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Genshin Impact Promo Codes – Get Free Primo Gems And More 2021

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This is a complete guide on how and where to get Promo Codes for an online game, Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact players are no strangers when it comes to promotional code benefits as the games’ developers have long since realized the advantages of releasing new codes regularly to loyal fans as well as re-activating expired codes.

As an experienced player of the game, you must already know that you are going to need all the powerups and in-game items you can gather if you wish to explore Teyvat - Genshin Impact's magical land.

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This is exactly where Genshin Impact promo codes free Primogems can come in handy.

Apart from speeding the player's progression in the game, active Genshin Impact promo codes will help you acquire and level up new characters in the game so you can be powerful enough to take on any bosses you encounter.

About Genshin Impact Promo Codes & Free Primogems

Genshin Impact is currently supported on Android, iOS, PC, and PS4 platforms, and just like other free to play RPGs, Genshin Impact promo codes and giveaway offers are available to help you obtain in-game goodies meant for speeding up your character progression.

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Genshin Impact promo codes were designed to offer redeemable rewards to loyal fans of the game and they can be in form of Primogems, Mora, or other handy items for use in the game, so they’re definitely worth looking out for.

Active Genshin Impact promo codes are distributed through various trusted channels such as the official Genshin Impact account on Facebook, and Twitter.

Perhaps you prefer not to follow up with Genshin Impact activities on social media pages; you can always become part of verified fan forums like the one on Discord. This way, you also get to monitor giveaway offers from other prominent streamers and players.

Getting Genshin Impact Primogems however, is a different ball game. Here are some proven methods you can try:

  • Treasure Chests: By opening chests, you come across in the game.
  • Shrines: By unlocking shrines & obtaining fast-travel points.
  • Daily Commissions: This option can be unlocked once you attain Adventure Rank 12 in the game and will involve you completing 4 daily commissions to receive a bonus reward and free Primogems.
  • Achievements: After completing specific objectives in the game, you could be rewarded with Primogems.
  • Stardust & Starglitter: Both Stardust and Starglitter can be used to purchase Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate instead of Primogems, but these work the same way.
  • Mail: The game’s developers often send out free Primogems to lucky players via mail as part of promos or to compensate them for lost time during maintenance.

You can also discover working Genshin Impact promo codes free Primogems on third party gaming websites and tech blogs that have partnered up with the game’s developers. This way, the websites can attract visitors while the popularity of the game grows even further.

How to Redeem Active Genshin Impact Codes

You’ll have to attain a minimum adventure ranking of 10 in the game before being able to swap working Genshin Impact codes for redeemable items.

At this level, you can navigate to the gift redemption page on the official game website, login to your account, select your server, type out your game character’s nickname, and then you can paste the working codes. Afterward, hit the Redeem button and you can claim your rewards.

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