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Mind Lab Pro Review: All-In-One Brain Booster By Bodymedia

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The nootropic supplement Mind Lab Pro offers the ideal solution to all the above cases.

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Strengthen Your Mind - Boost Your Memory

A nootropic product, the natural supplement Mind Lab Pro, of high popularity, is the topic of today’s article.

The Mind Lab Pro supplement is aiming at boosting the brain activity and enhancing the brain performance, at any age.

Mind Lab Pro provides valuable assistance to brain functions, by strengthening their performance and boosting the memory status, whether you are a student requiring high levels of memory and a good brain performance, a hard worker, dealing with many commitments, a housewife feeling a physical or mental run down, or even an older person sensing a low brain response and memory not helping you at all.

The nootropic supplement Mind Lab Pro offers the ideal solution to all the above cases.

Just think for a while if there was a chance to start over again, go back in time when your mind was a lot stronger, faster and more efficient in any assignment necessary.

Probably a matter of imagination until to date, now it’s possible.

Science achieved the creation of these supplements (nootropic supplements) as the demands and needs of life increased, resulting in "charging" the mind, making the daily routine more difficult.

How many times you felt like not having sufficient potential to deal with everyday’s matters, not being in a position to define your thoughts, or no response received by the brain for a few seconds.

These are all signs of a brain reaching its limits, being tired and requiring a boost and renewal to perform properly again.

Mind Lab Pro claims on assisting to win again your:

  • memory
  • concentration
  • focus
  • perception
  • performance
  • analytical capability
  • complex thinking

In the lines below, we find the basic information about this product, its composition, instructions for use, along with Pros and Cons and the price and purchase method.

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Mind Lab Pro – What Is it?

This is a powerful (support on this argument comes later) supplement aiming at optimizing the brain cognitive and memory function.

Many would say that such a nootropic supplement is necessary only at the third age, when the brain gradually begins to "decline", not performing as before.

A not accurate argument.

The modern age - a time of many high demands and intense daily stress - pushes the brain hard, often pushing it out of bounds. This constant pressure often leads to a breakdown, so speeding up the natural aging process of the brain.

Mind Lab Pro - as a brain booster - provides the brain with energy and capability to cope with stressful situations, perform to maximum, achieve optimal speed, focus, but also verbal fluency, cognitive capability and memory.

This is quite important as using the supplement from an early age you manage to "protect" your brain cells from damage and delay aging, but at the same time achieve the maximum cognitive function.

Even a student could increase his/her performance simply by taking a competent brain-boosting nutritional supplement like Mind Lab Pro.

The meaning of a "nootropic supplement" – Its use

The nootropic products found in the market may be of various forms, either medical products, natural supplements (as the case of Mind Lab Pro not requiring a doctor's prescription), or even just herbs used for decoctions.

The word "nootropic" (word of ancient Greek roots) is any means pushing the mind to take turns, to start functioning.

The category of nootropic drugs estimated to begin around 1964 with the Romanian psychologist Dr. Corneliu Giurgea who first introduced the term by making a supplement from a chemical called Piracetam, a substance showing a strong improving effect on brain’s cognitive function, with nearly zero side effects.

This fact offered an incentive to a large sector of industry producing formulations (nutritional supplements with nootropic action) holding a high classification place among natural supplements

The conditions fulfilled by a "good" nootropic supplement are specific:

  • improve memory capacity
  • enhance performance even in adverse conditions (as situations of intense stress, illness, lack of sleep, fatigue, complexity)
  • protect brain cells from damage (aging, disease, injury, toxicity)
  • improve cognitive capability dramatically
  • increase perceptual capability (reducing the time required)
  • not causing toxicity
  • no side effects

Why should I opt for a Natural Nootropic Supplement?

Nature has a variety of herbs and other elements with high nootropic action, being tested and certified. Their history dates back centuries, existing before modern medicine.

Indigenous tribes and ancient civilizations show from surviving testimonies and evidence found in excavations, shows these herbs being used in traditional medicine of that era to stimulate the mind, but also obtain a variety of other positive effects on health and organism.

A natural supplement - unlike a synthetic chemical - is safe and "friendly" to organisms, not causing side effects and not requiring a prescription.

Administered either for "treatment" or "preventive" reasons

This is very important as while you can use a medicinal product for a limited time, a natural supplement can be taken for long periods of time (with no risk) and prevent any problems caused by time and stress of everyday life.

Nootropic Supplements – How Mind Lab Pro works?

Nootropic supplements - like the natural nootropic supplement Mind Lab Pro - work to improve a person's capability to concentrate and stimulate thought / memory / perception.

