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InfinitikLoud Reviews: Does this Wireless USB Drive really work? Reviewed by Harry Johnson

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This is a product review of a wireless USD drive, by InfinitikLoud. Read this review, before buying this product.

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I need not talk about why you should back up because an average person that utilizes a computing device or even smartphones should already know that, but for the benefit of the doubt, let me add that failure to back up is a reckless risk. What you are at the risk of losing when you fail to backup may end up more expensive than whatever it costs to get your data backed up.

Now let’s focus on what you need to safely backup your data and be on a safe size. There are several backup options to consider and the numerous products in the market aren’t making things any easier.

You’re probably reading this infinitikloud review to help you decide the best option for your backups, which is why we are here too to give you the necessary information you need about the best way to backup files and whether Infinitikloud is a worthy investment.

What is Infinitikloud Wireless USB Drive about?

Infinitikloud looks just like a conventional flash drive but you will understand just how unique it is when you start using it. You can choose this option for storing your data especially when you have very private information to back up.

No internet is required and you can set a password that will keep your data protected from unwanted persons' access. Cloud storage is an expensive option in this case since the internet is full of prying eyes and people may steal into your privacy. You don’t want that to happen.

This is where InfinitiKloud steals the show. This backup drive is 100% secure because of the very concept it is established on is secure and easy backups. Contrary to conventional storage methods, there are virtually zero risks of either corrupting your data or losing it to hackers and such. InfinitiKloud does not only give you complete security, but it also gives you complete control over the data you store and even lets you manage and sort it according to your needs.

How does Infinitikloud work?

A USB Drive is very common but Infinitikloud wireless is not like any drive you may know or have, because it combines the amazing features of a USB Drive and cloud storage to make it more outstanding. It is more of a one-click-back-up-without-internet technology.

It is also very portable and easy to use. Infinitikloud also has a wireless option: No USB but can connect to your device through Wi-Fi. It all depends on the individuals' needs and choices. Another unique thing about this device is that it will ensure your files are safe from viruses or any form of corruption. There is a search file option that enables you to select the files you need and back them up automatically.

What does the Infinitikloud do?

Computers can crash and data can be lost. When you don’t have your files backed up and you’re faced with a similar challenge, then you will have no one else to blame. You shouldn’t have all your eggs in a single basket even makes more sense when it comes to data backup. The infinitikloud Backup Stick is a private cloud that you can use in such circumstances.

But it only backs up what the user selects for a backup or backs up all files when the user selects a one-click backup option. You can choose specifically what is stored on the Backup Stick and what is not. You can't lose your data again as long as you have them backed up because you can download them back to your computer or phones whenever you have a need for that.

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Specifications of InfinitiKloud USB drive

  • Very easy to use
  • Auto-recognition capacity by computers.
  • High-level compatibility with different operating systems, be it PC or Macs
  • Can select and save the most essential data.
  • Search and select option possible
  • You can choose what and what not to save.

Infinitikloud quality features

Universal compatibility: Infinitikloud is compatible with all versions of Windows, Android, and iOS that are USB-enabled. It can be used on any computer – laptop, desktop, palmtops, or mobile phones without hassle.

Fast and easy backups: This is a feature that makes Infinitikloud unique. Unlike a traditional flash drive, this device has some modern cloud features that enable you to backup automatically, which makes the device easy and hassle-free.

USB 3.0 support: USB 3.0 is a more advanced and faster version of USB that can handle higher upload speeds. This device utilizes this technology and it is recognizable by its signature blue color.

No need for the internet: Zero no need for an internet connection to use this device. Backing up, viewing, and downloading files is a hundred percent easy and offline. Hassle-free, cost-effective backup.

One-click backup available: This is an option to back up all your files automatically. When you have fewer files to back up and/or when you have a lot of space left on the device, there is no better option. Contrary to this, you can select the files you want to back up manually.

Light and portable: One of the most outstanding features of this USB stick is its compactness and portability. Slide it into your pocket and go with it anywhere you want.

Choice in memory: Infinitikloud provides various memory capacities to suit individuals' different needs. You can invest according to your needs.

Technical Features of the InfinitiKloud

Infinitikloud has several advantages over the conventional hard drive which makes it a better option. It is compatible with all operating systems, Android and iOS devices, tablets, and windows. This storage option is very cost-effective, secure, and efficient.

If you think that cloud storage is your best option, then odds are high that you haven’t considered the costs of cloud storage services. The little charges, when accumulated for a year, will shock you, so why not save that cost and use it for something different and still invest in a compact storage device of hassle-free storage.

