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Bronx Bicycle Injury - Bronx Bicycle Injury Attorney Glenn Herman Discusses the Steps to Take Before Filing a Personal Injury from Bike Claim

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What Can You do In Order To Help With any Future Personal Injury Claim Immediately after Being Hit by a Motorist. Demand an Experienced Lawyer and NYC Cyclist Glenn Herman

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Bicycle Crash Incident Checklist by Bronx Bicycle Injury Attorney Glenn Herman

Car accidents are a common occurrence in New York City. In 2019, 29 cyclists were killed in traffic accidents, while more than 4000 people ended up in the ER due to a Cycling injury. If you have been  injured and suffered a bicycle injury in Manhattan, you need to take some immediate steps to make sure that you have the necessary evidence to get fairly compensated for your material losses and injuries sustained in the bike crash. Here's what you should do in the event you are a victim having sustained injuries after being involved in a bike crash accident:

  •  If possible move yourself to a safe location somewhere away from the crash scene and high traffic flow, especially if your bike wreck occurred on a highway or a road with heavy vehicle circulation. 
  • The next step is to assess your physical condition, which can be difficult if you are experiencing shock. If you are able to, call 911, if you are not able to, ask a passerby or the motorist that hit you to call for help. Ask for an ambulance and request a police officer write up and create a proper accident report of the crash scene.
  • While waiting for medical assistance and paramedics, try collecting photo evidence or have someone assist you. You can do this by using your phone, taking photographs or videos of the crash scene. Also, collect personal identification and insurance company information of the motorist who hit you. If a road defect created your spill and crash, take photos of the condition. Take the name, phone number and address of all witnesses. Obtaining this information may be crucial for a claim.
  • Seek proper medical treatment immediately to make sure that all your external and internal injuries are diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. If you report your injuries later, the insurance adjuster could claim that you were injured in another accident.
  • Make sure to hire an experienced Manhattan personal injury lawyer near you to represent you in your future injury claim, we hope you never have to experience this kind of unfortunate incident, but if you do and need an advocate to help you, our law firm is centrally located in New York City. During the Pandemic we can meet you online through many different video conferencing options. Also we can come to you in the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau and Westechester County as well as Staten Island or anywhere you may be in the greater New York City metropolitan. The Manhattan injury law firm of Herman and Herman will fight for your case tirelessly, making sure that justice will be served. From investigating the crash scene to collecting evidence and filing paperwork, to negotiating the personal injury settlement amount or if required taking the case all the way to trial. We will assist you at every step of the way so that you get the maximum compensation amount prescribed under New York state law in a timely manner. 

Demand an Experienced Lawyer and NYC Cyclist Glenn Herman

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