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This press release is from SKY MARKETING about multiple ways to attract real estate owners to invest in property.

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In this article I am going to explain all the ways there are to attract owners for real estate. Let’s start by the beginning.

What is a recruitment?

A recruitment of owners for the real estate is to sign an agreement (exclusivity, free competition ...) with an owner about a property.

But the best thing is to go a step further and more than signing an agreement with an owner, the best thing is to get a client. A client that stays with you for life.

If you get a client, you will have a person who trusts you. He will speak well of you and bring you referrals. He will share your posts and recommend you. In addition, you will not only sell your current property, for which you have signed an agreement, but you will sell all your future properties.

Types of real estate agreements

You can sign different types of agreement as you agree with the owner.

  • Exclusive contract: the property only has an agency to sell. What happens if the owner breaches an exclusive contract?
  • Shared exclusive contract: the property is shared by a group of real estate agencies that are in an association.
  • Free competition: any agency can sell the property and the owner can also do it
  • Collaboration with the owner: only an agency and the owner himself can sell the property.

To attract owners for the real estate, the first step is to prospect in order to have a list of potential interested clients.

Where can you prospect?

1 Real estate portals

You can locate owners who are selling their property through the portals. General portals among which sapphire Lahore stand out for having directly a filter that allows you to search by owners.

Filter to capture owners for the real estate

On the other hand, there are the portals of individuals such as: departicuales.com and Qnnit.com . in which you can prospect as well.

If they do not have a filter and the property does not show you exactly the area (but you do know it) you can orient yourself with Google Maps and search for the address. As soon as you know the address, you can prepare a handwritten letter, which is very personalized, and send it to the owner.

2. Make zone

One of the most common strategies to attract owners for the real estate is to go out and set up a zone. Setting up a zone means defining an area of action for each real estate advisor. The advisor will stick exclusively to that area and will look for owners.

You can rely on tools such as Google Maps to delimit the area or mark yourself as favorite sites or sites I want to go to to remember places of interest.

When you make a zone, you can also use offline marketing strategies:

  • Hand out flyers. You can take advantage of the moments when you have visitors to place a flyer on the rest of the doors for example.
  • Handwritten letters showing your interest in housing.
  • Distribute a dossier with real estate services. From this article you can download a template that we made for you. So that you can use it as a dossier.
  • Hand out real estate advisor cards.

Ask permission to establishments to put posters of the real estate in the window.

All the information that you collect is important that you save it in a CRM so that you do not lose a single piece of data and you can safely keep track of what you are doing. By saving the information in the CRM you will not lose any information and you will be able to attract more owners for the real estate.

3. Publish in the town hall

Another way to attract owners for the real estate is to publish the announcement of your services on the town hall website and look for associations of the area and ask for permission to also publish an announcement with your real estate services.

4. Reach an agreement with partners

Locate places that you know are highly frequented and people interact with each other. For example, doormen, a hairdresser, in the bakery, pharmacy, gardeners, cleaning services ...

The agreement has to be signed and paid. For example: establish 10% of what is earned in the operation.

In addition, a neighbor can also comment on it or you can take the data of the owner of the poster that he has placed in his house for sale.

5 With an online availability calendar

With the free Witei dating application you can have an availability calendar in which you decide your schedule and the type of appointment.

For example: you can have a calendar for consultancies with owners, in which, anyone interested in selling their house and who wants advice from a real estate advisor can book an appointment for you during your available hours.

You can share this calendar with whoever you want. On your website, in a specific section. In each advertisement you have for your property. In social networks, in an email campaign, by SMS ...

This way you can passively c appt owners. That is, since you have the calendar shared in different media, any owner who finds you online and sees it can book you an appointment while you are doing other things.

6. Study the competition

By observing the competition, you can find out what type of property they have captured, at what price , and if they have captured your own properties . Everything is valuable information to know how to act and how you can attract owners for the real estate.

7. Dissemination of your services through social networks

You can attract owners for the real estate agency through social networks. Especially on Facebook and LinkedIn since they are the social networks that are most used among real estate companies.

In LinkedIn you see many shared publications of: «Do I have a buyer for X type of property?

On Facebook is looking for the type of content that hooks your friends. It can be from content of interest, didactic and that adds value to motivational phrases. There is everything.

8. Content Marketing

The content is key when it comes to attracting owners for the real estate. If you generate good content, that is didactic and of value, you will attract the attention of those who read it. Generating content is one of the ways to attract potential customers online.

Although the content is not only about writing. Make videos, send weekly email campaigns, drip campaigns, eBooks, guides, webinars…. All the content included in the articles will help you capture more.

