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Torroband Reviews - Best Resistance Bands for Home Workout? - Product Review by Rick Finn

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Torroband are resistance bands that are mainly used for muscle training. The four bands can be used individually but also in combination with each other when doing home workouts. Check out the review.

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What is Torroband?

Torroband are resistance bands that are mainly used for muscle training. A Torroband VIP set includes four fitness bands (20, 30, 35 and 40 kg) that you can use to support your fitness - even away from the gym. The four bands can be used individually but also in combination with each other and thus cover a resistance of 20 to 125 kilograms. Therefore, they are suitable for beginners as well as fitness professionals.

Why do I need these resistance bands?

Gyms make it possible to train muscles without having to have various pieces of equipment at home. However, when travelling or in exceptional situations such as the Corona pandemic, it often turns out to be difficult or even impossible to train in a gym. The solution is often to work out at home, in a hotel or outdoors. If you don't just want to train your muscles with your own body weight or just do cardio training, you will inevitably have to buy equipment for your home workout. Ideally, this should be equipment that can be used to train the entire body - so you save money and space. The Torroband is an interesting solution here, as it can be used to train the entire body, not just individual muscle groups. Depending on your training plan, the fitness bands also allow you to focus on individual muscle groups on a daily basis. They are therefore particularly suitable for people who are looking for an effective alternative solution to the gym in order to be able to train in the park in summer, at home in exceptional situations and on holiday in a hotel or on the beach, and who want to not only maintain but also promote existing muscle mass and strength through muscle training. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!

Torroband rating and recommendation

The Torroband seems to be a very interesting solution for training, especially in times when it is not possible to visit a gym. Torroband currently comes with four resistance bands with a resistance of 20, 30, 35 and 40 kilograms. You can flexibly combine the four bands with each other. If the 40 kilograms are too light for you after a few training sessions, you can combine the fitness bands with 20 and 30 kilograms to create a resistance of 50 kilograms. This is possible up to a resistance of 125 kilograms. Consequently, the Torroband resistance bands can be used at almost any fitness level. Thanks to the included door hook, you can attach the bands to the door for muscle training. The patented handles and wrist straps, which are also included, are designed to ensure that you have an optimal grip during your workout. If you take the Torroband set with you on trips, to the gym or to the park for muscle training, you can pack everything you need for training with the Torroband in the included carrying bag. The resistance bands are made of two layers of durable plastic and are tear-resistant, according to the manufacturer. Since the bands can be used flexibly, a full-body workout is easily possible with them, according to the supplier.

Looking at the technical features of Torroband, the resistance bands seem to be of high quality and fulfil their purpose. The reviews from users are correspondingly positive. For many, the Torroband product can be a very interesting alternative to the gym, but also an exciting addition to muscle training in the gym.

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Torroband technical facts

Scope of delivery:

  • 4 resistance bands (20 kg, 30 kg, 35 kg, 40 kg)
  • 2 wrist straps
  • 2 patented handles
  • 1 door hook
  • 1 transport bag
  • two layers of durable plastic
  • tear resistant
  • can be used everywhere (at home, gym, park, beach, hotel)
  • suitable for full body workout
  • resistance bands can be combined (up to 125 kg resistance)

What are the Torroband quality features?

The supplier grants its customers a 30-day return policy. This means you can convince yourself of the quality of the resistance bands at home or return them immediately. Before unpacking the Torroband, make sure you know the provider's return policy. You also get a two-year guarantee on your fitness bands for muscle training. You can even increase the guarantee to four years for an additional charge when ordering. The supplier of Torroband seems to be very convinced of the quality of its resistance bands.

General Torroband reviews

Numerous reviews of the Torroband have already been published on the official supplier's website. The reviews are consistently positive. Users are thrilled that they receive not just one band, but a total of four resistance bands. They are so well balanced that they can be used over a long period of time - even with increasing muscle strength. The quality of the resistance bands is also reported to be high. Some buyers even think that they no longer need to go to the gym for at least a year because Torroband meets all the requirements for a successful workout at home. Other users take the resistance bands to the gym to expand and complicate their workouts. According to the users, Torroband is excellent for targeting a variety of muscles - consequently, it is well suited for muscle building. Visit the official website to see more customer reviews!

Where can I order Torroband?

If you would like to try out the Torroband resistance bands, you will find an order form on the website of the official supplier in addition to all the information about the bands themselves and the promotion of the new band. First, you can choose how many of the currently available VIP sets you want to buy. You can order up to three of the sets. If you buy one VIP set, you currently get a 50 percent discount. If you buy two or three sets, you will receive a discount of around 55 percent. Each VIP set does not only contain a Torroband. The set includes the following gadgets:

  1. 3 resistance bands (20 kg, 30 kg, 35 kg)
  2. 1 3X band (40 kg)
  3. 2 wrist straps
  4. 2 patented handles
  5. 1 door hook
  6. 1 transport bag

In addition, shipping including the transmission of a tracking number to you is free of charge.

