Thursday, September 21, 2023

"How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything," Says Victor Smushkevich

Last updated Tuesday, January 12, 2021 21:24 ET , Source: Victor Smushkevich

Victor Smushkevich has founded multiple successful businesses and is regarded as one of the top authorities in the internet marketing industry.

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Victor Smushkevich has paved the way for hundreds of his clients to boost their business through digital marketing. He worked in the digital marketing space for 12-years, thus gaining significant expertise in all its aspects. Victor has practically changed the business outlook of several of his clients through the SEOs.

He helped many of his clients convert their website traffic to sales through SEO practices. Victor’s company Tested Media has become synonymous with organic growth for entrepreneurs.

Victor Smushkevich is a proficient digital marketer with in-depth knowledge about SEOs, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, and Lead Generation. Victor also is offering value-added services to startups and those venturing into business for the first time.

His desire to help the startups and first-time entrepreneurs arise out of his own childhood’s ambition to grow big through his own venture or business. As a little child, Victor would often dream of becoming a successful businessman but as he grew up, he found none to help or support him in this regard.

Here, his concern for first-time entrepreneurs comes to the fore. He now wants to give to them what he achieved through hard struggle. Victor guides and mentors them through the SEOs and Public Relations to widen their business horizon through the conversion of business leads. He made their robust digital presence possible.

Victor has proved if one wants to become a successful business person, one can be provided all energies are directed towards it. Starting from scratch, his Tested Media today is a 7-figure digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, lead generation, and e-commerce.

About the importance of being digitally present, Victor says the businesses are fast becoming mobile-focused thus enhancing the importance of the SEOs. He believed the pattern of business is changing to get tuned to digital due to the reason that the duration of cell phone use now has gone up considerably.

He says a person now spends an average of 3-hours and 15 minutes daily on mobile phones. Naturally, they prefer to go digital on different issues including business. Victor says the number of mobile users will go up considerably in near future thus ushering in the era of the digital age.

Victor’s journey to success was not a miracle. He struggled and struggled very hard to reach his goal. Soon after completing his Graduation from high school, he wanted to enter into business and no further studies. He learned internet marketing and ultimately indulged in it to achieve success.

In 2009, he launched his first e-commerce store and learned how to drive traffic to a website and convert that into sales. It prompted him to go for affiliate marketing, where I specialized in running paid ads to credit repair and dating websites. Victor earned $600,000 while doing affiliate marketing and invested this cash into Tested Media today.