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Realtor Mo Abboud Today Is a Universal Catchword for Success in overcoming personal hardship

Last updated Wednesday, December 2, 2020 23:44 ET , Source: Realtor Mo Abboud

Mo Abboud, a successful Syrian realtor, very well knows the right ways to utilize any available opportunity to create fortunes

Fairfax, Virginia , USA, 12/02/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

We know nothing succeeds like success and Mo Abboud has amply proved it. He also proved beyond doubt that if someone wants to achieve business success, he or she can do so with hard labour, correct judgment, business sense and honesty.

Today, a notable figure in the international real estate business, the Syria-born Mo Abboud currently has carved out an enviable space for himself in the entrepreneurial spectrum with his sagacity, judgmental power and pragmatic investment sense.

Known for his ability to utilize investment opportunities as a realtor, Mo Abboud has created a track record to profit from such timely decisions. As an entrepreneur, he has proved what matters most is not how much money you make but how much of it you save.

Not being born with a silver spoon, Mo Abboud struggled a lot to stand on his own leg when he moved to northern Virginia when he was 13 years old. Though that was the age to play, he had to work to contribute to the income of his family which was not quite enough.

That is why he hardly could contrite himself in studies as a young man as he had to work in his student years to earn to enable his family to sail against different odds.

That is why he became an earning hand at an early age. His first job was at McDonald’s where he learnt the value of money.

Taking inspirations from a Syrian entrepreneur and billionaire Ghassan Abboud, he too decided to turn an entrepreneur. Mo Abboud was ready to struggle to establish himself. After years of struggle, his entrepreneurial dream translated into reality as a successful realtor of global repute.

Mo Abboud made his entry into the entrepreneurial world by working as a social media expert to help businesses grow. Subsequently, he opened a music studio in Burke, Virginia. This offered him a wonderful opportunity to get connected with many renowned music celebrities.

He then entered into the dropshipping learning trick its trade. He used YouTube videos and the Shopify app to learn it further. Subsequently, he launched his own online stores thetrendysmoker.com. It was a success.

Mo Abboud then landed into the real estate business where he got many opportunities to earn money. Afterwards, he launched a landscaping company “Neat Gardens” which also became successful. Currently, Mo Abboud is working as a real estate agent with Samson Properties.

After establishing himself in business, Mo Abboud now has started grooming the future entrepreneurs. He advises them to enter into the entrepreneurial world at a young age with honestly performing whatever jobs they are engaged in.

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