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Empire of Illusion

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Empire of Illusion is authored by Chris Hedges. The author argues that we are headed toward fiscal, environmental, political, and moral disintegration as an empire that is once a proud country.

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empire of illusion by Chris Hedges

empire of illusion book

According to Hedges, advertisers are giving us the idea of value by using mainstream entertainment while becoming pathetic for the deterioration of our society, our education, and the structural loss of our rights.

Literacy Illusion:

Starting with the common call for professional wrestles and reality shows, the author traces how the media construct delusions of existence or pseudo-events that overlay reality in the minds of those who watch them. These pseudo-events become more relevant than our issues in the real world. Hedges reveals messages behind all these series from a comprehensive view of the mainstream, celebrity cult, and shows. Many that are swept up in the pictures vote based on how they feel.

They vote for a slogan, a grin, presumed authenticity and appeal, combined with the candidate's beautifully designed personal biography. Those who excel in politics, like much in society, create the most fantasy.

Love illusion:

In the last 40 years, Hedges has answered the topic of the rising use of pornography. He exposes the porn industry's horrors, female violence, and rape industrialization. Porn players are willing to talk about themselves with the emphasis on the victims of soulless businesses whose only interest is profit; they are goods in porn, not humans. In encouraging them to share their tales, Hedges pulls no gaps. The data here is heavy and pornographic, definitely not for the poor. You will hear the hollowness of their violence and torture justifications in some conversations with individuals who support the sector.

He has a segment of interviews at a porn conference with Shelly Lubben and her staff. Shelly is a former porn star and is a Christian crucifixion against the company. Her mission is to save porn women and to present Jesus Christ's gospel to them. While he appears to voice his opinion, the author never loudly commends its work against the industry. From a Christian point of view, Hedges does not publish, although this is a compliment, because of his other rail against Christians.

The happiness illusion:

Happiness is all about positive thinking and interactive technology. Positive psychology claims it can be founded on pleasure. It's easy to make things happen by dreaming of them, visualizing them, hoping for them. As insane as this artistic approach sounds, this philosophy is prevalent and is marketed to big businesses. These motivational psychologists market their services to businesses, who then create a society where the highest ethical priority for a person is productivity at work based on an expectation of satisfaction, not the family or the Religion. Since this does not achieve real achievements and leads to alienation, the entity who refuses his custodians is encouraged or reduced in scale. Anyone cowed to send flees into the dream of the reality program, or pornography, to confirm a life that would have had to be expended rather than the annual report of next year.

The book poses a few critical questions. This misconception, which we are faced with, has a major negative effect on our culture until we start doing something otherwise.

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