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DesignBro Is Ready to Take on the Biggest Challenges in Design and Redefine the Trends in the Industry

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Graphic design and digital media platform DesignBro has raised roughly €400,000

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Graphic design and digital media platform DesignBro has raised roughly €400,000--an amount which was way higher than their goal. At the start of Q4 2020, plans for making the company “a global leader in the design industry” was set in motion.

Aside from the Pandemic, the recent years have been unforgiving for the design industry. Relevancy and design fundamentals are two of the biggest challenges in design today. Google’s AI art drawer and free graphic generators have been disrupting the industry. Despite the challenges in the market, DesignBro managed to garner a solid vote of confidence from many investors.

Now, they’re set to take on the biggest challenges in design and take over the industry by storm. With their innovative platform and pre-vetted designers, they bring affordable, effective, and high-quality design services in a user-friendly experience.

DesignBro CEO and Founder Christiaan Huynen said, “Our private investors and Leapfunder helped us raise that amount. We aimed for €250,000, but the total funds exceeded our goal, which is an amazing thing! We’ve been overwhelmed by the results.” Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, many have placed trust in them.

When one door closes, another one opens. With traditional publishers closing their doors, DesignBro is stepping in to fill the space even if it’s in the virtual world.

Where Everything Started

Worldwide, DesignBro is the only graphic design marketplace that allows designers to work and join with clients. Out of all the graphic designers that apply on the platform, only 5% have been approved. DesignBro chooses the best of the best to allow them to provide high-quality outputs.

Typical design platforms hire people who are only considered “skilled” because of the technology they use. Truly, they produce swifter results than first, second, and third-generation graphic designers. However, the neophytes and those who greatly rely on pre-made designs lack the skills to make their designs stand. They rely on templates and stock images, which diminishes the uniqueness of their works.

According to Forbes, although AI technology such as machine learning has streamlined design processes, nothing can beat the proficiency of seasoned designers who have seen many trends rise and fall. Christiaan Huynen, a third-generation designer, believes that the industry is ready for disruption.

His company aims to balance the downward spiral. In recent years, logo design trends are losing personality, as reported by the ThirdSide, a 3-decade old web development firm. DesignBro doesn’t only aim to become a global leader in the industry. It also promotes conventional and innovative ways to curtail the current ineffective trends, such as muted color palettes and flat-colored illustrations.

“In the design industry, everyone is rising from the bottom.” The new funding will be utilized to rekindle marketable design styles and to bring forth design services offering powerful custom logo designs, graphics, packaging, and brand identity design.

Christiaan said, “Our current satisfaction score is 98%. However, as a startup, DesignBro is not that popular yet. That’s why we will take advantage of the ‘gig economy’ in the US. 60% of our customers reside there. With our financial resources, we intend to become a US-based Series-A investment in 2021. This will enable us to become a premier design company.”

DesignBro: Who Are They?

Effective design helps businesses efficiently convey their offers and goal. Professional design can reach out to audiences and ultimately turn them into loyal paying customers. Still, finding the right designer will be a challenge. This is why Christiaan Huynen, together with Pieter-Jan Hoogendijk, conceptualized DesignBro, a crowdsourcing quality-focused design marketplace. Their platform and application can build bridges and bring skilled designers and customers together.

A design is more than just colors, lines, shapes, and other things that were put together to create oneness, portraying a single idea. A design is actually a frontal visual representation of the whole. A logo, banner, packaging design, and website design are all instruments used to connect to the right people. A great design makes it easier for the audience to interact, connect, and even communicate to websites, businesses, companies, etc.

DesignBro, a professional design platform, knows that every little line and hues has its purpose. The people behind DesignBro have many years of experience in offering high-quality design services to their clients. They aim to be the highest design platform on the internet.

Aside from the high-quality designs they could offer, their service and customer service are highly-rated. A client will receive several design options from many professional designers with years of experience. For example, their custom logo design service features are amazingly beyond what you’ve paid for. Here are some options a client could get for availing their logo service:

  • Receive 3-10 unique logo designs to choose from

  • Unique, creative, minimalist, and modern designs

  • Custom and original designs

  • Featuring designers that have worked on Carlsberg, Starbucks, Kiehl’s, Havana Club, Dulux

  • Refund Policy

About Christiaan Huynen

Christiaan Huynen, the CEO of this promising design company, has more than a decade of experience in packaging and design. He established the Cartilis Agency London Office, an award-winning design agency based in London. Some of the world’s largest brands, including Nestle and Brown-Forman, have sought the advice of this seasoned professional.

About the CTO and Co-Founder

Pieter-Jan Hoogendijk is the CTO and co-founder of DesignBro. He has worked in the IT and marketing industry for over 15 years, providing multinationals with marketing solutions and IT strategies. He was credited with creating the first-ever PostNL API, an application programming interface that can streamline packaging design and international shipment.

Last Words

A great design conveys a brand’s value in an instant. Having a professional and thoughtful design could give prospects a good first impression and a better experience, especially on business websites. What is good for the clients is good for the brand.

Looking for graphic designers that can make your brand, project, website, book or magazine, logo, and others, stand out and connect with people can be quite expensive. Even though their design team is composed of experienced and well-reputed designers and digital artists, DesignBro offers design services at an affordable price.

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