9. Reviews on Google

Before purchasing your services, 85% of the owners will see who you are and what opinions there are about you on the Internet. It is important that you take care of the opinions you have so that they positively help in the purchase decisions of the clients.

Good reviews on both Google and social networks will give you a very strong push when it comes to attracting property owners.

10. Circles of trust.

Your circle of trust (family, friends) can help you attract owners for the real estate by giving visibility to everything you do or recommending you to other people.

11. Domibus

Domibus is a tool that will allow you to attract owners for real estate who have their house for sale. You will receive potential clients automatically with a single click. You'll save time and prospecting will become easier.

12. Offer free products

You already know that people like free stuff. Offering a sample of who you are and what your services are can be a boost and help in the client's decision making. You can offer:

Assessments of the area

Energy certificates

A dossier with ideas for plans to reform the property and even decoration.

Open house events. If you have a physical location you can do face-to-face training for the owners. You can make, for example, showrooms to make a presentation of your properties with virtual reality glasses. If you do Open house you can invite your potential sellers. If you don't invite them they can come and browse

We are going to focus on the owner training event as it is a new technique that is now becoming fashionable.

13. Training for owners

Owner training. Have you ever thought about it?

The trainings are a marketing strategy to get the owners to end up hiring your real estate services.

Real estate agencies already use this strategy and… it works!

Who is it focused on?

These trainings are face-to-face training that are intended for all owners who are currently thinking about or have their house for sale or rent.

What you have to convey in these trainings is that the process of buying and selling a house is a long and complicated process, which does not end with the sale or rental of the property. You have to convey that selling a house requires time, resources and knowledge and that the real estate consultant is the one who will best approach this process.

The ultimate goal is to get owners to give you their home to sell.

14. Dissemination of training

To get owners to attend the training you have to spread the word about the training. It's time to prepare your marketing strategy!

1. By mail.

Take your contact list of owners, those that you are capturing or those that you tried to capture at the time and send them an email with the information of the training event. It includes a registration form, duration, time, place and most importantly, it explains the benefit of attending the training.

If you don't put a value and benefit to training, you won't generate interest from owners to attend.

2. Social networks

Prepare a post for social networks that you are going to publish, at least once a week until it is the day of the training.

The social media post is likely to be shared, in which case, you could reach more owners that you don't have in your portfolio.

3. Personally invite the individual

Prepare a speech and call the owners you have in your portfolio to personally invite them to the event.

Beforehand, also prepare a "no" letter, that is, think about the objections that the owners may give you and what answers you could give to that problem or that " no " that they are going to expose you to.

In this way, during the phone call at all times, you will have control of the situation and can convince the owner to attend the training.

4. Mail

Leave flyers with the event in the mailboxes or doors of the owners. This way you can reach those owners who do not read the mail or use social networks.

5. SMS campaigns

Following what I said in the previous point. With SMS campaigns you can reach less technological owners. Although they can be complementary to the rest of the strategies you carry out to disseminate the training

The open rate of an SMS is 95%. It is a direct, little intrusive and exploited route.

6. Write an article

Write an article for your real estate blog. Article that you can use to share in your post on social networks, email campaigns, SMS ...

Remember to put a call to action in the article that leads to the registration form for the training.

7. Showcase poster

Prepare an informed showcase poster about the training. In this way you do not close doors and open yourself to the public that passes in front of the shop window. Apart from your contact list you will be able to captivate more owners.

As a recommendation, it is convenient that you previously send a questionnaire about what time and day they could attend a training. So that as many people as possible can attend.

Try to generate urgency as well. It includes, for example, messages about “Limited places” and as the training approaches, it informs about the few free places that remain.

Organization of training

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, this training has to convey to the owner that the purchase and sale of a property is a complicated job and that without the necessary resources, time and knowledge, the closing of the operation will not be carried out successfully.

At the beginning of the training, submit a dossier with the training schedule. For example:

From 9:30 to 10:00 presentation of the training

10:00 to 11:30 techniques to sell a property.

11:30 to 12:00 breakfast


Includes catering: catering is a good time to get to know the owners who have attended better, get closer to them and continue to sell your services by showing how you are.

Do the training live: While you are doing the training, you can do direct on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

Later, edit and upload the video to your social networks with the best moments of the training.

Includes a practical negotiation class: you can prepare a practical part for the training. A practice on negotiating the price of the house. You would be the potential client because you already know the arguments that could be presented to the owner.

With this practical exercise the objective is to make the owner see that the negotiation is very tough. That potential clients will always be trying to negotiate the price and that you, as a professional in the sector, know the top 3 arguments to combat client objections so that they end up buying at the established price.

