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Dony Mask growth wholesale in USA - EU: Reusable 60x, Antimicrobial Cotton Fabrics 99% (FDA,CE,TUV)

Last updated Tuesday, December 1, 2020 13:18 ET , Source: Dony Garment Company

Vietnamese Manufacturers Rise To Meet Demand For Face Masks As Popularity Of Chinese Products Declines - DONY Garments meets top quality by creating an innovative, top antibacterial cloth face mask.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Vietnam, 12/01/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

DONY Garments has announced the release of the Antibacterial Reusable Cloth Mask, now available internationally for B2B sale. In the uncertain era of the coronavirus, new needs are cropping up in consumers across the world. The sudden demand for effective antibacterial clothing and masks can only be described as rampant and widespread. DONY garments have stepped to meet this need by providing businesses with the best of the best - an antibacterial, reusable cloth mask that gives your customers a real fighting chance against the uncertainty of this virus.

The mask is made of three-ply, water-resistant, and 99.9% antibacterial cloth, which passes some of the most stringent quality standards in the world. The mask addresses a dire need in the current market for a high-quality, mass-produced face mask that is not sourced from China.

In the past, the world turned to China when it needed massive quantities of consumer products,” notes Mr. Pham Quang Anh, CEO of DONY Garment Company. “The COVID-19 pandemic changed that a bit and the ongoing trade war between China and the US have inhibited Chinese production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) even more.

Because Chinese exports are now compromised, there is an opportunity for companies from other countries to step up. DONY garments present international buyers with an opportunity they cannot miss. They offer the highest quality B2B masks, which meet all the standards of international markets, made from scratch in Vietnam.

The DONY mask has a sleek and comfortable design that makes it highly appealing for consumer use. It’s various certifications ensure adequate protection from COVID19. Additionally, It can be manufactured in any way according to your business needs. Think of it like a blank slate that retailers can add value to by experimenting with different colors, designs, or any sort of personalization.

The best part about DONY’s masks? It is available internationally. “At Dony Garments, we welcome international customers, especially those based in Japan, the Middle East, and the United States, to discover our professional line of COVID19 products which are manufactured in our factory in Vietnam,” states Pham. “We guarantee our products are of the highest quality, affordable costs, and are easy to transport across the world.

What Is The DONY Face Mask?

According to the Centre For Disease Control (CDC), Cloth masks act as "source control" to block virus particles exhaled by the wearer, and provide "filtration for personal protection" by blocking incoming infectious droplets from others. Cloth Masks can reduce the chances of catching the virus by up to 70%.

The DONY mask goes above and beyond; It has acquired the DGA certification from French Armed Forces which attests that it will offer 99% protection from COVID on first use, and 96% protection after 30 washes.

The DONY mask is a non-valve, non-medical, civilian cloth mask. It is very lightweight, so it can be used in outdoor activities such as sports, travel, and workouts. The mask is very versatile, so it can really be used by all kinds of consumers, for any kind of task.

The DONY Antibacterial mask offers the following features:

  • Three layers of anti-bacterial protection cloth to minimize COVID risks.
  • Comfortable, breathable fabric that comes with a nose clip and elastic strap ear loops.
  • Meets global export standards, including certifications from CE, FDA, and TUV Reach.
  • UV protection, with an SPF rating of 50+ that can rival most sunblock creams.
  • The mask is 100% water-resistant and has 99.9% antibacterial action even after 60 washes.
  • Apart from COVID protection, it also filters out Dust and Air Pollution.
  • An adjustable strap reduces discomfort for those who have to wear masks for extended periods of time.
  • The mask is already pre-sterilized with E.O gas, straight out of its packaging. An indicator strip on the mask lets the wearer know if it has been sterilized beforehand or not.
  • An Eco-friendly option in comparison to disposable masks.
  • Unisex, neutral design for both males & females.

You can see a visual demonstration of the DONY face mask here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmcXNj569lA

DONY garment company designed and produced this mask with a unique understanding of the issues that plague mask retailers. The DONY masks can be customized to appeal to any consumer base. They can be priced as high-end or affordable according to the retailer's own needs. The durability and effectiveness of the masks ensure that customers will have no complaints or concerns.

While the DONY mask does provide protection for up to 60 washes, it is still recommended to change out your mask every 2-3 months. This is good news for the retailers who choose to stock the DONY masks, as customers will regularly repurchase the product to their liking.

Positive Customer Impact

DONY masks are suitable for many countries, which is shown from testimonials by our partners in Japan and the US.

"There are many mask manufacturers in Vietnam but not all of the factories follow international standards. The reason why we chose DONY is that they fulfill Japan's market needs” states Nicolas Jo, Founder, and CEO of JJFT, a fashion, and textile group.

It is not just Japanese businesses that benefit from the DONY masks. Security Pro is a US-based company that provides high-quality security gear for professionals. According to their CEO, Al Evan “We were impressed with the DONY mask. I like DONY because they communicate and deliver the product on time.

Partnering with DONY is a mutually rewarding relationship. They offer the following benefits for partners:

  • Being the only representative of Dony to sell DONY masks on the exclusive territory.
  • Being offered a preferential policy of best prices and priority production order.
  • Getting great support from the sales and production team.
  • Dony transfers all customers related to the area of the agent management representative.
  • Posting information, photos, etc on the official website of Dony.
  • Free sample making (logo, label, packaging) according to customers' requirements.
  • Being supported for papers and certificates at the request of customers
  • Being under a proprietary protection policy for customers.
  • Media supported by Dony on domestic and foreign channels.

The company can provide free samples, trial orders, wholesale orders, bulk orders, and custom orders with branding opportunities for logos and labels. Businesses can purchase DONY masks for their employees, or they can create customized merchandise for customers and fans.

About The Company:

DONY Garments itself is a derivative of Dony International Corporation, and they specialize in creating quality uniforms, workwear, and casual clothing. With the onset of the COVID19 crisis, DONY expanded into the realm of personal protective equipment (PPE). They now provide equipment and clothing in America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

In 2020, the DONY company donated 100,000 antibacterial reusable masks worth more than VND 10.5 billion to the people of the USA. 

The company has vowed to stand in solidarity with those suffering from COVID19, which is why the DONY mask is very welcome in the global market and is considered one of the largest manufacturers of face masks in Vietnam.

Product Availability

Dony Mask is being sold (focus on B2B - Wholesale, bulk, and branded) in the USA, France, Singapore, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong, Macao, South Africa, Finland, Greece, Denmark, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Romania, Portugal, KSA, Egypt, Qatar, Morocco, Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Bahrain and has Exclusive Distributors in Saudi Arabia, Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, UAE.

Dony mask is currently available for B2B sale, which means it can only be purchased in bulk by businesses and retailers. Businesses who purchase the DONY mask are welcome to customize and add value to the mask before making it available for customers.

For more information, press only:

Mr. Henry Pham, CEO.

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For more information on the Product: https://garment.dony.vn/

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