  • 3.0 USB speed
  • One-click option
  • No internet required
  • 64GB of storage
  • Compact design

Pros of Infinitikloud

  • Auto-recognition
  • Compatible with: PC, Windows Android, and Mac! ANY USB DEVICE!
  • High-speed backup
  • Amazing USB 3.0 SPEED
  • Backup from different devices
  • Functions without Internet
  • One-click easy backup
  • FREE USB C and micro USB adapter
  • Light and portable for storage and travel Choose the memory capacity that suits you
  • Move files from device to device
  • Move files from computer to phone
  • One-click photo and file restoration
  • Provides a detailed description of every single file and its statistics
  • One-click back up of files to the USB
  • Provides several backup options
  • Gives you the option to select and delete unwanted files that have been backed up
  • You can browse through your backed up files
  • A very high speed back up
  • Supports many languages: English, Portuguese, German, French…
  • It helps to backup files with several and even customized file extensions
  • It also helps to restore the files that you’ve backed up on your USB back to your computer or any other computer and it does so at the specified location.

Cons of Infinitiokloud Wireless

  • · It can only be gotten online
  • · Stock is limited

Why you need the Infinitikloud Wireless USB Drive

The InfinitiKloud is a USB storage stick that has at least 64GB of memory with a password option that enables you to secure your files in a safe place. You can upload files with various extensions and it has 64GB of space and a password option that enables you to keep your data protected. When you plug it in, you can check for the amount of space left and scan your computer to find the files you want to upload.

One goal of this device is to make it easy for you to find the documents you want to back up. Infinitikloud unlike other backup options enables you to quickly search your files.

Another essential quality feature of this device is its compatibility. It is quickly recognized when plugged into your PC or Mac windows-computers. Contrary to some USB sticks that you plug into a device and it is not recognized, Infinitikloud is the direct opposite. On the other hand, you may consider the wireless option of this device. Whichever one you choose, infinitikloud is quick to respond.

A lot of customers like the security that the InfinitiKloud gives them from viruses and file corruption. Several things can cause a computer to be corrupted, ranging from downloading new files to sending and receiving files from a corrupted source. To keep your data safe from viruses, you need to secure them in a place they can’t be corrupted by viruses.

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Advantages of Using InfinitiKloud Wireless

#Keeps your data protected

Relying solely on the internal hard drive of your device for data storage is a reckless risk, especially in this era. Think cyber insecurity, think viruses, think mechanical crash, and what have you. So, what could be a reason good enough for someone to choose not to back up? A portable USB stick that allows you to store your files outside of your internal storage is surely a good place to start. Free from online meddling or a need for an internet connection!

#Additional Storage

Infinitikloud portable USB storage stick will help you to free space on your computer or phone. 64GB of space is huge enough for you to store your photos, music, videos, and other media files. If you have a need for more space, you may consider a higher memory plan, according to your needs. Infinitikloud gives that many options, up to 128GB. Get rid of the dreaded “insufficient storage” notice.


The good thing about this external drive is that it gives you space to store your data but does not consume physical space. Infinitikloud is just about the size of a thumb, so where can you not take it to? With this compact and portable device, you can secure your data in a safe location, hassle-free.


This USB stick is more of a plug-and-play device. With this USB storage device, you can connect to several devices.

Any device with this capacity will recognize the USB drive automatically, and you can back up in a few seconds.

#Backing Up Important Data

You don’t want to lose your important data and that’s why you’d have to back up. You can choose your most important files to back up, and do that all at once to your infinitikloud, where you are certain they are safe. It is very efficient in backing up files contrary to some low capacity drives or CD-Rs and the likes of it. It comes with automatic synchronizing and backup software as well.

#Network Security

For a computer system that is shared by many users, there is always the news of file corruption or data loss. You can secure your private documents and important files on your personal USB storage stick and become free from touching stories. Infinitikloud offers at least, 64GB of space which can solve reasonable storage needs. In the event that such data is needed in the future,

users can plug in the external device and have all data and programs ready for download to the computer. You can plug and unplug it anytime and store it wherever you deem fit.

#Additional Security Features

An added advantage to infinitikloud is the fact that you can set a password that will give only you access to your files on the device. Even when you lose the device or it is stolen, nobody can access the files stored on it because of the password settings. This feature is especially useful when backing up very sensitive documents.

What makes Infinitikloud special?

One thing is to back up and another is to keep your backups private. People have personal data that only they want to have access to, which is why they want to have control over their backups. Infinitikloud allows you to back up your file and still have control over your backups since you are going to have a personal password for accessing your backups.

What’s more, is that backup does not require an internet connection. Infinitikloud saves you the stress and cost of connecting to the internet in order to back up or restore your backups and saves you from data loss. It’s relatively affordable when compared to the benefits this device will provide. It is very easy to use and very fast to back up. The cost of going without a backup could be a lot greater.

InfinitiKloud Price

There are different price packages for Infinitikloud which depend on the storage capacity. Here is how it goes

For the 32GB infinitiKloud, the price of one is 34.99$. There are other price packages available as well which can be seen at the official site. The green link below will direct you to the official site.

