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How to grow your YouTube channel in 2021

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Many people dream of becoming the top YouTube in their niche and enjoy the fame, but only a few are able to achieve that feat among millions. Why is that, you ask?  Well, YouTube is highly competitive and good quality content all the while being an important factor, is not nearly enough to grow your YouTube channel and reach the top ranks. Keep reading to find out more about how to increase subscribers on YouTube and get more views on your channel.

Today in this guide, we shall explore the step-by-step process of how to how to grow a YouTube channel…

  • Step 1 – Find your niche

Finding a niche for your YouTube channel is the very first step in this process.

  • Why is it important? – Well, if your videos follow a consistent theme, it is easy for YouTube algorithm to index your videos by categorizing it in a particular niche.
  • How to find a niche – Begin by jotting down your interests and strengths, the point where they intersect is where you would find your niche.
  • Step 2 – Concentrate on creating quality content
  • Why is this important? – YouTube boasts a huge user base, but on the hand, it also has millions of creators producing endless content. If you are not creating something out of the box, you don’t stand a chance.  
  • How to create quality content? – You can begin by a thorough competition analysis, find out what your competitors have to offer, add more value to that and present in a much more attractive manner. If you are clever enough, this could be your ticket to grow YouTube channel fast.
  • Step 3 – Publish videos on a schedule
    • How does this contribute in YouTube channel growth? – When you upload videos on a definite schedule, it registers well with the YouTube algorithm. Thus, it promotes your channel more vigorously. It also helps you to build an audience.
    • How to create an upload schedule? – Figure out how long you need to prepare content for your video, conduct a competition analysis, as well as edit the video. Accordingly create a calendar that allows you to work on your own pace and also, does not keep your audience waiting for your next video.
    • Step 4 – Create a channel trailer
      • What is a channel trailer? – Your channel trailer is a preview of your YouTube channel to viewers who haven’t subscribed to your channel yet in order to understand what your channel has to offer.
      • How does it help you grow YouTube channel – If you create a channel trailer that is 30-60 seconds long and highly engaging, it encourages your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Create a channel trailer such that it addresses your target audience and helps them connect to your channel.
      • Step 5 – Optimize your channel page
        • Channel Tagline – Channel tagline is a phrase that you can come up that encapsulates what your channel is about in a quirky way which is both engaging and smart.
        • Channel Art – Channel art is a kind of banner you can feature on your channel home page. You can also feature your tagline on it.
        • Channel Icon – Channel icon acts like a thumbnail for your YouTube channel. You can choose a logo or a high- resolution headshot as a channel icon.
        • Step 6 – Focus on video optimization
          • Keyword Research – The process of Video SEO begins with a comprehensive keyword research using tools like Google trends and Google AdWords Keyword Planner.
          • Video Optimization – Use these relevant keywords to optimize the video title, meta description and video tags, thus, making your video keyword rich.
          • How does YouTube SEO help you gain subscribers? – When you optimize your videos using keywords your target audience is searching for, you make your videos more discoverable to them. 
          • Step 7 – Create intriguing thumbnails
            • How to create thumbnails? – Thumbnail plays an important role in YouTube channel growth because it is the first thing a viewer sees. Create a custom thumbnail that compliments your video title.
            • How does thumbnails influence CTR? – Create a thumbnail that piques your viewer’s interest and creates a FOMO in them. Thus, positively influencing your Click Through Rate (CTR). This reflects well with YouTube algorithm and thus, it promotes your channel more.
            • Step 8 – Increase audience retention
              • What is audience retention? – Audience retention is the fraction of average time duration your viewers are watching your videos out of total time duration of the video.
              • How does it help in YouTube channel growth? – YouTube algorithm wants users to spend as much time as possible on its platform. The videos that facilitate this are promoted more and thus, get more exposure.
              • Step 9 – Interact with your viewers
                • Ask for their opinion – Whenever you begin and end a video, always make it a point to address your viewers, ask for their opinions in the comment section and the community tab.
                • Reply to their comments – Reply to as many comments as possible and heart your favourite comments. This increases the engagement rate on your channel, and thus, improves your organic reach.
                • Step 10 – Create Playlists
                • How to create playlists? – Find a bunch of videos that you feel your viewers might want to watch in a series and put them in a playlist. Well optimized playlists might also index in the SERPs.
                • How does it felicitate increase in subscribers? – When your viewers watch several videos in a row, it maximizes the watch hours on your channel, which in turn maximizes audience retention and further improve the organic reach on your channel. This way creating playlists helps to grow YouTube channel free.

                I hope you found this as a relevant guide to How to grow YouTube channel. Feel free to share.

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