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Leveraging The Power of Community

Last updated Friday, December 4, 2020 18:30 ET , Source: Gregory Kemmis

“Leveraging the power of community” is the saying of the newly formed Sou Sou, “Level Up Donations”, open to people of all faiths and who have a strong belief in God and Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior.

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“Leveraging the power of community” is the saying of the newly formed Sou Sou, “Level Up Donations”; a donation-based membership community open to people of all faith types, whom have a strong belief in God and Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior.

In honesty, it focuses on helping believers overcome against stressful odds, by encouraging the participants to refer at least 1 or 2 people as a required condition, but it comes with a special reward. While Level Up is still in its early stages, the current group of members ranges between 20 - 35 members, and it is bound to grow more. 

Developed by Joshua Matthews and a group of administrators, it is considered a way to give back to each other, without needing to gain an additional source of employment, while maintaining their faith. Matthews, holds a Members-Only, Private Facebook group regarding this organization... and the Level Up community, is open to enrollment by contribution.

Each member, once approved, becomes an affiliate of the community... where their role is to spread The Word to other individuals. In addition to needing to referring 1 - 2 people as a minimal requirement, the community’s members have a diverse range of skills, where they specialize in different areas.

For example, Apostle Joshua Matthews has a deep understanding of Spiritual Guidance and wishes to share His knowledge with members and individuals alike. Another member, Gregory Kemmis, who is also enrolled retains expertise with production, songwriting and technology as his skill-set; while other supportive members help with financial services, credit restoration, accounting and consultancy to name a few.

The module is simple in the way it operates; for each member the affiliate refers to the Level Up community, both the affiliate and the new member becomes eligible for a donation, and the cycle repeats itself again. If the new member refers more people and they join... now it becomes where original affiliate, the referring member, and the second member has the same opportunity.

To get started with joining the program, please visit Team Action - Sou Sou to learn how to get started, by watching a few introductory video modules for your better understanding.

You can also contact the administrative team via email, should anyone have additional questions:


[email protected]

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