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Hair Transplant in Turkey: Why is it popular and preferred? - Estepera Hair Clinic Istanbul

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We talked with the experts at Estepera Hair Clinic, one of Istanbul's elite hair transplant centers, about why hair transplantation is so popular in Turkey.

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A vast majority of patients had a hair transplant in Turkey. If they have not already agreed with a hair transplant clinic in Turkey, we notice that patients who want to have a hair transplant have also started a detailed hair transplant process in Turkey.

We want to talk about Estepera Hair Clinic, one of the successful hair transplantation clinics in Istanbul, and pass on the most accurate information firsthand.

Why is hair transplantation so preferred in Turkey?

We can say that Turkey is the most experienced country in the world in hair transplantation. There are two different aspects of this experience: first, its hair transplantation procedure is among the world's first countries. Hence it is due to the long years of experience gained; the second most preferred is hair transplantation depending on whether the country that sees the variety of cases in Turkey in a European country in a year, a month, maybe we see more soon.

In other words, hair transplantation has been done in Turkey for many years, and a lot of hair transplantation has been done. The fact that there are so many clinics, teams, and doctors working in this field has made Turkey a master of hair transplantation. That's the most important reason why it is preferred.

Must low prices be one of the other important factors?

Affordable prices work to get your attention at first, but if the results are not good, you will not be able to ensure continuity in any area only at affordable prices.

Hair transplantation prices in Turkey are about a quarter compared to Europe. It's also possible to find cheaper clinics, but we can't just explain all these years' success at low prices.

If patients who come to Turkey for hair transplantation around the world were not happy with their hair or if there was anything in Turkey that they did not like during the operation process, we would not be talking about this success, this good reputation now.

As Estepera, what are your success criteria for hair transplantation?

We have simple expectations when we receive service on the subject. You want it to be worth the money you give, and you want to be able to say that I did it for myself, enjoy the process and be happy with the result. Our criteria are simple to achieve all this at the highest possible level.

Every patient who decides to have a hair transplant in Turkey with Estepera enjoys the process, is satisfied with the result, and it is good that I have had a hair transplant in Turkey. I am glad that I achieved this accomplishment by doing a hair transplant, our success criteria.

Can you talk a little bit about hair transplantation processes?

Of course! Patients are usually connected to a clinic during the research process. Because they have many questions in their head, and the most important of these questions is "Am I a suitable candidate for a hair transplant? Can I get a hair transplant?". Unfortunately, it may not always be possible for them to answer this question alone. Therefore, many clinics in Turkey provide free consultation services for this purpose, we can say that the process begins by receiving information.

Immediately after the patient contacts us, we create an appointment for an online consultation. The first question we are looking for is whether the patient is suitable for hair transplantation.

After deciding that it is suitable for hair transplantation, we organize travel planning to Turkey and a hair transplantation operation.

A detailed face-to-face examination and interview take place before the operation when they arrive in Turkey. In the meantime, on the one hand, blood tests and sometimes other examinations can be done while the patient's procedures for preparing for surgery continue. On the other hand, we organize plans for hair transplantation.

What does planning cover?

The most important stage in hair transplantation is planning, according to us. Success is almost guaranteed with good planning. The fact that the planning is carried out in a consultation involving the patient causes the patient to become aware of the hair transplant, and thus a closer communication with the patient is established about the expectations.

You can think of planning as a general rehearsal for a hair transplant operation. It is determined how much graft the area to be transplanted needs. Accordingly, the state of the donor area is being analyzed. If there is a need for a revision hair transplant, which should always be calculated as a possibility, we decide on the amount of root to be taken by protecting the donor area.

Hairline, with the approval of the patient, is drawn, how the roots will be divided into parts of the head, which is one of the things that most determine this result and is very important, the method or methods to be used in hair transplantation are within the scope of planning. In a nutshell, everything about the operation becomes clear in planning, down to the smallest detail, we can say.

Do you mean that the hair follicles are not placed evenly all over the head?

It should not be especially equal, or there will be consequences that do not seem natural and are not pleasant at all.

