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Interview with the Young Vietnamese Music Artist "Đặng Trà Xuân Minh" with Interest Sharing

Last updated Thursday, December 3, 2020 22:28 ET

This is a personal interview of a young Vietnamese singer named Đặng Trà Xuân Minh. He shares his personals life details and the experiences he went through in his career.

Đà Nẵng, Vietnam, 12/03/2020 / SubmitMyPR /

For the first time, Xuan Minh boldly opened up and regretted himself after being noticed by the public through the cover video of the song "Mother's Day".

Scoring with music lovers just through a deep song about a mother, Xuan Minh was quickly loved by his unique voice and innocence of a 19-year-old boy. Let's see Xuan Minh open his heart after suddenly becoming a new highlight of music!

Ngày Của Mẹ - Cậu Bé Thịnh | Cover Đặng Trà Xuân Minh

Hi, can you spend some time introducing yourself to people?

Hello, everyone, my name is “Đặng Trà Xuân Minh”, who is currently studying at Duy Tan University - Da Nang. My speciality is information technology. Your hobby is listening to music and traveling every time you have free time. Besides, I like to play instruments but not very good.

As far as we know, there is no one in her family who pursues her artistic career and is pursuing her studies. What motivated you to participate in art?

Actually, up to now, I myself still do not think that I am participating in art. From a young age, I have a passion for singing and the friends around me are very supportive of it. When we happened to talk to a friend, we suddenly came up with the idea of covering a certain song and I really wanted to try my best. After that, I selected and performed the song "Mother's Day". I also did not expect my cover to be so loved by everyone, I really thank everyone for loving and supporting me.

Why did Xuan Minh decide to choose a song “Mother's day” for the first product?

During a time listening to music on Youtube, I happened to listen to this song and I loved it from the very first tune. After that, I decided to cover this song. In my opinion, sometimes there are words that seem very simple but cannot be uttered by themselves. So I hope this song will be a small gift so that we can convey our feelings and feelings to mom.

Is there something that's difficult for a cover to share with readers and audience?

Of course, there are many difficulties. The first is about the budget story, I am just a 1st-year student in university, so the issue of the cost of making this cover song is one of my biggest difficulties. I even had to work a lot of part-time jobs and save a long time to be able to do this song.

Xuân Minh

One of the things that also reminds me very much is that when I filmed the MV since I was doing a well-tuned song like this for the first time, I was confused by myself. That's why I went back and forth many times, thankfully everyone still loves it.

Becoming a new cover phenomenon with a lot of praise from audiences and professionals, is Xuan Minh going to have any plans for art in particular and music in general?

Having received everyone's love and support, I myself am truly honored and grateful for that. I know that there are many things that are not good and also do not have much expertise in music. Therefore, I would like to repay everyone's love with simple music cover products when I have free time. Hope will always be welcomed and supported by everyone.

Has Xuan Minh life after success with the cover of "Mother's Day" changed much?

Nothing has changed much at all, I still go to school and live normally as usual. When I go out sometimes or have a date with my friends, there are still a few people who recognize and praise my voice. I feel very happy about that. This is a great source of motivation for me to constantly strive to improve myself more. Everyone, let's wait for a more mature version of Xuan Minh!

Thank you Dang Tra Xuan Minh for this interesting conversation. I wish you every success in your career and in life!

About Xuan Minh 

Dang Tra Xuan Minh was born and raised in the central region of Da Nang, in a family of 2 brothers, he is the first son and has 1 younger sister. Currently, he is studying information technology at FPT school. He was born into a family with no one following art.

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