For the 64GB infinitikloud, the price of one is 49.99$. Other price packages are available at the official site.

Then for the 128GB infinitikloud, the price of one is 69.99$. Other price packages are available at the official site.

However, note that these are discounted prices and might rise up to the original prices soon, so if you really want to buy this storage device, it is best to get it now so you can enjoy the discount.

Once you’ve decided on the storage capacity and quantity you want to buy, you’ll get an overview of the price. In addition to the costs for the backup USB stick, shipping costs are also calculated here. If you agree with the price, you can then choose a payment method. You can choose between PayPal and credit cards like Visa, Amex, Discover, and of course MasterCard. Then click on “Checkout” and enter your personal data and delivery address

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Infinitikloud Customers' Reviews

“We usually don’t review all the products we buy for the business unless we are extremely impressed by it. Let me tell you this product is so awesome. It saves us time on backups so we don’t have to drag and drop the files manually and we also love the one click and done ✅ software. Fantastic product great software 100% AOP3D APPROVED”

“It really is that easy! I’m no good with technology, but this was so simple, even I could use it. There’s nothing to it, just plug it in and it does all the work for you!”

“This thing is a lifesaver! Something went wrong with my computer last time I did an update and it wiped my hard drive. I would have lost everything if I hadn’t backed up my data a few days earlier!”

“Went with the 128GB model and I can’t believe how fast it was! I’m a photographer and I have thousands of photos on my computer. It only took a couple of minutes to back up EVERYTHING!”

“Instructions for opening files need improvement. After brief "confusion", due to initial instructions, I was able to open the file and start the application. The initial backup of my computer took 2 1/2 hours to download; but it appears to be a full and complete backup of ALL files, photos, documents, etc. (12.7 gigabytes of data). Some products I have used previously did NOT download/backup all files as advertised. This product seems to be "as advertised". I can recommend it.”

“My MacBook Pro is around 2 years old. The thought of losing my documents and photos was weighing on my mind. Some of my stuff was already on the Cloud, some of it wasn't. I like the idea of having a physical object I can access anytime. I saw a video review of this product on YouTube. The InfinitiKloud arrived as promised in good condition. Installation was simple. I plugged it in and it went to work right away.

I went and did some cleaning up around my apartment, checking in on the InfinitiKloud progress periodically. By the time I was finishing up with my chores, the backup was done. After storing all my photos, music files, videos, and documents onto the little red stick, I was still left with 43.94 G of free space for future backups. The InfinitiKloud made things super easy.”

Frequently Asked Questions (Infinitikloud reviews)

Is InfinitiKloud a cloud device?

Of course not. InfinitiKloud is an external USB storage stick. It is compared to cloud storage because of its one-click auto back up feature with even better security. In the real sense, it only looks like a flash drive though it is more.

How much storage do you get with InfinitiKloud?

InfinitiKloud has three various options to choose from. Ranging from 32GB, going up to 64GB and the highest with 128GB, and an option to buy more memory space when your needs have changed.

How many files can I store on InfinitiKloud?

You can store several files on Infinitikloud, ranging from photos to videos and documents. So it is difficult to say exactly how many, but suffice it that it has several memory options to choose from. If you have many storage needs then you can go for a larger memory option.

Why do I need InfinitiKloud?

InfinitiKloud is an external storage device that is useful for backing up various kinds of file extensions. You can back up photos, videos, music, and other media files you choose. Your documents of all kinds can also be backed up. Infinitikloud is quite online with the numerous flash drive in the market, even if it looks like them because of the advances and security features it guarantees. Just keep the device secured and your data is secured.

Where can I buy InfinitiKloud?

InfinitiKloud can easily be purchased from the official product website or other online stores like Amazon. You can always check out for discount prices and choose the options that best suits you.

How long does a backup take?

It depends on the size of your files and your InfinitiKloud model. The standard model can download at speeds up to 60MB/s while the upgraded model works at 100MB/s.

If I have a virus on my computer, will InfinitiKloud get infected?

Definitely not. InfinitiKloud is protected from viruses and spyware, it only backs up your music, photo, video, and document files, so malicious software and viral programs can’t get in.

What happens if I make changes to a file in between backups?

InfinitiKloud will save a copy of each updated version of that file, which you can view from the My Files tab. You can also choose to delete a file you no longer need.

What if I have too many files to store on InfinitiKloud?

If you’re concerned that the space left on your InfinitiKloud will be deficient for the amount of data you want to upload, then you can manage what files to upload according to your priorities

Can I backup from more than one computer with InfinitiKloud?

Definitely, you can back up data from several devices as long as they are properly identified. You can access them with any device you want as long as you gave the password.


Conclusion (Infinitikloud reviews)

Infinitikloud is a special kind of USB stick that you can securely and speedily back up your files to. From the idea in which this device was established and the response from the market, saying that the product is worth a try is a good place to start.

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