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Professional essay writing services: Choose the best website help online!

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This a comprehensive comparative review of some of the best essay writing services available in 2021. Read this review before using any of these platforms.

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Are you looking for professional essay writing services? Read on. Finding professional essay writing services is difficult because there are so many sites claiming to be the best. Most students and customers don't discuss much because of the idea of secrecy.

However, there are traits of the best essay writing services that help us find the right one. The professional essay writing services have reliable writers, qualified, experts, and proficient. These services provide essays and professional writings with 100% high-quality and plagiarism-free material. Professional essay writing services have a great turnaround time. Most importantly, they maintain their customer's anonymity.

Such services are reliable and can be called professional essay writing services.

The TOP 5 professional essay writing services

To make it easy for students to find the best essay writing services, we have formed a list of the top 5 writing services:

1. 99Papers - the best service in the US!

99papers is the best professional essay writing service that you can have in the United States. With a 100% turnaround rate and a high satisfaction ratio, this service is unparalleled. 99papers has served more than half a million customers with extraordinary excellence. The service is professional in every sense. They have a mechanism of follow-up, proper customer service, and much more.

There are too many real people with real experiences. From their comments, we have jotted down several features that make this service the best in the world. Let's examine them individually:

Plagiarism free:

This service guarantees plagiarism free content. The reviews are full of acknowledgment for this part. Not a single user has complained about plagiarism. Moreover, for more customer satisfaction, the company makes every essay go through the plagiarism check before submitting it to the customer. There is a quality maintenance body within the firm that makes sure that quality is great. They do the referencing properly from recognized sources. Some customers are the essay writing services themselves because they can't guarantee the quality they send to 99papers for the quality they provide.

Writers with Ph.D.:

99Papers is great when it comes to the level of writers. At any given time, they have more than 1000 writers available. Their writers have years of experience. Many writers are qualified as high as Ph.D. that makes this service amazing. A customer said that the quality of the essay impressed the teacher so much that the teacher praised him the whole semester for it. Of course, the service is really accommodating as well. It lets the customer pick the writer of their choice.

Turnout time is amazing:

The company believes that the customers come first. To keep customers happy, they provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. The turnaround time for the service is 100% that is unbelievable but amazing. Many customers get their material before they have even expected it. The speed is due to two reasons: professionalism and expertise that the writers have at 99Papers.

24/7 customer service makes it professional:

The customer service is 24/7, a quality that only professional essay writing services maintain. The best part is that you are also connected with your writer; any changes you want can be made within no time. The customer service also helps you in case you are going through any emergency.

Ideal for essay:

Here is the quality that makes this service stand out from the crowd. The service provides the best essay quality that you need. It is number one all over the world for essay writing. They train the writers specially for the purpose. However, 99Papers can write any paper with the same high quality.

Unlimited Revisions:

Interestingly, the service does not want the customers to worry about what they will get in the essay. To ensure high quality, they facilitate the customers with an unlimited number of revisions. Any changes that you want to make are made without question.

Verdict: Recommended

We highly recommend this service because of the price and quality.

2. EssayBox - the best paper writing company in the UK

This service is one of the best professional essay writing services in the UK. The reason is simple: they maintain high quality by assuring the best service at competitive rates. So without further ado, let's examine how EssayBox is reviewed by the customers.

The customers at Essaybox are highly satisfied with the service. People have an exceptional level of expertise in writing essays. The quality is outstanding. Many customers come to the service again. So what makes this service such an outstanding professional essay writing service? Let's find out:

No Plagiarism:

With EssayBox, you are never worried about plagiarism. According to the customers, the service is incredible. It also accompanies the essay with a plagiarism-check report done by an independent service, like Turnitin. Students and other customers are assured that they will get an original, written from the scratch essay.

Proficient Writers:

The writers at the EssayBox are proficient. They are qualified and trained for writing with years of experience. Moreover, many students on online forums have dubbed EssayBox the best professional writing service by far.

Customer's Anonymity:

The best part is that the service maintains the anonymity of the customers without asking. Reviews are only disclosed after exclusive permissions for that. Moreover, these services can be exceptionally useful to the students who want their essay written but are worried about being caught by the integrity committee. The service guarantees non-disclosure at its very core.

Money-back guarantees:

The beauty of the service is that it offers customers a money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied. No scams, high-quality assurance saves you the worry. Students don't need to worry.


Essaybox has also been appreciated for the level of professionalism that it observes at the firm. Moreover, they offer 24/7 customer service, the choice of writer, and allow users to give specific directions. It is remarkable.

3. EssayPro - cheapest essay website worldwide

EssayPro is the cheapest essay writing service around the globe with outstanding professionalism. They are praised by their peers and competitors alike.

If you look at the client comments on the Web, you will realize that EssayPro is a professional service at its core, with the writers of exceptional capabilities. Moreover, they are applauded due to their skill but also because they are men of their words. They believe in maintaining serving the needs of their customers. Let's examine what makes this service so high rated:

Cheapest rates:

It is an extraordinary service for a very reasonable price. It is the cheapest quality service out there on the internet. If you have budgetary constraints, you must try this service. They charge only 10 to 7 USD per page. They also offer you exceptional packages that you can enjoy. Try it once, and you will love it.


