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Himalayan Salt Lamp Review Lumebience: Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Actually Work? Review by HealthyRex

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Improve The Quality Of Your Life With Our Certified Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp. Lumebience Warms Up To Absorb Moisture That Neutralizes The Air Around It.

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Himalayan Salt lamps are a big hit all the time. These glowing salt lamps purify the air and perhaps a bliss during this emerging pandemic stuck-at home situations. But, how does the Himalayan salt lamp purify the air, and what’s the science behind that? According to Lumebience, the certified seller of authentic Himalayan salt lamps, these crystal lamps help in feeling neutralizing the air around it improving mood, body, and mind. Learn More From The Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp Official Website >>

These days there are several types of crystal salt lamps. So how do you choose the right one that provides a good value and perhaps, a better and healthier result? In this Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews, we explore how Himalayan salt lamps work, what to expect, and uncover the latest clinical studies and research on the effectiveness of crystal salts in healing and health benefits.

The review on the properties of Himalayan salt properties is a scientific way to understand the healing efficacy of crystal lamps. Keep reading and get to know about this newest innovation in Himalaya salt lamps and what the experts have to say about the benefits and its efficiency in health and healing.

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What is Lumebience Himalayan Salt lamp?

Lumebience launches holistic tech devices for health and well-being. Recently the company launched a new crystal lamp the Himalayan salt lamp using smart technology. The reviews and customer insights on Lumebience Himalayan salt points to better outcomes across the health continuum.

In a nutshell, Lumebience is an air quality technology company empowering citizens to breathe cleaner air, specializing in air quality protection and technology solutions. The Lumebience Himalayan salt lamps are one of the hottest home decor gift items this year and to be honest, the smart tech stuff is an alluring must-have.

Best of all, this Himalayan salt lamp from Lumebience is chic as evidenced by the variety of options. The salt block is super thick so that the lamp doesn’t burn hot. It is a work of art and technology – a beautiful creation to lift spirit whenever you are down. That said, let’s get to know how does Himalaya sat lamp works.

How Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp Works

The Himalayan rock salt lamps from Lumebience releases negative ions. Once lit, it emits calming ambiances and creates similar air-purifying effects of that as an ionizer. According to the company’s explanation, the negative ions absorb bad water molecules and attract the harmful toxins which are freely available from the molecules to the surface of the lamp.

The special ingredient, the Himalayan salt content is pretty high producing a meaningful amount of healthy ions as you sniff in the luxury of purified air. The brightness control dimmer is a wonderful addition for creating a warm and comfortable environment at home or on your desk. The salts are sourced from the Singalila Ridges of the Himalayas in South Asia.

How does the Himalayan salt lamp purify the air? - The basic mechanism of a Himalayan salt lamp is simple. It’s all about the natural process of the water cycle. Water vapor evaporates into molecules and condenses back again into liquid forms which many explains as ‘crying’, ‘melting’ or ‘leaking’. So, what’s the twist? The twist is the Himalayan salt that purifies the water vapors, molecules, and the air letting you create your pure weather at home and your office.

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Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Is Himalayan salt lamp good or bad? It is time for evaluation. Advocates claim some wonderful health benefits but, the best advantage is that the crystal lamp from Lumebience relieves potential bad vibes from the living space. Are Himalayan salt lamp benefits real – let’s know the scientific explanations behind the benefits of using Himalayan and crystal salt lamps.

  • Improves Air Quality:

Himalayan salt lamps with a smart air purifier system improve the air quality. While there is no clinical evidence on the Himalayan salt alone, research shows that air-filtering mechanisms can remove harmful particulars indoors.

Lumebience Himalayan Salt lamp air purifiers come with a double-layer filter and hence is a smart technological innovation.

  • Boost Immunity:

These days, the Himalayan salt lamps are getting ushered in newer therapeutic approaches and applications.

Himalayan salt lamp therapy is most prevalent at spas and wellness institutions. The Clinical effect of creating a salt-mine environment is that it triggers anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic mechanisms.

