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Christopher C. Lee Makes His Debut as a Superhero Photographer in an Illustration With Esteemed Artist Warrick Wong

Last updated Sunday, January 17, 2021 05:00 ET , Source: Christopher C. Lee Photography & Film

Christopher C. Lee Photography & Film has teamed up with renowned concept artist & illustrator, Warrick Wong, to produce an epic artwork featuring Christopher as a superhero photographer.

San Francisco, CA, United States, 01/17/2021 / SubmitMyPR /

Christopher C. Lee Photography & Film, the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier professional photography studio, has teamed up with renowned concept artist & illustrator, Warrick Wong, to produce an epic artwork featuring Christopher as a superhero photographer. This official collaboration between Christopher C. Lee Photography & Film and Warrick Wong Design marks a creative partnership and milestone which showcases the best of both worlds.

Christopher C. Lee is one of San Francisco's most notable photographers and cinematographers, if not the best in the area. He is the youngest among all professionals in top-tier San Francisco photographer listings in the past several years, working alongside companies such as Paris Baguette, Swarovski, Google, and much more. Aside from the United States, Christopher is well established across international forums on photography and cinematography. His prowess in handling the camera and creative direction has firmly expressed his uniqueness, iconic style, and boundless artistic vision. Chris C. Lee currently owns and operates three companies – his own boutique studio, another photography and cinematography studio named Photomochi, and his streetwear fashion label, Troo Wear.

Warrick Wong is a talented Australian-based artist and storyteller. His range of art genres focuses on traditional ink drawings, digital work, and dynamic 2D animations reminiscent of comic book designs. Warrick has completed jaw-dropping artworks of popular comic book / video game / anime characters that never cease to amaze the viewer. His works include fanart about Spider-Man, Akira, The Incredibles, Pokémon, Attack on Titan, Star Wars, Dragonball, Ghost of Tsushima, and much more. It is clear from Warrick’s portfolio that he is a master at his craft.

Christopher approached Warrick with the opportunity to illustrate a portrait of his photographer persona as a superhero. The concept illustration is centered on a theme in which Christopher is a cyberpunk-styled secret agent, clad in futuristic military technology, and uses his specialization with super-powered camera equipment to save the world. Surrounding Christopher in the artwork, is an array of lenses that are able to freeze time and capture photographs from any dimension and space and angle. Christopher’s superhero alter-ego can quite literally capture bad guys in a photograph and haul them in, so they need to watch out for his amazing camera!

When interviewed about the collaboration, the two artists had nothing but words of praise for each other.

"Working with Warrick was one of the best collaborations I have ever had in a while. He is talented in every aspect of his art. I am sincerely happy and honored that he would feature me as a superhero in his work,” says Christopher.

In Warrick’s words: "Chris has always been professional and understanding throughout the process of creating this artwork. We worked out a happy medium where his vision and my design ultimately led to an epic and unique illustration."

Christopher’s photography portfolio can be accessed here: https://www.chrisclee.com and https://www.instagram.com/chrisclee.ig. His behind-the-scenes montage can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRINSMJSN3Y.

Warrick Wong’s illustrations can be accessed here: http://www.warrickwong.com/ and https://www.instagram.com/warrickwong.

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