This website provides a high level of professionalism when it comes to writing services. It takes every task very seriously, no matter if you want one page or several hundred. You are guaranteed high-quality writing. Moreover, they have professional 24/7 customer service that gets back to you in seconds. They also provide their customers with a list of writers. All this and more for just seven dollars is unbelievable.

Any writing style you want:

Another great feature of this service is that it provides customers with high-quality material written in the style they want. In addition to this, they follow all the requirements of your assignment. You can also give them notes from your teacher to tell the writer what you want them to add. Naturally, such services are recommended globally as professionals.

High quality:

EssayPro has a reputation when it comes to quality. It maintains a high quality of writing. Whenever they write a topic, they conduct thorough research. You can ask them for more deep research if that's your focus. They provide essay writing services for any level of education. Essaybox also maintains a no-plagiarism policy. Therefore, there is no need to worry.

4. 1Essay.org - the best essay writing service in Australia

If you are looking for a professional and best essay writing service in Australia, this one's for you. 1Essay.Org is a professional essay writing organization that has trained writers who are qualified to carry out any writing task. Let's see what the customers think about this service:

The service is highly rated by the customers for several reasons.

Critical Approach:

The service is much appreciated for its high-quality critical approach. The firm picks its writers very carefully. Moreover, most of the writers are highly-qualified professional freelancers. They write while maintaining high quality. Students and professors of social sciences appreciate this trait highly.

Requirements followed:

The best part of the 1Essay.Org is that they take the requirements seriously. Moreover, they meet up all the deadlines. The 1Essay.Org writing service has developed a mechanism to maintain the quality. They follow every writer from time to time.


In addition to high-quality essay writing, the service goes the extra mile to get the best reference for the paper. They reference your essay in a way that is natural and qualifies the MLA requirements.


At 1Essay.Org, they do the formatting for free. You can get your essay writing in MLA or Chicago style. They ask you what style you want. At the time of the order, they tell you to pick the style you want. If somehow you don't know about that, you can check the FAQs or ask the customer service for help.

Plagiarism free:

The best part of this service is that it provides plagiarism-free content. 1Essay.Org checks all the content through the plagiarism checking software to send original content to the customers. Moreover, the customers appreciate the website for its integrity and commitment. It is a next-level service.

5. Papers-help.org - the best writing provider for China

Are you looking for a professional essay writing service in China, then this website is for you. This site has an extensive list of services that it offers for its customers.

The customer reviews are pretty interesting. The service is much appreciated because of the standard that it maintains on the site. Moreover, the number of customers that this service has satisfactorily provided with the essay is as high as six hundred thousands. Let's examine in details:

No plagiarism:

This service is highly professional. There is no space for plagiarism in their work. The website provides every work with a plagiarism check.

Fast revision reply:

The best part of this website is that they are very professional when it comes to revisions. You can order revisions in seconds. They respond promptly.

Understanding team:

The website has a very understanding team that helps the customers through every part of the service. They answer very politely and allow users the experience of a professional company.


The website is highly professional. The team has a set of rules that they follow. They believe that customers come first. They also believe that if the whole process is stress-free, the customers will feel relaxed. 

Pros of using essay writing service:

Before diving into the topic, let's examine some benefits that we can reap using a professional essay writing service:

Professional essay writing services Saves Time:

The best thing that comes with the essay writing service is that it is a time saver. The time that you spend researching and writing an essay can be spent studying for the next exam. With essay writing services on your side, you can always stay ahead of your class by scoring great on assignments and preparing well for the tests.

Pro Material:

The next benefit of an essay writing service is that the material that is offered is of high-quality. Even a student with twice the time for research and writing is not capable of writing like that. The guys at these services are professionals with years of experience.

Professional Essay Writing Services say No to plagiarism:

Plagiarism-free writing is one of the greatest benefits of using professional essay writing services. Some students - who write their essays without any intention to plagiarise - still get caught for plagiarism. The plagiarism rules of the universities are complex. Only a professional essayist with years of experience knows how to deal with these problems.

High Score:

The best part is that every assignment that gets down through a professional gets a high score. Professional writers are more interested in appreciation, and they have a reputation to maintain. That is why essay writing services make sure you get a perfect essay.

Not Expensive:

Essay writing services are not expensive. They provide great value for the money they seek. Therefore, it is natural that the users value them so much.

They have so much to offer:

Essay writing services prove a range of service that includes an essay, research paper, Report, Speech, Dissertation, Thesis, Term paper, Assignment, Homework, Personal statement, Coursework, College paper, Article reviews, Creative writing, Book reviews, Article writing, Movie reviews, Business writing, Business plans, Business proposals, Presentation Material, Business letter, Cover letter, Resume / CV, Speeches and Synopsis.

Are the writing services legit?

The question has been answered over the internet various times without much clarity. So we decided to make it clear for our readers whether the writing services are legit.

