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USA-China Trade Analysis 2021- By Xinergy Global

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This is the complete report for the USA-China trade analysis for 2021 by Xinergy Global.

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For years, the American business community has looked at China as an economic competitor, but reality is not that simple. On the other hand, China has long been viewed as a potential partner for the U.S. economy. Chinese people are widely seen as one of the easiest for consumers to deal with worldwide. That does not mean that exporting products and services in China. Over the past few years, there have been more instances than ever before of American citizens engaging in businesses that have helped China gain a foothold in international markets.

China import-export market

For the American exporters who have succeeded in penetrating the Chinese market, they understand very well that the key to doing so is using the right channels of communications. China has become the second-biggest overseas export in the U.S.A. According to Xinergy Global, China also imports more than 550 billion dollars of goods from the U.S. each year. Tapping in those markets, businesses have to start looking at the various employment solutions to help them better reach out to the Chinese market.

One of the most popular channels of communication for exporting is the ocean freight route. This is because the ocean freight is free and allows the exporters to use their vessels and expertise when exporting their products. In addition to this, today's international trade rules have made it easier to ship bulk items, making the Chinese market even more attractive for exporting companies.

The Chinese consumer market is also drastically increasing and will continue to rise following years. Households are generating more and more income and saving money for plans. The luxury products and services are more and more consumed, and it should be an alarm for U.S. companies.

Another benefit of engaging a China import and export business is that it makes it easier for European and American companies to do business with China. It makes it easier for European or American exporters to arrange direct trade with China by using a China import trade deal. Using a China import trade deal, American or European companies can save on documentation requirements when exporting goods to China, which allows them to save time and money.

How to import into China

The fastest way to reach China would be to use air freight or sea freight. However, if your business only makes minimal imports and exports, then going through the regular channels may be more suitable for you. If your company exports products and imports from China regularly, it may help achieve better rates if you can combine your sales in China with regular imports of goods sold in the U.S.

This way, you will be able to take advantage of discounts on imported goods and increase your profits. If you have recently established a branch in China or are thinking of expanding your business in the country, it would be worthwhile to set up a direct import/export business. Doing so will open up many new trading opportunities and help reduce operational and administration costs.

As Chinese companies increasingly seek to develop ties with European and American firms, they will need to rely more on trans-continental trade. However, you must understand all the hoops you will need to jump through before being allowed to do so.

It is beneficial for European and American firms to encourage Chinese trade by developing closer trading relationships. If your firm exports mainly to Europe, it will significantly expand your contacts in the region and strengthen your relations. Suppose you do have plans to grow your small business into China. In that case, using a freight forwarder service could allow you to quickly enter the Chinese market and start exporting products and services to this dynamic but booming country.

When choosing a freight forwarder, it is vital to select one with experience in providing such services. Experience is invariably the best indicator of the quality of services that a company can provide. Experience can also help determine the price you will be charged - because companies that have had some time to develop a good relationship with their clients will generally be willing to offer lower prices.

Therefore, hiring a freight forwarder from a reliable company with plenty of experience is an important decision. Many companies can provide such services, so it is worthwhile searching around and comparing prices and services provided. Also, researching the Chinese economy's various sectors will help you decide which sectors will be the most lucrative for exporting goods to China.


It is better to see China as an economic opportunity rather than a trade enemy. Their consumer market is huge and demands the attention of companies looking to expand overseas. The task is not an easy one, but the benefits are extremely high when you penetrate the 1.4 billion market. We have tried to inform you about some of the most efficient ways to export to China, but you should always consult with a professional before taking any action.

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