Explain the entire sales and after-sales process. From beginning to end. From the moment you take the order and start with the photographic report to the post-sale that involves assisting the client in the event of an incident with the apartment once it has been sold. Explain all the resources you use, all the technology you apply (virtual reality, Matterport, 360 photos…) and talk about the time it takes you to do each thing.

Explain all the documentation necessary to sell the property.

  • Real testimony of a success story: it is very interesting and adds value if you can get the participation of a success story with an owner with whom you have closed the operation. Let him tell his experience and how you could help him from start to finish.
  • Top 5 mistakes owners make: Decide, based on your experience, the top 5 mistakes that you know owners make when they sell their property and always comment on them from a didactic point of view.
  • Discount coupon: it is time to sell your services. At the end of the training, finish talking about yourself, how they can contact you, even tell them that for attending the training you have a discount with the real estate agency.
  • The training has to be a didactic training, which teaches and makes the owner truly see everything that comes with selling or renting a house. That it is not only to publish a property in a real estate portal and all the work is done. Selling a property goes far beyond the publication of portals.
  • Finally, to know if the training has been profitable for you, set a conversion goal based on what you are going to invest in the training.

The trainings are an ideal time to attract owners for the real estate.

14. Showcase

If you have a showcase, it is a good way to attract glances. Also, if you see that a person stays a long time looking at it, you can come over to say hello and take the opportunity to capture it.

The shop window posters are the most used technique to attract owners for the real estate.

You already have a list of owners to contact

After prospecting you will have a list of owners to contact. Now it's time to follow up to finish capturing them.

The best thing is that you put them in a sales funnel.

Prospect> Contact> visiting> negotiation

I will explain each stage of the funnel

  • Contact: you already have the owner's information now it's time to start contacting him
  • Prospect: make the first recruitment call
  • Visiting: you are already meeting with the owner
  • Negotiation: the owner has already decided for you. Now it remains to negotiate the conditions and sign.

If you carry a funnel with all the owners, you will have the information much more organized and you will not miss anything. At all times you will be in control and in control of what is happening.

So, when you already have a list with all the owners that you have captured and save them in your CRM to start with the sales funnel. The first step begins.

  • The first call of captaicón
  • I leave you a series of tips and guidelines for the first recruitment call
  • Avoid the phrase: catch you at a good time?

The first call with the owner is very important. If you ask the question of: Did I catch you at a good time? or any of its derivatives, you risk 70% of the owners telling you to call them at another time. They will write down your phone and most likely they will not answer the phone again.

It is important to give everything in the first call, taking advantage of the fact that the phone has answered you. It is a unique capture opportunity and you cannot miss it and risk the entire call to one phrase.

Who speaks?

At the beginning of the call you have to introduce yourself to put the owner in context.

Say your name to which real estate agency you belong and the reason for the call.

Until you say who you are the owner is not going to give you all the attention and surely your first questions will be Who am I talking to? Who you are?

Break the first barrier and contextualize the call with a short presentation.

Positive attitude

It may seem obvious, but you always have to approach the call with a positive and energetic attitude. Leave problems and concerns aside and focus solely and exclusively on the call.

You do not face the same (even if you think you do) a call when you are tired, angry, upset or with a negative attitude. You will not have the same strength in the call as if you free yourself from all the negative and all the bad. That attitude will condition you on the call and you will not get the expected results.

Sign up everything you talk

Don't take your first recruitment call lightly. Capturing an owner is a new possibility of sale for the real estate. Write down everything you say during the call.

It will be a foothold for the next call or meeting. If you mention or remember what you talked about on the first call, you will let him understand that you care about him and that you don’t just want the commission for selling his apartment. You will transmit professionalism and you will connect more with the owner. The owner will start to trust you more.

Even if I reject you ... it is not the end!

It's okay if the owner doesn't want to listen to you the first time you call him. Kindly ask him for his email or WhatsApp to leave him more information. Maybe he doesn't want to listen to you at first, but he can read the email and see it with another look.

In addition, having the email is also a pretext to add it to your database and use it in all the marketing campaigns you carry out.

In the event that he leaves you his WhatsApp, you can send him every week actions that you do with other flats so that the owner can see how you work and trust you to leave your home.

I may not be a customer for today, but for tomorrow

Never raise your tone

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the owner may not want to listen to you today and may even become a bit defensive when you call him. But whatever happens, never get angry, raise your tone, or start arguing with him.

