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Nagoya Mercantile Exchange (NGMEX) Receives Hong Kong Market Operator Authorization

Last updated Tuesday, September 15, 2020 12:29 ET

Hong Kong is offering NGMEX the status of a recognized market operator (RMO)

Nagoya, Japan, 09/15/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

NGMEX, a full-service commodity exchange that incorporates the complete workflow of a trading venue and also provides on-line commodity futures and options trading, is pleased to announce about being authorized as a recognized market operator (RMO) by Hong Kong’s financial regulators, action which allows NGMEX to provide its local market participants with direct access to the markets in Hong Kong.

Being a recognized market operator, NGMEX can advance its products and services to participants located in the southeast coast of mainland China, which is actually a financial focal center. The authorization is provided by Hong Kong authorities to organizations that are able to manage a well-structured market, handle product and services exchange, trade futures and options contracts.

Hong Kong’s financial authorities recognize NGMEX as a new business model able to correspondingly perform the trading process via a well-settled platform and sustain market development. NGMEX has been authorized as a market operator due to accomplishing trading standards like:

  • - Financial reliability, management proficiency and valuable experience;
  • - Market infrastructure and operations following global patterns;
  • - Complying with financial requirements imposed by the authority in charge;
  • - Organized business plans and estimations;
  • - Risk mitigation, internal controlling system.

“We are extremely thankful to receive the market operator authorization from the Hong Kong financial authorities. Hong Kong will always be an emerging market for commodity trading, foreign exchange and related derivatives. It supports our strains to reinforce trading accessibility for investors across the world. We have established our business roots in Hong Kong long time ago and now we will develop new opportunities for our existing and potential clientele by boosting market accessibility and transparency”, said Ryuya Harumi, Managing Director and Head of Asia Pacific, NGMEX.

Nagoya Mercantile Exchange (NGMEX)

NGMEX is a full-service commodity exchange that incorporates the complete workflow of a trading venue and also provides on-line commodity futures and option trading. The organization believes in delivering nothing but the best to its loyal clients. From the individuals to the corporations, from institutions to the government agencies, NGMEX has always been a trusted establishment offering genuine industry insights and information on the benchmark commodity prices.

Sadao Endo

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