Surveys done by the National Institute of Recovery, Physical Medicine and Balneoclimatology (INRMFB) on the therapeutic effects of using halogenerators similar to Himalayan salt lamps evaluate beneficial outcomes for allergic respiratory diseases and providing resistance to infections. [1]

  • Reduces stress and anxiety:

Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions which creates positive vibes. In the mainstream scientific community, negative air ionization therapy is a non-invasive and drug-free treatment for stress-related symptoms and anxiety.

While there is no laboratory trial done on how much negative ions you can get from the Himalayan salt lamp you can maximize your exposure by placing more than one salt lamp every 500 square feet.

  • Improves asthmatic symptoms:

Lumebience crystal lamp creates a healing salt room chamber experience which could be beneficial for people with asthma triggers.

Scientific studies on the effectiveness of salt room therapy evaluate salt room with salt halogenerator more effective than without the halogenerator.

The clinical trial concludes salt room with halo generators have a beneficial effect in asthmatic children [2]

  • Control mood swings:

Mood swings are most common among women, especially during the hay days. Lumebience Himalayan salt lamp is beneficial for controlling mood swings, and that is why it is one of the hottest selling Himalayan salt lamps.

  • Clears Mucus and improves sinus condition:

Himalayan salt inhalers may help clear mucus and reduce the risk of respiratory problems which in turn makes breathing easier.

According to Sinus and Nasal Specialists of Louisiana medical team, Himalayan salt lamps can provide temporary relief from sinus conditions and ease respiratory issues. [3]

  • Provide Quality Sleep:

Himalayan salt lamps help to relax and to calm the stress response and this improves the quality of sleep and addresses certain sleep challenges.

Laboratory studies found that bright light before sleep time can delay sleep hormones and suggests dimmer light before bedtime. [4]

The dim light from the Lumebience Himalayan salt lamp is proven to promote sleepiness and lessen the variety of sleep problems.

Other than all these health benefits, Himalayan salt lamps are actually great home décor and a wonderful addition to yoga and meditation.

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Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp Pros And Cons

As with any healing lamps, certainly, there are both pros and cons attached to Lumebience Himalayan salt lamps. Based on the top ten Himalayan salt lamps and Lumebience reviews here we share with you the plus points and the drawbacks.

Should You Buy Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp – The Pros:

  • Mined from Himalayan salt caves that are crystallized for 250 million years
  • 100% authentic
  • ETL Certified
  • Three adjustable dimmer settings
  • 11.5 Lbs and comes with UL-listed dimmer cord
  • Himalayan salt lamp massage balls included
  • Himalayan salt lamp with a heated massage stone
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

Should You Buy Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp – The Cons:

  • Lumebience Himalayan salt lamp is only available from the brand’s official website
  • Not available in physical stores
  • Not super-affordable

Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp Side Effects

There is no clinical evidence suggesting any side effects of the Himalayan salt lamp. Furthermore, there are no reported side effects according to Himalayan salt lamp reviews all across the world. But, yes, the only reported cases are positive outcomes that include great health benefits for people with asthma or among those who are seeking for mood swing invasive supports. No incident of injuries or fire hazard has been reported so far.

Few important things to keep in mind when shopping for the Himalayan salt lamp-

Avoid light bulb Himalayan salt lamps because the heat-producing light bulbs can be dangerous, regardless of the bulb’s wattage options. You can tell the difference between a real and fake Himalayan salt lamp by the glow. A phony product emits pure pink or red glow while an authentic Himalayan salt lamp gently lights up space.