You do not want someone to speak badly of the real estate and you may have caught him at a bad time. But this is not why it is a customer you have lost. Try to call him at another time and if not, nothing happens, it is still not the time for the owner. Focus on the next

Don't badmouth your competition either. Today it may be competition but tomorrow your allies and you are not interested in other real estate companies talking badly about you. It is not about attacking or positioning yourself above others. It is about being unique and transmitting to the client enough professionalism, transparency and trust so that they can leave you their property.

I do not want to waste your time…. neither did mine

I don't want to waste your time, or thank you for your time are phrases that you should cross out and never name.

If you say “thank you for your time " it seems that the owner has really done you a favor by listening to you when he did not have to and more than a call to help him sell his house, he will be left with the feeling that he done a favor. You don't want the owner to get that feeling.

The final feeling you want him to stay with is that he needs you. He needs your real estate services because he knows that you are really going to be useful to him as you have been able to demonstrate on the call.

Find your deal breaker

The deal breaker is what hurts the owner and that you will be able to solve. It is a problem, a concern or a fear for which they will need your services.

It is your goal on that first call to find out what the owner cares about or needs the most. Once you find the deal breaker, it will become the common thread of the entire call and it is what you will try to solve so that the owner opts for your real estate services.

To find that deal breaker you need to ask him and ask him.

Therefore, it is not a question of blurting out all the speech until you run out of air. It is a matter of knowing how to listen to what the owner wants to tell you. The art of capturing is found in knowing how to find the owner's need and transform it into a real estate strength

Don't improvise

Nothing to improvise on the first call. You have to be clear about your goal and achieve it.

To do this, prepare a speech, containing several questions, and possible answers to the questions and objections of the owners. The best real estate advisers always have a phrase, an ace up their sleeve, a key question to achieve their objectives.

Investigate the owner as much as you can: in what area he is, if he is publishing in a real estate portal, how he has published the property ... to better prepare the speech of the call.

Apply the 8-week technique

Many times, we think that in the first call we will generate enough confidence for the owner to hire our real estate services. The reality is that you cannot build trust with a "stranger" through a phone call.

It is very likely that on the first call the owner has an attitude of rejection and will surely say no. But nothing happens because you are going to follow up on it.

  • First, you have to group the owners based on who they are looking for. You group them to know what kind of information you have to send.
  • Then for 8 weeks you will be contacting each of the owners once a week.
  • The first week a call
  • The second an article that you send it by WhatsApp
  • The third week an invitation to an open house
  • The fourth week a call or an SMS.
  • and so on until 8 weeks.


On the first call you cannot hang up until you know the motives and the real interest of the owner to want to sell their house. ¿ Divorce? Does the child change school? Heritage? To buy something better?

It is important that you never create expectations about the price. Do not value the property without seeing it. If you put a price without first seeing the apartment and then really and after seeing the house you offer a lower price than you mentioned, it will cost you a lot to get the trust of the owner and that he listens to you.

Another tip is to avoid answering the questions. If he asks you something, answer with another question

For example: "How much do you think my house is worth?" You can answer “How much do you think it is worth to you? So, at all times you have the reins.

Value the property

In the first recruitment call, apart from knowing the reasons why the house is being sold, it is important that you set a date (as close as possible to the call so that the relationship does not cool down) and meet with the owner at your home to see it.

Once in the property you collect all the possible information from estate news. If you still have not found the motivation after the first call, in this first visit you should find it by talking and especially by asking the owner.

NOTE: At this time, you still do not value the home. You only go to collect information

Visit at the agency or at the owner's house again.

Once you have been in the owner's house and you have known him a little better, you have all the information left with him again to give him the conclusion of what you have collected.

This time you can go back to his house or if you want to meet him at the agency. At the meeting, give him a dossier, now yes, with a good assessment of the property. It is an assessment that has to include

  • Average house price
  • Average price of homes in the area
  • Analysis of the area and places of interest
  • Sales witnesses
  • Marketing strategies both online and offline that you are going to carry out with the property.
  • How are you going to follow up with the owner: calls? Messages? A private area? Post? SMS? Meetings?

Note: Do not allow too much time between the first visit and the second because the client gets cold. Leave a space of at most 48 hours.


If you've made it this far, congratulations! you already have almost all the way. The last but not least part remains: the negotiation.

It is time to negotiate the type of agreement with the conditions and the duration thereof.

The starting price and the commission you are going to charge

All the information that you collect from start to finish is important that you save it in a CRM. With the CRM you can keep track of everything that happens. As well as always having your entire contact list in order and with the precise information so that you never forget what is happening. Now it's time to get an owner for the real estate!

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