Once you have selected your preferred set, you must enter your contact information (name, email address, phone number) in the form. The provider then needs your delivery address (country, state, street, house number, city, postcode). You can then choose whether you prefer standard or economy shipping. Economy shipping is free of charge - the Torroband will be delivered within the next twelve to 21 days. If you choose standard shipping, your package will arrive at your home within the next five to eleven days. However, shipping will cost you around 8.70 euros. You then enter your credit card details. For an extra nine dollars, you can also get a four-year guarantee. Now the total cost of your order is displayed and you can submit the order to the provider by clicking on "Complete Order". Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!

Who is the provider of the product?


15429 NE 21St Ave

North Miami Beach

FL 33162

Homepage: https://www.torroband.com

E-mail: [email protected]

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General information about resistance bands

Resistance bands, also called fitness bands, have become an indispensable part of the world of bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts. They are versatile, are considered easy on the joints and can contribute to an effective workout. A big advantage of fitness bands is that they can be stowed away quickly and in a space-saving way, making them very easy to transport. Resistance bands are therefore not only used in fitness studios, where they are primarily intended to make training on the existing equipment more difficult or are used as a supplement to equipment training. Fitness bands can also be used at home, in hotels and outdoors. Their flexibility makes an equally flexible workout possible.

Basically, a distinction is made between two types of resistance bands:
  • Ring-shaped closed tapes
  • non-closed bands

The non-closed bands can often be adjusted in length. They are usually between 1.5 and 3 metres long. At the end of the fitness bands there are handles or loops - through which you can grip the fitness band.

However, the closed models are much more common. They also vary greatly in length and can be 25, 35, 125 or even 208 centimetres long. Which length you choose depends less on your weight than on the length of the bands. It is much more important that you consider the resistance levels of the resistance bands when making your purchase decision. The bands are usually available in different colours depending on the resistance level. Of course, it is ideal to buy a set that includes several bands with different resistance levels. This way you can always adapt your resistance band to your current fitness level.

As already mentioned, fitness bands can be used to train the entire body - this applies to beginners, advanced and professionals alike. It is therefore possible to perform a holistic and targeted workout with this sports equipment with almost no effort. Resistance bands are particularly popular for training biceps and triceps, abdominals and back, shoulder and neck muscles, latissimus, legs and buttocks. Fitness bands can also be used for stretching exercises before the actual workout.

Ultimately, fitness bands combine numerous advantages. First of all, you have an incredibly large selection of different products, some of which are really high-quality, which are the perfect alternative for a holistic body workout. The bands can be used almost anywhere - at home, in the gym, outdoors, in a hotel or even in the office. Thanks to a label, you can always quickly see the resistance level of a band and even if you use several bands at the same time, you can easily store and transport them. Fitness bands are suitable for every fitness level, although professionals like to combine them with other sports equipment.

Of course, fitness bands also have one or two disadvantages. A big disadvantage when using bands from different manufacturers is that the manufacturers have not agreed on a colour coding. For example, a blue band may have a resistance of 15 kilograms for one manufacturer and 60 kilograms for another. However, this is not the case with the Torroband, which indicates directly on the band in numbers what the resistance of the respective band is. Most bands are also made of latex, which is not ideal for every athlete. In addition, the bands often differ in their workmanship and quality depending on the manufacturer.

Before you decide on a fitness band, you should take a close look at the models available on the market. You can use the following criteria as a guide.

  • Resistance level: This is crucial if you want to make real progress in your training. Ideally, you should buy several bands with different resistance levels. This way, you can not only try different resistances, but also combine two or more bands and increase the resistance.
  • The material: Fitness bands are usually made of natural latex or latex, as these materials are considered to be particularly elastic and tear-resistant. They are therefore also designed for high loads and are particularly durable. If you are allergic to latex, you should definitely look for an alternative made of rubber or plastic.
  • Functionality: A final important point when buying resistance bands is their functionality. Here you should pay attention to the length and the tensile strength of the fitness bands. You cannot generally assume that every band is suitable for the same amount of exercise is suitable for the entire body. Some models are only suitable for certain muscle groups or exercises.

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Known FAQ about this product
  • Q: Where is the Torroband shipped from?
  • A: According to the supplier, the resistance bands are shipped from Miami. Each package is given its own tracking number, so the delivery can be tracked from the moment it is shipped until it arrives at your home.
  • Q: How many resistance bands are included in the set?
  • A: The basic package basically contains three fitness bands with a resistance of 20, 30 and 35 kilograms. During the promotion of the 3XBand, you will receive this free of charge. This band has a resistance of 40 kilograms.
  • Q: What happens if the resistance bands break?
  • A: According to the supplier, if a Torroband breaks, you can return it within two years. The broken Torroband will be replaced with a new one free of charge.
  • Q: How is the Torroband used?
  • A: According to the supplier, this is the most frequently asked question. In order to show potential customers how the resistance bands can be used optimally, videos are currently being produced, according to the supplier. Until these are published, you will find plenty of information on how to use resistance bands on YouTube.
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