Hair Replacement Update - Should I Recommend My Hair Replacement Center and Expose My Own Hair Replacement?

Hair Replacement Update - Should I Recommend My Hair Replacement Center and Expose My Own Hair Replacement?

Happy and satisfied clients share experiences when they decide to get hair replacement at Folicure Hair.

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Hair loss has been increasing at an incredible rate among young millennials and older men. Hair loss and hair thinning can be crippling for men of any age and in different ways. 

Several men have to go through hair loss at a very young age and develop low levels of confidence and low self-esteem because of the negative effect hair loss has in their lives. Often young men may contemplate or feel forced to choose a different career path because of the shame associated with their hair loss. 

Finding a solution for hair loss or hair thinning can help return the confidence they have lost battling the stigmatizing issue of male pattern baldness or any other hair loss issue. At Folicure - Hair Design & Hair Replacement, our focus is completely on our client in order to deliver the best service and hair loss solutions possible. 

Folicure Hair Replacement Studio Dallas

Our mission is to empower our clients with a fresh dose of confidence and self-esteem that will enable them to be the person they want to be and live the life they have envisioned. 

At Folicure - Hair Design & Hair Replacement our emphasis is on offering long lasting, reliable and affordable hair treatment or solutions that can solve men’s hair loss problems. One of our most popular hair loss solutions is hair replacement.  

Hair replacement is a treatment that offers immediate solutions with zero side effects. Many of our customers love their hair systems because it gives them a natural look and the liberty to style their hair. It is a non-surgical procedure hence there are zero negative side effects. 

The technology used for hair replacement is very sophisticated. The current technique and technology used for non-surgical hair replacement make it possible to have a full natural head of hair and appearance. It is also a far more convenient, comfortable option for active men with hair loss. 

We customize each piece to match your natural hair color, density, length and hair loss pattern to suit you perfectly and give you a natural look. More importantly, our customers are thrilled that it is a pain-free, non-surgical process with no risk of complications during surgery and without a waiting period. 

What Our Valued Clients Had To Say...

Mike Dawes - Folicure Dallas Hair Replacement Customer

Hair loss and hair thinning was always a part of my life and I had learned to live with it. However, it became severe in the last few years and had led to a lot of crises in my personal and work life. 

When the hair loss became severe it began to affect me mentally. I restricted myself from going out with my friends or meeting new people. It also affected my work life. I was no longer confident when giving presentations at my workplace or network and was constantly worried that my peers were looking down on me because of my hair loss. 

I was beginning to feel lonely and depressed when I finally decided to look for hair replacement options. I was specifically looking for affordable and non-surgical options. 

Walking into Folicure - Hair Design & Hair Replacement center was the best decision I’ve ever made. 

They were very kind and understanding. They educated me and helped me understand the entire process with its pros and cons. Once I decided to have it done, the transition was so simple and hassle-free. I was so grateful when I received my hair replacement system. It looked completely natural and reminded me of the days I had a full head of hair. 

Now with my hair replacement system, I can even try new styles I was never spontaneous enough to try before. I did not experience any negative side effects. Maintaining the hair system is a hassle-free process with very little extra care required from my end. 

Overall I am thrilled to have my hair and confidence back. There is a big shift in the way I approach my life and work now. 

Thanks Folicure - Hair Design & Hair Replacement for this amazing turn around in my life! – Mike Dawes

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