Lumebience Himalayan Salt Lamp Reviews and User Experience

Here are the three Himalayan salt lamp reviews from the Lumebience users–

  • First of all, I am an asthmatic and truth be told I bought it because I heard that it is used at spas. Well, I am happy with my lamp because of several reasons but what’s interesting is that after waking up I can taste salt at my lips and mouth. I find this quite okay. It helped overcome my breathing and suffocation problems too, and the moisture handling ability is simply the best. Apart from health benefits, I appreciate the soft glow and the work of art of my Lumebience Himalayas salt lamps. Alfred Olson.
  • Well, it’s not me who bought my Himalayan Salt lamps. I got it as a gift and its my best Christmas gift! Thanks to Carol for this thoughtful gift. I absolutely love this beauty. Lumebience salt lamps give me the moment of zen that I being a wife and mother of three needs. At night, I love the soft glow and the earthly feel and sometimes we turn it on during evening when we have friends and family. It’s chic and brightens the whole room with a warm glow. Marisa D. Costa
  • Lumebience creates a beautiful night ambience with great therapeutic experience. I cannot sleep, and I suffer from PTSD. The soft glow from the Lumebience or perhaps the Himalayan salt – I don’t know but, somehow I can get now easily sleep. It helps my mind relax and get the good night sleep that I have been yearning for great skin. I know people who have bought knock off’s of these from social media. True Lumebience is the real deal! Carol Roosevelt

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Lumebience Cost and Himalayan Salt Lamps Price List

Currently, the price of crystal lamps are shooting high, and perhaps that’s because of the over demand and festive season.

1 unit of Lumebience Himalayan salt lamp costs $79.95 without the shipping charge.

On the other hand, you get a 50% discount if you buy 2 Himalayan salt lamps. But you get one extra lamp for free when you buy two units, and the total cost then becomes $159.90 with free USA shipping. Lumebience offers a lifetime warranty.

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Where to buy Lumebience Himalayan salt lamps

As mentioned above, if you want to avoid all the hassles of finding a genuine seller, it makes sense to shop directly from the brand’s website. So, visit the Lumebience official store to place your order, and they offer a global shipment policy.


If you are looking for the best brand of the Himalayan salt lamp, Lumebience must be the top-pick. Not only does it comes with the massage ball but, it is also equipped with a 15-watt bulb with dimmer settings. Lumebience reviews from the health consortiums share positive feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions on Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • How to clean Himalayan salt lamp?

Keeping your Lumebience clean is simple as the Himalayan salt lamps come with a self-cleaning mechanism. Interestingly, many people use the Himalayan salt lamp to cleanse crystals even.

Use a damp washcloth to wipe the lamp’s surface from the pollutants and the dust particles but don’t immerse it in water. You can also use glass-cleaning wipes if you feel like it. For graphical support, please see the Lumebience manual which explains in detail about cleaning and maintenance.

  • Himalayan salt lamp is it safe?

Lumebience Himalayan salt lamp is safe. According to randomized trials and Himalayan salt lamp review, we found no report on adverse side effects. Those who are using crystal lamps are happy with their results. The Himalayan salt lamp quality meets the United Consumer Product standard.

  • Are Himalayan salt lamps safe for pets?

According to the advocates, all the lamp products from Lumebience are safe for pets as cats and dogs. But there is no clinical evidence till now.

  • Can Himalayan salt lamp cause headaches?

These Himalayan salt lamps have no reported cases of users suffering from headaches. However, it is important to know that salt lamps relax the nervous system. It helps in calming the mind and hence it feels peaceful and much relaxed.

  • Himalayan salt lamp is it real?

From the United States, Consumer Product Insight Himalayan salt lamp amazon recalls more than 800000 units of faulty products have been sold last year. So, consumers need to be cautious when shopping for Himalayan salt lamp authentic products.

How can you understand which one is real and which one is fake? Here are few facts to note down in understanding Himalayan salt lamp fake vs real ones.

The true Himalayan salt lamp emits a deep warm glow but not pink or reddish color. If the product claims to provide pink, white, or other shades of color then the lamp contains lab-made salts and not the naturally mined salt from the Himalayans.

Himalayan salt lamp pink versus white: An authentic Himalayan salt lamp does not assert it to provide the pink or white glow. As a consumer, it is better to look for important features such as – battery operation or source of power, how it works, emf, and other critical factors. Lumebience Himalayan salt lamp company is BBB accredited and real.

  • How to choose the perfect Himalayan Salt Lamp?

When it comes to choosing the right type of Himalayan Salt Lamp, don’t fall for high brands. Let’s recall the most stirring case which dates back to 2014 when the US Consumer Products Safety Commission issued a recall on Lumiere’s all salt lamp units.

A total of 83,900 Himalayan salt lamps proved to be hazardous for fire and electric shock. The lamps were all pink in color and wooden-based. That’s why, when choosing your first-time Himalayan Salt Lamp, it would be best for you to avoid the ones which are pink in color and are wooden –based.