Hair follicles taken individually from the donor area are again transplanted individually to the balding area with an intensity that serves to achieve a certain aesthetic image. The distance between the hair follicles and their angles to each other should be in such a way as to achieve the most natural image.

The great results obtained by hair transplantation in recent years, along with developing hair transplantation techniques, are also due to the graft placement planning that we mentioned. From a strong donor area, we can achieve really great hair transplant results, and although the donor area is not very strong, thanks to this approach, the existing potential is best evaluated.

A hair transplant is a procedure in which a certain amount of existing hair follicles are taken and evaluated in the best way and transplanted to the area where hair loss occurs. In doing so, the donor area, i.e., the area of hair between the ears in the name of the head, should not be plundered. Collected hair roots should be placed with great care. We don't want to lose a single graft.

In Estepera Hair Clinic, you do hair transplantation with FUE, DHI, and Sapphire FUE. Why do you use three methods? Why not just the best?

All three of these methods are the best hair transplantation methods that are valid all over the world in hair transplantation. We use all three not because one is better than the other, but because each of them works for us with other sensitivities. In order to meet the different needs of different hair follicles and scalp, a clinic must perform hair transplantation with these three methods.

Being able to approach the patient with alternative solutions is the greatest wealth of a clinic, and it is also an advantage in terms of offering a variety of comfort. DHI (Direct Hair Transplant) and Sapphire FUE are advanced versions of the FUE method, namely Follicular Unit Extraction, which revolutionized hair transplantation. These methods are techniques developed in response to the needs of hair transplantation operations.

To summarize, our patients are very happy with the result because we can apply the best hair transplantation methods such as FUE, DHI, and Sapphire FUE. Because we are doing Personalized Planning and we choose hair transplantation technique according to the patient's requirements, not according to the method we have.

Can't the patient decide on the hair transplantation technique?

If it comes to getting a result that pleases you in the same way with all three methods, of course, you can choose. Sometimes they may prefer Fue because it is more affordable. But suppose the hair structure is not suitable or prevents us from getting a better result, even if the patient chooses DHI, which is a more expensive method. In that case, we tell our patients in detail why it is not suitable and convince them of the appropriate method.

The price difference of hair transplantation methods does not make one more successful than the other. Because both Labor and hardware and technical costs are different, their prices are different.

What would be your advice to those who want to have hair transplantation in Turkey, who are currently in the decision-making and research stage?

Based on our experience, I would like to warn you first, do not fall below a certain average when evaluating the price.

It is important to look at a certain quality in hair transplantation. If your budget is appropriate, we recommend that you be generous to this issue, which is aesthetically quite sensitive, such as hair transplantation. It's spending you make on yourself, don't choose a cheap procedure for yourself. The consequences can be really sad.

Consult, ask, research, and benefit from free advice until you have no questions or hesitations. The more conscious the patient is, the less likely it is that something wrong will happen to them.

Share everything about your health with your doctor, make sure the team is informed about it. If you have a drug that you are using, an important disease that you have, chronic conditions that already exist, allergies, be sure to share it with your clinic. If there is no lack of information, there are usually no problems, or in other words, problems that rarely occur are caused by a lack of information.

They should not forget to put seasonal clothes in their suitcases on the way, and it may be a good idea to come with a large suitcase, because they may have trouble keeping themselves from shopping in Istanbul.

Can we go shopping after the operation?

On the second day, usually after the first wash of wound care, our patients can travel around the city as they wish, provided that they pay attention. You can find a large number of hair transplant patients walking around the head with white surgical tape in Istanbul.

By the way, you can't visit the ancient city of Istanbul. We give a detailed education on the issues they need to pay attention to. After that, our patients gradually return to their normal daily lives.

Hair transplantation in Turkey seems to be a very enjoyable process!

It certainly is!

Thank you very much! It was really fun to listen to the answers to questions about hair transplantation from the mouths of people like you who are experts in the field.

We thank you. It's our pleasure.

Suppose you are planning to have a hair transplant in Turkey. In that case, you can contact Estepera Hair Clinic, which is one of the best addresses of hair transplantation in Istanbul with more than 15 years of experience, you can get a free consultation.


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