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How to Do a Reverse Email Lookup

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If you are looking for the best techniques to perform an email lookup to find someone, then you have come to the right place.

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There could be various reasons that could prompt a user to perform a reverse email lookup. The most significant factor is when a person receives emails continuously from unknown sources. Such emails could contain malware or ransomware. If a user runs a business, they could do an email lookup and see who the real entity is behind the consistent spamming.

Moreover, a user can approach various organizations or individuals using just their email addresses. Reverse email lookup is manageable through multiple tools and online platforms. This guide will discuss how to do a reverse email lookup and identify the best solution for all users.

Part 1: What is Email Lookup Tool and How it Works?

Some several techniques or platforms enable a user to do email lookup. One of them is through reverse email lookup tools, which provide fast results from their extensive database. However, it is challenging to judge which one is the most suitable option. This section of the guide will provide every detail related to email lookup and how to find someone as a result.

1.1: How Reverse Email Lookup Tools Work?

One of the best methods to check email addresses and find additional details on any individual is through reverse email lookup tools. Such services search through every last inch of the internet, including the deep web, to showcase data on the intended person or organizations.

Moreover, the email search platforms scrap through various social media sites, search engines, and relevant websites. The data only needs to be publicly accessible on such forums and leave the rest to check tools to display the information.

In the next section, we will share which reverse email lookup provides data quickly with precision.

1.2: Perform Reverse Email Lookup with CocoFinder

CocoFinder is perhaps the go-to tool/service for a standard user looking to check emails of relevant organizations, persons, or any entity. The extensive database available within the reverse email lookup utility provides personal information upon entering any email address.

The data includes the full name, age, phone numbers, photos, and even the individual’s present living address behind the email. Such information is required to maintain a legit email address. Suppose the related data is not available after searching. In that case, it means the entered email address or the message behind it is spam or carries some ill-intention.

The step-by-step guide to conducting reverse email lookup with CocoFinder is as follows:

Step 1: Access the official website of CocoFinder and under the Service section, click on Reverse Email Lookup.

Step 2: Enter any email address and click on the Start Search tab.

Step 3: CocoFinder will provide all available details or information associated with that email address.

What’s more, you can also search for someone by name, phone number, and address with CocoFinder.

1.3: CocoFinder – The Best Service to Find Someone with Email Search

There are numerous email data searching tools that claim to offer the best service to the users. Still, the data display on such forums is either inaccurate or incomplete.

However, it isn’t the case with CocoFinder as the service allows the user to perform reverse email lookup thanks to an intuitive interface and reliable database. The reliable service is available at an affordable cost and accessible through any modern web browser.

The key attributes that make CocoFinder the best to find someone with email search are as follows:

  • Secure and Private

When a user enters any personal information on the internet, the chances are there to fall into the wrong hands. However, the case is different with CocoFinder as the tool offers complete anonymity to the users and the searches they perform.

  • Extensive Database

CocoFinder prevails, where the majority of email search tools fail. The platform has a comprehensive database collected from public forums that quickly allow users to learn the relevant issue. Scraping such information from the internet is a near-impossible task, and it is where CocoFinder comes in handy. Moreover, a user-friendly interface enables quick completion of the reverse email lookup process.

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Part 2: Perform a Google Search for Email Lookup

For a user looking for data with a free email search, the next best option is to access Google to complete the task. Any person can simply perform a conventional search on Google or similar search engines such as Bing and Yahoo. Though it is possible to find every piece of information by entering the email address from Google, the process is lengthy compared to utilizing CocoFinder.

The method to perform email lookup with Google is available in the list below:

Step 1: Access Google from the web browser.

Step 2: On the search bar, enter the exact email address. If more precise results are needed, then enter the related email and add quotes (“”) at start and end.

Step 3: Check the information from the Google search engine result page.

CocoFinder Official website: www.cocofinder.com

Part 3: Search the Email Address on Social Media Platforms

Almost every person uses social media to conduct their business, consumes leisure time, or interact with friends. Social media platforms require every person to enter their details, including name, area of residence, and email addresses.

A user can enter the email address on the relevant social media platforms’ search bars to perform a reverse lookup. However, the information isn’t as accurate as one would want it to be. Since users on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat generally keep their accounts private, it prevents strangers from accessing any info related to them.


Spammy or anonymous emails could be a real headache for a user if they fill the inbox consistently. The person needs to be careful as most unrelated email messages carry viruses that could harm the device and data stored. It is wise to find out information on the person or entity behind the ill-intentioned approach under such circumstances.

This article has discussed the useful methods to perform reverse email lookup using conventional internet services. In the end, the CocoFinder platform provides the most suitable tools to learn personal details about the person or organization spamming the inbox.

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