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Humble Crew Detailing, the New Auto Detailing Service Providers in Minneapolis

Last updated Thursday, December 3, 2020 13:23 ET

Comprehensive Range of Services and Packages at Competitive Rates and Great Attention to Detail.

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MINNEAPOLIS - 3rd December 2020 – Humble Crew Detailing is pleased to announce the launch of their new brand and location for their auto detailing business. The company offers a comprehensive range of detailing services at competitive rates and excellent attention to detail. Auto detailing is often considered to be expensive. And most car detailing providers do charge a fortune for their services whether it is traditional detailing, specialized detailing, or exclusive auto detailing interior services. Humble Crew Detailing was started to address these issues and provide customers a full-service auto spa within their budget. They offer several packages that help car owners choose the one that best suits their needs and budget. And the packages start at only  $100. 

The team here offers traditional auto detailing by using modern car paint sealants to add deep gloss to the car’s natural paint. This not only protects the car from outside elements but also gives it an all-new shine that too at a very low cost. And for those who are looking for an impeccable car wash in Minneapolis, this place doesn’t disappoint the car owners at all. With the help of various car washing techniques, customers can walk out with a shiny car. This package includes hand wash, wheel cleaning, hand dry, and a 3-month sealant applied to the windows and the outer paint. 

The auto detailing interior service starts at $190 only. It is not just about beautifying the cars from the outside. It is also about improving the look from the inside as well. There are absolutely no shortcuts here. The technicians here ensure that the interiors and upholstery are free of stains, salt, and odor. A leather ceramic coating is used to preserve the luxurious interiors. However, car owners can also ask for a single service such as vacuuming only or a complete deep clean which includes cleaning of door jambs, AC vents, screens, buttons, surfaces, etc. Vacuuming is performed on carpets, mats, vents, cup holders, dashboards, seats, etc. 

This auto detailing company in Minneapolis also offers ceramic coating services at affordable prices. This coating preserves the outer layer from physical and chemical damage. The enhanced protection of these coatings also ensures that any water or liquid just rolls off the vehicle thereby leaving a dry surface. The company also offers SPS Graphene Coating for 3 years and 5 years. For those who want a mirror-like finish, this is the place to be. Humble Crew Detailing is authorized to install SPS Graphene and car owners can now protect their cars from harmful chemicals and elements such as salt, tree sap, bird poop, bug guts, and more. Those who are looking for something else or a specialized service can always call the team here for a quick consult. 

To learn more visit https://www.humblecrewdetailing.com/ 

About Humble Crew Detailing 

Humble Crew Detailing is an auto spa center that offers exclusive auto detailing services in Minneapolis. The company specializes in long-term protection for all types of cars, SUVs, trucks, classic cars, and luxury cars. 



Humble Crew Detailing 

Address: 6224 Quail Ave N. Brooklyn Center, MN 55429

Phone: 612-207-2685

Website: https://www.humblecrewdetailing.com/ 

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