Asking how this achieved, the "secret" hidden in their composition, justifies the name given to them as "smart pills"

Basically, they affect the neurotransmitters in the brain. Acetylcholine, serotonin, and dopamine are such neurotransmitters, being responsible for the "transmission" of various messages perceived by humans with their senses to the brain through the nerve cells of the body.

Neurotransmitters are responsible for having our heart beating, brain working and lungs giving us precious breaths.

Neurotransmitters are the reason we live.

So, by stimulating the neurotransmitters - the result of a good and quality nootropic supplement –the improvement of your brain function and the entire organism in general is achieved.

Is Mind Lab Pro safe to use? User Reviews

Mind Lab Pro is a 100% safe nutritional supplement. Its natural composition (with no synthetic elements) delivers maximum brain improvement with not any side effects.

A legal product, tested and certified by all competent government agencies, non-toxic and not causing the liver, not requiring a prescription and applied for a long time with not any fear of risk.

Increases the transfer of information to the brain through neural connections effectively, while takes advantage of full brain capacity and its maximum potential.

Many scientific studies confirm exactly what we say so simply today. The ingredients of Mind Lab Pro have the natural ability to improve the cognitive functions of the brain at any age.

Many people use the supplement after health conditions strained their brain function.

However, using this supplement as a preventative measure can bring more benefits. Its positive effect on the brain (its health and function), but also on the entire organism is a useful weapon against aging and brain load of charge.

Mind Lab Pro – Administration - Instructions for Use

Administration of Mind Lab Pro should take place on a daily basis, to stimulate brain function and improve its efficiency.

Ideally - and according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer – the recommended dosage is : 2 pills in 1 dose each day (morning or afternoon).

However, in periods when the requirements are high (exam period, period of intense stress, period of preparation for a presentation or work, sports preparation for competitions, professional deadline, intense psychological / emotional period) the dose may reach 4 pills / day.

Caution: Company’s advice not to exceed 4 pills / day in any case.

Mind Lab Pro – Composition

In the packaging of the product, shows the detailed composition with all ingredients and their exact quantities listed.

Main ingredients worth mentioning include:

  • Citicoline

Strong natural nootropic ingredient which - following hydrolysis in the intestine - disintegrates into choline and cytidine, entering the bloodstream smoothly and eventually ending up in the brain where it reconnects to Citicoline (with the help of a special enzyme).

This natural substance - as managed to enter the brain in this paradoxical way - contributes dynamically to the health of the brain, as well as to improvement of its cognitive capabilities. Find important information about this important ingredient at WebMD (https://www.webmd.com/vitamins/ai/ingredientmono-1090/citicoline).

  • Phosphatidylserine (PS) (Phosphatidylserine)

A fatty acid "embracing" the brain cells and protecting them from damage. This ingredient plays a very important role, controlling the function of brain neurons and improving brain performance.

  • Lion's Manes Mushroom

Another powerful natural nootropic ingredient found in many similar supplements, as promotes the health of the brain and supports the healthy growth (and protection) of its cells.

Prevents their degeneration (naturally resulting due to old age or even from some disease / injury), while prevents the occurrence of diseases such as dementia and Altsheimer.

Finally, promotes plasticity and regeneration of brain

  • N-Acetyl-Tyrosine (N-acetyl-tyrosine)

Very important amino acids, dynamically improving the brain capability ability to focus, concentrate and perform.

Boosts alertness (extremely useful supplement for athletes).

It also actively helps in the production of various useful hormones / neurotransmitters (such as dopamine and adrenaline).

  • Bacopa Monnieri

This particular herb has a long history in Ayurveda and traditional alternative medicine. It is a powerful antioxidant, protecting brain cells from oxidative stress.

Promotes normal blood flow to the brain, improving the mental capabilities of individuals.

Mind Lab Pro - Purchase & Price

The genuine Mind Lab Pro is available only via its official website (mindlabpro.com).

The reasons are simple.

The company tries to ensure (and prevent) the circulation and sale of cheap imitations of the original nootropic preparation, which may even prove to be dangerous for the organism and health of individuals.

Furthermore, the direct purchase from the manufacturer can ensure the original product at the cheapest prices (as the company promotes advantageous offers).

Finally, another reason to avoid buying supplements from third party sellers is that - apart from the quality of the product mentioned above - you cannot check the safety of the product.

For example, is the product forwarded within the expiry date?

Who will ultimately take responsibility for anything wrong?

Where will you go for a refund in case you change your mind?

Who guarantees the safe use of the product received?

Therefore, the company manufacturing the Mind Lab Pro supplement provides a safe and secure purchase to customers ensuring open communication in case of no satisfaction, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Each package is priced at USD58.50 (i.e. at USD1.95 for each dose)).
  • The purchase of 2 packages in one order is at the price of USD117.00 (i.e. at USD1.95 for each dose).