Here's the punch line:

Only the professional writing services are legit.

What makes the professional writing service different?

The professional writing services are different because they are not scammers. These services are registered and pay their taxes that makes them legal. These professional writing services have qualified writers with degrees. Moreover, they provide plagiarism free content that cannot be claimed to be punishable.

But isn't contract plagiarism cheating?

Yes, it is. But these services do not contract plagiarism because they only provide students with guidance. The best part of this is that the essays written by these firms provide academic guidance and not for cheating.

So are these services legit?

Yes, these writing services are 100% legit. They provide their customers with high-quality writing services. They work as hard as any other person may do to write a legit paper. Three is no plagiarism or cheating involved. Scammers just can't carry on research; all they can do is copy and paste. But that's not what is done by these services.

Is it safe to buy paper online?

The answer is yes. However, we can only buy a paper when it has a high quality. If it's an essay, it should be thoroughly researched. If it is a business plan, it should be creative and well planned. In addition to the quality, the company should also maintain customer's anonymity.

But not all writing services are safe. However, the writing services that we have enlisted above as the top 5 have a very strong policy for customer safety and anonymity.

These writing services are safe because they do not save customer data. They believe that if customer data is not saved, there is no possibility that a customer can be traced back.

The 99Papers has a very strict customer data protection policy. No one has ever blamed these services for selling customer data. Moreover, independent websites rank these websites very high for their high safety and protection.

However, these services are legal, and there is no law in place which requires these services to disclose their data to the government or universities.

These services have employed the best website protection service to prevent them from external hacking attacks.


Writing services are safe.

Why do students hate writing papers?

This question concerns all of us. This is the question that the Universities don't understand and still affect them so much. So here are the top reasons why students hate writing papers.

Time taking:

Essay writing is time taking. In a student's life, they have so much to do. Writing a paper requires days, maybe weeks. However, the quality does not improve. Students are not properly trained for the research and write up. Universities ask them to write a great essay with fewer or no guidelines. The problems are developed at the institutional level, and the writing services are the solution.

Career relies on it:

Students hate writing papers because they are afraid that universities would judge them and give them poor scores. The obsolete marking system is so consequential. Students are afraid that their bad marks may tell their future employers that they are incapable.

So complicated:

Students also hate writing papers because universities require so much. They set so many requirements and make the whole paper complicated.

So many papers:

The most common reason that students hate writing papers is the number of essays they have to write to pass a semester. Universities give students so many topics and expect them to do great on all.

No assistance:

Last but not least is the problem of lack of assistance. The professors don't have time. Therefore, students seek help from these services.

Writing services in different countries:

There are so many writing services around the world. Some of them are country-specific, and others are subject-specific. Although English is the most spoken language around the world, more than two-third are not natives. This means there may be a lot of services out there that should be considered. So here are some services that can be used other than the services mentioned above.

USA: In the US, the 99Papers is regarded as the best service because of its high quality. It is not the best in the United States alone but all over the world.

The UK: EssayBox is a great service for the customers in the United Kingdom.

Canada: EssayPro is used in Canada as well.

Australia: 1Essay.Org is a great essay writing service working in Australia.

UAE: People in UAE prefer EssayPro for their writing needs.

Hongkong: 99Paper is famous in Hong Kong too.

China, India, and Singapore: The people of Asias use Paperhelp because of international standards. They do a lot of great services.

Spain, Germany, Ireland: In Europe, EssayPro takes the lead. Students and other professionals consider this service significant when it comes to quality service. They are inclined to use these great services.

Choosing the best writing service from Reddit, from Yahoo Answers, from Google search:

To choose the best writing service from Reddit, yahoo answers, or Google, you have to look for the following qualities:

No plagiarism:

If you are looking for a writing service from the above-mentioned forum, the service must provide you with plagiarism free content. The service should give a plagiarism report. And should guarantee high quality. If the service does not make any such guarantees, don't let them scam you.

High Rated:

Look for reviews. If the company or service is highly rated, that means that they can be trusted. But if you find a single statement suggesting otherwise, be skeptical. People usually share their experiences with others on these sites.

Qualified Writers:

Make sure that the company provides you with qualified writers. The writers should be educated with your related degree. They should also be talented writers, so check their previous work or sample. Don't be shy about asking for samples. After all, you will be paying them.

Customer Service:

Professional services always appoint customer service. However, if it's a new startup, it should at least provide prompt replies. Consider this if a company doesn't reply to your query, how will they connect with you once you pay them?

Pros and Cons of buying a paper online:

Before ending the topic, we need to discuss the pro and cons of buying a paper online. Following are some pro and cons that you should consider:


Buying a paper online ends the stress students face. You get the copy that you want. You also save time. Moreover, the time saved can be used by you to work on other projects. Buying papers online will also help you understand what makes a paper great. You will learn to screen out poorly written papers.


Buying a paper online can expose you to scammers. If you do not select a good company for your service, you may get a plagiarized essay. Such essays upon submission can expose you to penalties.

So select your service wisely. Select a service that helps you and not otherwise.

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