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Fertilizer for Less Publishes 5 Articles on Specific Plants That Homeowners Can Place Around the Home to Repel Pests

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To help homeowners get rid of pests more sustainably, Fertilizer for Less released five publications on specific plants that are well-known to be highly effective in repelling insects and pests.

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Plants that repel insects

Bugs and pests can be a nuisance to homeowners. In addition to the annoying buzzing or chirping, bugs can also spread disease or destroy house plants. While pesticides might be effective in controlling insects, they also bring potential hazards into the home. To help homeowners get rid of pests more sustainably, Fertilizer for Less released five publications on specific plants that are well-known to be highly effective in repelling insects and pests.

The main article can be found here: https://www.fertilizerforless.com/2020/12/19/plants-that-repel-bugs-keep-your-lawn-and-garden-pest-free/

It’s a comprehensive list of the most common plants homeowners can use for warding off pests. It references the other four articles which are specific to particular pests that are common household annoyances like spiders or flies.

Plants That Repel Insects
Plants That Repel Insects

With herbs and flowering plants offering many additional benefits to homeowners and gardeners, it’s good to know that many are also useful as bug repellents. These low maintenance plants can serve as a powerful but natural and safe way to keep bugs and pests at bay. They can be added to the landscaping around your home or in some cases, grown indoors near a window.

"One of the most effective options for pest and bug control is to use plants that have an innate ability to ward them off. By using plants discussed in the Fertilizer for Less pest control category, homeowners can ward off pests in their garden without the need for dangerous chemical pesticides," comments Editor of Fertilizer for Less. He further adds that "In addition to their effectiveness, these plants are aesthetically pleasing and can be incorporated into the garden or even the home environment, thus serving multiple purposes for the homeowner."

Being a responsible homeowner, you want to create a healthy, non-toxic environment for your family and pets. Plants that help keep pests away make it easier to accomplish this without exposing anyone to harsh chemicals. Fertilizer for Less is a brand dedicated to sustainability that focuses heavily on the benefits of organic gardening and regenerative agriculture.

In addition to the health benefits enjoyed by homeowners using the plants referenced in these five publications, there are also environmental gains that can be realized. Pesticides and insecticides have significant ill effects on our environment and many creatures that live in it. They don't just harm pests but have harmful effects on essential pollinators and the predator-prey balance in the ecosystem.

Looking at the holistic picture, using plants to repel pests makes perfect sense for homeowners. It's easy, inexpensive, and safe. Homeowners can use plants in their own yard or home and make the world a better place for everyone. "Luckily, there are a number of attractive plants that have a reputation for repelling pests and insects. When used properly, they can bring peace and quiet to your home environment," says the Fertilizer for Less Editor.

Fertilizer for Less is committed to spreading knowledge about the innate pest repelling abilities of some of the world's most recognizable plants. The benefits that these plants offer to homeowners is nothing short of amazing and will no doubt go a long way in helping people find the peace and serenity they seek.

Fertilizer for Less
Plants that repel flies

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