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Blaux Portable Bidet | December 2020 | Cleaner And More Gentle Than Toilet Paper

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Blaux Portable Bidet | December 2020 | Cleaner And More Gentle Than Toilet Paper

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Isn’t it irritating using the traditional toilet paper for cleaning? There has to be an innovative way to maintain one’s hygiene. Well, Blaux Portable Bidet is here to change the way people clean themselves.. It is the best alternative to toilet paper as it uses a stream of water to clean a bottom. Ample information regarding the product can be collected by reading the Blaux Portable Bidet

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Toilet paper is the thing of a bygone era as people are using an innovative device in their toilet for cleaning. Blaux Portable Bidet is the most effective and safest way to clean and maintain one’s hygiene. Anybody can be part of the revolution by using Blaux Portable Bidet like others  Worldwide

Blaux Portable Bidet is highly hygienic and gentle to the skin as compared to conventional wiping. Since it uses no toilet paper, it is considered an eco-friendly option for cleaning the back. Buyers can  Get up to 50% OFF as a special introductory offer.   

What is Blaux Portable Bidet?

Blaux Portable Bidet is an innovative product designed to change the way people clean their bottoms. It is a comfortable product that has the power to clean the private parts efficiently and hygienically. The product is made of industrial-grade material that lasts for years to come. 

Blaux Portable Bidet comfortably cleans the bottom with a stream of water. It is the best alternative to toilet paper. It uses water to clean the private parts, which is the hygienic way to clean compared to the traditional wiping. 


With a powerful nozzle, it promises to get the job done efficiently. It is an eco-friendly, gentle way of cleaning one’s bottom. It has become a popular choice amongst hygiene-concerned users Worldwide. These days, only a  Limited Stock Available With 50% OFF can be seen.

Who’s this For?

Blaux Portable Bidet is the best choice for people frustrated with the unhygienic wiping of toilet papers. Since it is eco-friendly and gentle to the  skin, it could be the best choice for people who are worried about global warming.

Blaux Portable Bidet is also the best choice for backpackers. They can carry it with them on the camping site and use it to clean the bottom without the need for toilet paper. It uses water for cleaning and a suitable choice for hikers and campers. 

Benefits of Blaux Portable Bidet

  • Quick and convenient 

  • Guaranteed high-quality product

  • More gentle and hygienic than conventional wiping

  • Eco-friendly as it uses no toilet paper

  • High-quality components

  • Exclusive Offer 50% Discount available      

  • Easy return policy

  • Quality design and highly rated

  • Easy to use 


  • Water Storage Compartment Capacity – 170ML

  • Setting Options for Pressure Output – Two Settings 

  • Rotational Head – Yes 180-degree rotating head 

  • Material – Metal composites and industrial-grade plastic 

  • Battery Type – Rechargeable Battery with Charging Port

  • Types – Free-Standing, Built-in Bidet, Warm Water Bidet, and Hand-held Bidet 

How does it work?

The working process of Blaux Portable Bidet is a bit different. It works using the stream of water, and there are two different settings to control the water pressure. Depending upon the set water pressure, the gadget releases water through its nozzle cap or wand. Users have to keep pressing the spray mode button until cleaning is properly done. 

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The device comes with a detachable water reservoir with a capacity of 170ml. After every use, the water reservoir must be refilled, and there is a reservoir lock that must be used to lock it for convenient use. 

Moving ahead, there is ample information that needs to be told about Blaux Portable Bidets.

How to Make Use of Blaux Portable Bidet?

The step by step guide on how to make use of Blaux Portable Bidet for convenient and faster cleaning, is as following:

  • Ensure that the battery of the device is already fully charged

  • Fill water into the water canister by detaching it from the gadget

  • Reattach the reservoir after it has been filled with water

  • Extend the nozzle head or wand of the gadget

  • Get the bidet positioned towards the private region and the water release button pressed

  • It will gradually release a spray of water until the person is completely clean    

Why is it Best?

  • It has an eco-friendly design that uses no toilet paper

  • The water consumption is reduced by 70%

  • Professional quality plastic and metal components utilized for quality design

  • Flexible nozzle cap and wand

  • Easy return policy

  • Exclusive discount and a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Highly rated product online appreciated by users across the world  

Customer’s Comments

Blaux Portable Bidet is an innovative product that has managed to garner positive Blaux Portable Bidet from the customers. People are satisfied with the quality and performance. Many users admitted that it is a great product for frequent travel and the environment. 

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“I bought the device for my personal use, and I am happy with its performance and working process.” Anita from Sedona said.

“I love using Blaux Portable Bidet while camping or hiking. It saves me from harsh chemicals.” Bill from Minnesota said. 

Where to Buy Blaux Portable Bidet?

People interested in buying the portable personal cleaner need to visit the official website from where it can be purchased. Whoever buys it from the website gets an exclusive discount with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on their first order.   

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q – What is the Capacity of Water of the Reservoir?

A – The water holding capacity of the reservoir is 170ml.

Q – Does it need Batteries?

A – No, it comes with built-in rechargeable batteries that need to be charged for every use.

Q – Is there any pain or irritation in using Blaux Portable Bidet?

A – No, Blaux Portable Bidet offers two water pressures setting to avoid unpleasantness, pain, and irritation. 

Final Thought 

Blaux Portable Bidet is an innovative device for people who need hygienic cleaning for their bottoms without the pain of  traditional wiping.. It is an eco-friendly device that uses water pressure to clean the private areas hygienically. 

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Campers, hikers, or travellers looking for the best way to clean their private parts during an emergency must try Blaux Portable Bidet. It would be best to make one’s  purchasing decision based on the unbiased comments on Blaux Portable Bidet.

Anyone who has anything to add about the device is requested to  write it down in the comments section. 

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