology of the target audience is quite important says KISS PR Chief Growth Officer Qamar Zaman. 

Now it’s Time to Discovering New Age of Customers 

It’s not surprising that Young and very young people are the most users of the internet among the world’s population.  As per research, they spend 5 or more hours on the internet every day, mostly on social network like Tiki's Tok, YouTube, Instagram Chat,  SMS and various social account. 

These young people are the newest generation born between 1996 and 2012 I.e. aged between 8 and 24 years and are named Generation Z (Shortly Gen Z). 

As per Pamela Bump

  • More than 74% of Gen Z says they spend their free time online. (Insititute of Business Management)
  • The generation has an estimated purchasing power of 44 billion annually. (LinkedIn)
  • As of 2020, Gen Z makes up more than 40% of U.S. consumers. (Fast Company)
  • Over 70% of Gen Zers say they're able to influence family decisions, such as purchases. (Institute of Business Management)
  • 56% of teens use social media apps to express themselves creatively. (Snapchat)
  • 55% of Gen Z says they can be more creative on social apps and the internet than offline. (Snapchat)
  • Gen Z logs on to social media for roughly two hours and 55 minutes each day. This is almost an hour longer than the average millennial. (World Economic Forum)
  • 62% of Gen Z checks Instagram, while 60% visit YouTube, daily. (Business Insider)

How to Market Your Brand or Business to Gen Z

If you are missing out major revenue flow through internet marketing means you are not marketing your Brand or Business to Gen Z.  Research shows that Gen Z are bigger decision-makers in purchasing products or availing services in the United States, so it’s important to reach this generation with your marketing efforts to tell your passion story. 

As per Nicole Letendre of IMAPACT [1]

The youngest generation is online the most out of any other generation with 44% saying that they’re online most of the day. Gen Z makes up more than 40% of U.S. consumers as of 2020 according to Fast Company.  Sparks & honey also reports that Gen Z also has an estimated purchasing power of $44 billion annually.

This information shows that younger generations are becoming bigger decision-makers in the U.S. and as more and more enter the job market and generations like baby boomers retire, they will only become more powerful.

Storytelling For Engaging Content through Authority Press Release Distribution 

Every brand or business has a story to tell. If you have interesting stories to tell about your brand or business to Gen Z audience, then tell that often to them. Send Your Story about your Brand or Business latest happenings, new launches, events or awards and publish them on media sites targeting this generation.   

Qamar Zaman Press Dominance Plan
How to Send Your Brand Story For Approval to KISS PR Growth Experts. "Make it Attractive and Interesting," says KISS PR content story editor Agnes Zang.

Creating interesting content that grabs their attention is the first step towards successful storytelling. Attention-grabbing content not only attracts the audience but also engages them in it. If you want to create the story of your Brand or Business on your own, then you may want to do some research to know the psychology of your targeted Gen Z audience. 

Here are some useful tips that may help you in your storytelling efforts to Gen Z audiences.

  • Write for Target Audience
  • Create informative content not sales message
  • Keep the content simple with attractive Headlines and Sub-headlines
  • Keep the user enganed
  • Highlight the attention-grabbing points
  • Call them to take action. 
  • Create & Post High-quality Info-graphics with rich text
  • Create & share Short length HD videos with good music and voiceover background
  • Don't drag your content but get straight to the point, soon!
  • Share your stories on social media and chat platforms
  • Respond to their queries without delay
  • Define your business marketing goals

Creating a brand story that attracts and engages the Gen Z audience and reaching millions of them could be somewhat challenging and time-consuming for many business owners and marketers.  If you are a busy business owner then you might want to consider help from professional storytellers through press release marketing to reach millions. KISS PR can help!

If you are a  millennials and generation z you can  begin to build expertise, authority and trust (E-A-T) by booking an appointment with KISS PR here. KISS PR Google Expert  

By creating large media pickup, KISS PR digital growth experts amplify your Instagram post and stories. Book your free session with KISS PR brand expert  

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