It is understandable to find the wooden-based Himalayan salt lamps a beautiful home décor. But, in terms of health and safety, focus on the ergonomics, the dimming options, the power outlet instead of the lamp base.

  • Are Himalayan Salt lamps safe?

Not all Himalayan salt lamps are safe. Some of these can even catch on fire while some lamps can even cause allergic triggers to your pets. That’s why it is important to be cautious when choosing a Himalayan salt lamp.

  • Can Himalayan salt lamp make you sick?

There are several reported cases of phony products claiming to be authentic Himalayan salt lamps making people sick with cheap and coloured stone granule particles. Be aware when using such fake products.

  • Can Himalayan salt lamps leak?

The fact that Himalayan salt lamps attract moisture from the air makes it leak and that’s the beauty of the lamp. First-time users often worry when the lamp leaks water and it's only natural to be concerned.

But, there is nothing to worry about and it is pretty normal that a genuine Himalayan salt lamp will leak or cry.

  • Can Himalayan salt lamp raise blood pressure?

There are no such reported cases of Himalayan salt lamps raising blood pressure. These lamps come with pink salt mined from the Himalayan mountain and contain sodium chloride. High intakes of sodium chloride can raise blood pressure. So, you must check the amount of sodium chloride the salt lamp contains.

  • Which Himalayan salt lamp is best in general?

Several brands are offering different types of Himalayan salt lamps. Some feature advanced tech while some others are harvested from the deep mountainous terrains of Mount Himalaya. For first-timers, it becomes difficult to pick the right one. Worry not, because here we have listed the top 5 Himalayan salt brands 2021.

Himalayan salt lamp five below ones are the best ones till now–

  1. Lumebience Himalayan salt lamp nightlight
  2. Hemingweigh Natural Himalayan rock salt lamp
  3. Himalayan Salt Lamp by Levoit Kana
  4. Crystal Allies Natural Salt Lamp
  5. D’aplomb Hand Crafted Salt Lamp
  • When to use a Himalayan salt lamp?

These lamps are best when used at night or during yoga or meditations. At night, you get to experience the best natural ambiance from Himalayan rock salts while you can also use it when you want to relax your mind or for a spa-session.

  • Where do Himalayan salt lamps come from?

True crystal lamps harvest the rock salt from the Himalaya mountains. Some companies claim using Himalaya rock salt mined from Mount Everest caves while others source it from the Himalayan hills of the northwestern sides of the West Bengal. Lumebience Himalayan rock salts are sourced from the Singalila Ridge of the Himalayas.

  • Where to put the Himalayan salt lamp in the bedroom?

A- It depends on the lamp size and how you want the effect. For setting the right ambience during the night, you can place the lamp just about anywhere. One way to get the most out of your Himalayan salt lamps is to put them near large electronics. In this way, it balances the electromagnetic radiation and neutralizes the toxins of air in your living space. You can also follow the - where to place himalayan salt lamp feng shui guideline.

  • Where to buy Himalayan salt lamp near me?

You can order it online but there are controversial opinions on the authenticity of the lamps when you blind bye from social media. Simply visit the brand shop's official web page and order it online but make sure to check if they have global shipment policy. Lumebience is a global brand and ships its units globally.

  • Why himalayan salt lamp is good for you?

People use crystal salt lamps for several reasons. Some use Himalayan salt lamps for home décor while others use it to reap the benefits of the Himalayan rock salt’s healing and health benefits.

Himalayan salt lamp is a good product for busy souls who want to increase negative ions in their bodies without mountain trekking. It is beneficial at times when you cannot afford the luxuries of visiting waterfalls and at times when you want to lift your inner spirit.

  • Is himalayan salt lamp legit?

Burning mineral stones and rock salts for health and well-being has been throughout the world for centuries. Take, for instance, incense sticks that release aromatic compounds creating different health effects. Himalayan salt lamps are based on the ancient practice of halotherapy, and as of now, these lamps are used in premium spas and wellness institutions. But, do check the company’s legitimacy when shopping for it.

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