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Rent A Daughter Founder Nadine Glatley Makes Guest Appearance on Heart Mojo with Melinda Smith

Last updated Tuesday, December 8, 2020 10:54 ET

Listen to Nadine Talk about What Inspired her to start the Services for Senior Care and the Challenges that she has faced

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CLEVELAND, OHIO - 8th December 2020 – Nadine Glatley, the founder of Rent a Daughter was recently invited as a guest on Melinda Smith’s Heart Mojo, a popular podcast on New Cleveland Radio. Nadine opens up about her true inspiration behind starting the center for senior care 17 years ago while she was still juggling between being a single mom, a teacher, and plans of starting her own business. She starts by talking about how she landed her first patient with just word of mouth. Like any other new business especially that which is steered by a woman, Nadine too had her fair share of challenges. The most difficult challenge was to advertise her business and due to her busy schedules, she could not create a network. All Nadine could do was to rely on her clients to spread the word and despite being in the business for several years, she couldn’t put a face to the business. It was when her children grew up that she could completely focus on her business and Rent a Daughter is now a popular name in the senior care services sector.

Rent a Daughter Senior Care Services
Rent a Daughter Senior Care Services

Rent a Daughter was also featured recently on Spectrum News1. It is truly inspiring to see how an outsider could care for a patient just like one of her own. Many patients in Nadine’s early career have thanked her for her services and how they appreciated her serving them just like their daughter. Nadine recollects that it was her patient clients who were the true inspiration behind naming her business Rent a Daughter. This is not just a name but a connection that every patient feels with this service. Glatley oversees 65 caregivers currently and each of these compassionate caregivers works with as many as 60 clients. “Such an amazing company that is full of the most kind, respectful people. Nadine, the owner, truly is the most amazing, respectable woman. I highly recommend”, says Ester B.

Covid-19 has definitely changed the way things operate. And it has been very challenging for patients as well as caregivers to cope with the ongoing restrictions. Nadine takes pride in her staff whom she carefully selects. Hiring the right staff is no joke especially in the healthcare industry. Thankfully for Nadine, her staff is her family and she expresses her gratitude that her staff feels and shares the same passion for helping people as much as Glatley herself. Glatley has now moved into an office space in Beachwood from where she oversees the operations of the services. It goes without saying that the community needs more of these services which do a relentless job of serving the seniors with quality elder care.

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About Rent a Daughter

Rent a Daughter is a company that offers senior care services. Founded by Nadine Glatley, a trusted leader in providing caregivers for senior care, this organization offers the most professional and committed services for patients suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer’s along with planned programs for patients with special needs and care requirements. The services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



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