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Finally, with the purchase of 3 packages in one order you get 1 more package completely FREE + additional 1 pack of Performance Lab MCT Oil ... and all this at the price of only USD175.50.

Frequently Asked Questions (including Important Information)

Q: Of which category of supplements is Mind Lab Pro a member?

A: Mind Lab Pro is a supplement of 100% natural composition with a strong action of enhancing brain function and capability.

Is a member of nootropic supplements (natural / non-pharmaceutical) not requiring medical prescription.

Q: Does it contain caffeine?

A: Unlike most nootropic supplements, Mind Lab Pro does not contain caffeine or any other chemical stimulant.

This is one of the reasons for being preferred by many people, not causing overstimulation, nervousness or sleep disorders.

Q: Effective even without caffeine?

A: As known, caffeine is a powerful and effective way to "wake up" the mind, increase alertness and raise your overall energy levels.

Coffee has the capability to "block" in our brain all biological processes making us feel tired. At the same time floods the body with a strong wave of energy, stimulating our physical and brain performance during the day.

In fact, according to a study by Johns Hopkins University, just 2 cups of coffee a day can enhance a person's memory and cognitive power by almost 10%.

Is a decaffeinated supplement capable of achieving the desired results just as well as a similar caffeine supplement?

The answer - as strange and paradoxical as may sound - is positive. Science has come up with natural ingredients (such as Mind Lab Pro) working just as well - in all areas - and without the risk of side effects.

  • energy
  • focus
  • concentration
  • memory
  • perception
  • cognitive capability
  • multi-tasking
  • complex thinking

Q: Could Mind Lab Pro cause side effects or complications?

A: This supplement is a safe product, with no side effects reported to date.

Clearly this requires proper use of the product (according to instructions given by the company), as well as compliance with the safety rules given for each dietary supplement.

its use is not recommended (with no prior medical consent) in cases of:

  • minors
  • breastfeeding women
  • pregnant women
  • patients (of any disease or illness)
  • people receiving other treatment (pharmaceutical or parapharmaceutical)
  • people with allergies or intolerances

Mind Lab Pro has a quite "friendly" composition towards the organism (though very strong) not containing:

  • caffeine or other stimulants
  • coloring substances
  • allergens
  • preservatives
  • other artificial additives

All ingredients are safe, natural and vegan-friendly, absorbed very easily (with no complications) for organisms and act quickly without causing any discomfort.

However, some of its ingredients when combined with certain drugs may cause serious complications (this is why medical consent is recommended for use by patients or people taking medication). It’s only you justifying whether it’s use is safe or not.

Furthermore, administration of Mind Lab Pro should be avoided in combination with other nootropic supplements. Contains ingredients in the maximum dosage for achieving the desired results. Its combined use with another nootropic supplement may lead to overdose of certain ingredients and possibly side effects and dysfunctions.

Q: Can its use really boost memory?

A: Ingredients such as Lion's Manes Mushroom, Phosphatidylserine and Citicoline actually boost the brain's dynamics, increasing - among other benefits - its memory capacity.

There are official studies and clinical trials certifying the potential of these ingredients.

More information in the following sites:

Q: Which are the possible side effects of an overdose of Lion's Manes Mushroom?

A: It is a very active ingredient, however - according to scientific studies - even in high consumption it is unlikely to cause side effects in organisms.

Clearly, however, its consumption (and likewise the consumption of any dietary supplement containing it in its composition) should be avoided by people with an allergic predisposition to mushrooms.

Q: Mind Lab Pro VS Qualia Mind: Which should I prefer?

A: Our choice is clearly oriented towards the natural supplement Mind Lab Pro.

Contains only high quality natural ingredients, safe and patented.

Qualia Mind, on the other hand, is a different case with generic ingredients.

But even if this is not a problem for you, you should know that while Qualia Mind contains vitamin B6, in the supplement Mind Lab Pro of more drastic composition you will find BioGenesis (which is a much more powerful & effective version of the same vitamin).

In other words, there is no reason to select a supplement version with a generic composition, when you can have a stronger version and in fact of natural origin.

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Q: Are the offers valid with the purchase of Mind Lab Pro at all times?

A: The supplement company is responsible for the current offers and for the current price.

These values are subject to change at any time.

So, in case of an advantageous offer found, go for it and grab it

Q: Mind Lab Pro: Coupons and Discount Codes Where to find them?

A: In the official website of Mind Lab Pro you may take any information on the offers and discount packages valid for the current period.

For more information, enter the official website in the section "Coupon or Discount Codes".

To the question if there are discount codes or coupons the answer given by the company is "no".

The offers available to its customers change from time to time, with many extra packages of offers.

To take advantage of these offers, visit the official website and specifically to "Order Now".

Third party sellers have no information about these offers whatsoever and cannot offer them.

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