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Marketing with Podcasts: How it works? Being a Podcaster in 2021 by WickBay

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This is a complete guide on how Podcasts Marketing works and how to become a podcaster in 2021.

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One thing marketers often forget about social media websites is that first and foremost these platforms were created to connect people. Everything else came afterward. So, business advertisements are in a disadvantageous position on social media. There is no hiding or masking of the fact that you are promoting some product on social media. If in the pre-social media world it was much easier to promote a product via mass advertisements, in the contemporary world this strategy is not very useful. Today it is more important to establish a trustworthy relationship with your consumers. Which will increase the popularity of your brand among them and raise the chances they will advise your brand to their friends.

However, every social media platform has a different audience, and it is almost impossible to address everyone simultaneously. That’s why almost all the marketing guide books have two main precepts: 1. Define your audience and 2. Target them accordingly. Hence, humanizing marketing is the way to go in the social media era. There is no better way to do that than being more open to your consumers and presenting every layer of your brand to them. Facebook and Instagram live or YouTube videos can also be great for this purpose but the power of podcasts, listening to someone’s story, or a well-prepared interview with an insider of the brand gives viewers a sense of connection with the brand like nothing else. Hence, contemporary marketing is all about the meaningful connections between the brand and the consumer.

Building Relationships is the key to success

The opening line of Dave Jackson’s book “Profit from your podcast” is: “It all boils down to delivering value, serving your audience and developing relationships”. The foothold of a successful podcast is establishing a successful relationship with your listener and interacting with them. The only way you can make your listener come back to your podcast is first high-quality content and second a meaningful contact with them. This can be achieved by considering the feedback you receive from them and reacting appropriately to their inquiries.

Podcasts For Content-Marketing

A significant advantage of podcasts is their convenience. People can listen to podcasts when they are in the gym, driving a car, or cooking. Some do not or can not read lengthy pieces. So, podcasts can be very practical and useful for such individuals. On top of this, hearing the tone of someone speaking can trigger a closer emotional connection. There are a few reasons behind this argument. First, it is much easier to grasp the mood of the conversation by the tone when you are listening to a talk compared to reading a post on Facebook or blog post on some website. Besides, skimming through the podcast is nearly impossible, so the listeners are more engaged when they are listening to the podcast. If you offer interesting content your podcast might last from 30 to 60 minutes. While reading a blog post or an article can take only a few minutes and can not establish the same emotional connection with consumers.

Do Your Research

If you are planning to start a podcast, or if you already have one, then you should know the real value of the high-quality content. Good content does not come without hard work. You can’t just sit in front of the microphone and have a conversation with a stranger you know nothing about and turn this into a product worth millions of listeners. Those podcasts which are very successful and deliver original content do so because they invest hours and hours in their pre-production, which mostly involves researching the topic or the person you are interviewing. More prepared you are for the podcast, the less editing you will need to take. The ideal situation is to have answers ready before you even ask questions and before you turn on your mic.

Where to Publish

Spotify podcasts give a great advantage to its users compared to other platforms. When Spotify introduced podcasts, it was already a very successful music platform with millions of listeners from all over the world. Hence, the expansion of Spotify to podcasts turned it into a very attractive spot for podcasters due to the chances of exposure to millions of listeners. Since then, Spotify podcasts have been leading the charts with their popularity. Spotify podcasts provide an upper hand with the analytics it offers about your listeners and their demographic features. So, you can target them easier and select content more appropriately.

According to Social Media Marketing All-In-One for Dummies, some benefits of Spotify include:

  1. It is much easier to share Spotify link on other social media platforms
  2. Spotify users are more loyal, more likely to recommend something to their friends, and pay more for the brands they value.

If you were still undecided about which way to go now, you can be confident in your choice of publishing.

People always pay for things that are free

Social media is the biggest and most influential platform these days. Meaning that every popular social media platform has millions of daily users. Hence, it is almost impossible to be noticed there without investing in paid advertisements or social media marketing offers. It is not unusual to pay for things that would otherwise be free. People pay to watch videos on YouTube or to listen to music on Spotify without ads. If paying for a better service is acceptable, then paying for developing and growing your business is not only acceptable but desirable. Those who are successful podcasters achieve success not only by hard work but also by their willingness to invest money in their business. Buying Spotify plays is one of the most useful ways to turn a little money into an investment. You can use websites like Jaynike for this purpose and see how your popularity will skyrocket. More Spotify plays will guarantee that more listeners will visit your content and will contribute to spreading the word about your content.

Step-By-Step Guide to Successfully Utilizing Podcasts For Marketing:

  1. Define Your Goal.

Probably the first question you should ask yourself before starting a podcast is what you would like to achieve with podcasting? Is it to raise awareness about your brand? Improve customers’ understanding of ins and outs of your product? Or something else? Then podcast can do all of that successfully. The best way to achieve your goals is not only by recording monologues but inviting experts from your field and offering your audience different perspectives and different angles of one story.

  1. Think About Your Audience

When you are creating a podcast or brainstorming about its content, you should always keep in mind your audience. What they would like to hear from you, and what will keep them engaged. One of the keys to successful podcast production is engaging and unique content. Hence, the podcast should not be heavily promotional. You can talk about your brand, but it should be done in an authentic manner.

  1. Make a Plan

Identify the time frameworks and design a schedule. It is important to plan your podcasts for long-lasting content. Hence, you should not exhaust the entire story of your brand in the first podcast. It will be useful if you define beforehand the frequency of publishing a podcast, whether once or twice a month, and the length of it. Small podcasts last from 15 to 20 minutes while long podcasts can last as long as an hour. However, for marketing purposes, short podcasts are probably better.

  1. Share It Widely

Once you are done with the production and editing, you should actively engage in sharing your podcast on different social media platforms. First and foremost, publish it on your website, and afterward, share the link anywhere else. If your brand has the newsletters, then include the podcast link there too. If your brand sends promotional emails to consumers who have signed up for such content, do not forget to add your link to the emails.

  1. What to do next?

Do not leave your listeners wondering what to do after they have listened to your podcast. Provide links to the mentioned content on the front page of your podcast so it is easily accessible for everyone. Never stop thinking about growing and developing your podcasts. You can experiment with the length and publishing time of your podcasts as well as their content. If the traffic of your website increases in the meantime, then you know which way to go.

What if Podcasting Is Not For You

Not to lose the sense of reality we should admit that podcasts are not for everybody. Not every brand can dedicate a full-blown podcast to its content. However, it does not make podcasts a completely useless tool for your brand. The facts are still the same, podcasts are more engaging and they have millions of listeners. You can simply promote your brand in podcast ads. Another way to go is to find a famous marketing podcast or the one publishing the content where your brand would fit in and sponsor it. Sending your brand ambassadors or representatives to the popular podcasts is another great way of promoting your content.

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